The number one enemy to my productivity is procrastination! Even though I’m a very active and goal oriented person, I can procrastinate for hours! And in the end I just feel guilty and useless for wasting all that time. Sounds familiar? Worry not! I came up with several techniques to help me to stop procrastinating and I’ll happily share them with you! Check out below 5 easy ways to fight procrastination and how Bullet Journal can help you!

5 Ways To Beat Procrastination and How Bullet Journal Can Help | Masha Plans

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Take care of yourself

Procrastination can be a first sign that something is wrong. Maybe you’re tired, didn’t have enough sleep, or you’re creatively exhausted. So take it as a signal – take care of yourself! Have a walk, drink some hot tea, take a nap. Check my post with 50+ self care ideas. Get your strength back and you’ll be ready to work again. It’s important to give yourself a break once you catch yourself procrastinating, instead of aimlessly browsing the internet thinking you’ll start on that project in a minute. Been there done that, believe me!

Rethink your tasks

Sometimes you begin procrastinating because the task is too big and it’s scary and you have no idea how to start. I’m sooo familiar with this! It all can go away with a few easy adjustments. What you need to do is to divide this one big scary task into many small easy ones. It’ll also help to just start working and not waiting until you get an idea where to start.

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Create a reward system

This is a trick I’m also using on my fight against sugar addiction. Create a short term reward for not procrastinating and completing the task on time. My personal reward is stationery – I do not allow myself to buy any extra, unless it’s a reward for good behavior. With my shopping and Bullet Journal addictions – this works perfect!

Forgive yourself

You have to learn to forgive yourself. You’re human, sometimes it happens. There’s no need to look back and keep blaming yourself for doing things that way. This also serves a better purpose than just making you feel better, it’ll also prevent you from dwelling in the past and feel sorry for wasted time, which, is a kind of procrastination in itself too. Instead – remember that feeling and use it, use it to be better next time!

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How Bullet Journal can help

I found that Bullet Journal is an instrument that if used properly can help you with virtually everything. When it comes to procrastination, Bullet Journal helped me as well. First, things as beauty, mood, sleep and habit trackers help me to keep up with my self care. So I always know when I won’t be productive and should just take a break. Second – by planning my day, I make sure my tasks are divided into small easier parts. And finally, Bullet Journal is where I have my rewards system written. This really keeps me motivated! 

How is it going with you, do you struggle with procrastination? What techniques do you use? Share in the comments section below!

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5 Ways To Beat Procrastination And How Bullet Journal Can Help | Masha Plans