August is about to end (I know I know it’s already September, but I had some technical troubles so let’s just roll with it) so it’s time to share my favorite Bullet Journal Supplies for the month! TA-DAAA! I can’t wait to share with you all the goodies I got to try out this month!

A lot of things changed for my Bullet Journaling in August. I came back from my July travels with TONS of new, amazing stationery and I got to try it all on my new journal! Check out my post below to see what supplies stole my heart in August!

Best Bullet Journal Supplies I Used This August, 2018 | Masha Plans

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Best Bullet Journal Supplies I Used This August | Masha Plans

Before I go into details on the stationery, I just have to mention my new pencil case! For a while I’ve been looking for that perfect pencil case. I needed it to be big enough to have all my basic pens and markers with me, but it still had to be portable. Moreover, I wanted to easily see all the pens at one glance. I mean, when you have 5 different Sakura Micron fineliners with you it can get annoying trying to find the right one!

I was so happy to find this Kokuyo pencil case! It’s very convenient and it opens up 180 degrees, so you can clearly see all the goodies.

Now that I got that out of the way, time to get real!

Bullet Journal Notebooks

I keep enjoying my Rhodium Mines notebook. The paper is amazing, so I started using it not just for collections, but also for some doodling and other fun pages.

Best Bullet Journal Supplies I Used This August - Notebooks | Masha Plans

My greatest love in August thought is my new Nuuna notebook. There will definitely be a full review later, but for now I’ll just say this – the notebook size is a bit bigger than A5, so I love how much more space I get on each page. The design of the journal is amazing and it feels like such a top quality product. The dot grid is smaller than the usual 0.5 mm and it’s less noticeable. Also all the pages are numbered, but in a way you’ll  barely notice and it really doesn’t disturb your pages designs.

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Brush Pens and Highlighters

August was a pastel month for me, since I’ve been doing an alarmingly cute Unicorn theme for my monthly setups. So of course my greatest help was the pastel set of Tombow Dual Brush Pens.

Best Bullet Journal Supplies I used This August - brush pens | Masha Plans

However, I also gave a try to some new pastels – Sakura Koi Brush Pens. I really like the new colors they brought to my journal. Here are just a few things I really loved about these brush pens: they are very smooth on the paper, even if drawn in many layers, the colors are vivid and different from my other brush pens (if you’re wondering, I used colors number #39313, #39299 and #39314) and finally pens themselves are of a smaller size, so very convenient to carry with you.

As for my other ‘just for fun pages and doodles’, I fell in love once more with my Zebra Mildliners! I love the bright colors and I think they fit very well in some back to school pages I did.

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Pens for Bullet Journaling

Of course I stayed with my favorite Sakura Pigma Microns for drawing and Muji Ballpoint Pen for writing. The new pen I loved this month is Zebra Sarasa. I bought one in pink to match my monthly theme, and it’s great. The writing is very smooth and the color looks very vivid. They actually have a pastel pens set, which is my dream to have at the moment.

You won’t usually see Zebra Sarasa in my layouts, because I use it to take notes on different classes I’m taking at the moment.

My Absolutely Favorite Must Have Stencils

My greatest August discovery (and obsession) are stencils! First of all – this Master Geometric Ruler. All the geometric shapes allow me to play a lot with my ornaments. And moreover – all my signifiers look quite neat like never before!

Best Bullet Journal Supplies I Used This August - stencils | Masha Plans

My second love are the weekly setup stencil and the monthly setup stencil from Oopadaisyuk. My weekly setups became super fast to make, and super clean! You can play with the shapes and use it in millions of different ways.

That’s about it for my August supplies. What were your favorites?

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