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So, you decided to start a Bullet Journal! Or, maybe you’re just playing around with the idea.

First of all – welcome to the wonderful world of Bullet Journaling! It’s one of the most amazing communities out there full of creative and kind people. Plus, it can be your guide to building that perfectly organized life you always dreamt about.

I’m your guide for this journey and my name is Masha. I’ve been Bullet Journaling since 2018 and I’m passionate about helping you to create the perfect tool to achieve goals, stay productive and be creative and of course, make your dreams come true!

Here for you, I gathered all the best resources for learning about the Bullet Journal method and starting your first bujo. You, of course, are very welcome to use the search function and just look through my other blog posts, but this is the best place for you to start!

First of all, check out my FREE Bullet Journal course for beginners, where I’m going through all the basics of the system page by page and help you set up your brand new Bullet Journal in just 10 days.

Secondly, see below all the posts for beginners that will help you to keep up the Bullet Journal habit and learn how to use it the best way for you.

If you have any struggles and issues starting, feel free to drop me a line at [email protected], I’d be happy to help any way I can.

Also, it’s always easier to start and stick to a new habit if you are surrounded by people doing the same, so drop by and join our Facebook Group. You’ll find it to be a wonderful community of Bullet Journal fans, from beginners like you to pros who are always happy to share their experiences.


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