Ok Planning Mashers here it is! The big one is finally here! I’ve been preparing for this for a while and I’m so happy to finally announce this little challenge – 31 days of Bullet Journal page ideas! 

31 Days of Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans

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This October I’m bringing you 31 days of Bullet Journal page ideas. What does it mean? It means that during this month I will upload DAILY a Plan With Me video on my YouTube channel with different Bullet Journal spreads.

I will be starting from an About Me page, so we can get to know each other better. As for the other 30 spreads – I have a list, but I’d love to hear if there is anything special you’d like to see.

31 Days of Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Day 1 About Me Page | Masha Plans

So please go straight to the comments and let me know what Bullet Journal pages you’d like me to take on this month. It’s gonna be tough, but with your help and positivity, I’m sure it will be tons of fun!

What To Expect

First of all, as I already said, expect a daily short video on my YouTube channel with all the details on my setup and of course all the supplies I’ll be using.

Second – every day, I’ll be putting a workbook of some sorts in our Facebook group, with little doodle tutorials or some other ideas related to the pages I did during the week.

The Result

As a result of this little challenge, you’ll get 31 ideas for your Bullet Journal with all the tutorials and doodles you’ll need to create your own pages!

If you want to join me, please feel free to! Share with us your take on these pages on Instagram with the hashtag #31daysofbujopages or in our Facebook group!

There won’t be a whole 31 list of prompts, because I’m pretty flexible and happy to change the list up to your page ideas, but I will be announcing my daily spread each morning on my Instagram stories, so stay tuned!

Watch Now!

I’m leaving you with a link to the playlist, which I’ll be updating every day! So be sure to visit every day, just click and enjoy the videos!


Hope you like this idea, I’m looking forward to creating these spreads and seeing your take! I’ll see you in the next video!

Psss, if you need any page ideas urgently, check out my list of 100+ Bullet Journal spreads to organize every area of your life!

I hope to see you guys on my YouTube channel and if you enjoy the challenge please feel free to share! If you enjoy my content and want to show your appreciation, please consider supporting me with a cup of coffee

Keep Bullet Journaling and Remember! Don’t be a blob!

31 Days of Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans

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