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You have a Bullet Journal, and it’s awesome, happy you’re also in the club! You probably know that with your journal there is nothing impossible, right?

However, it also creates a problem – when you can do anything you want… how do you choose what to do? 

More exactly: Have you ever struggled with any of these questions: 

“What theme should I choose for this month?” 

“What should I track in my habit tracker?”

“How can I create a more interesting and useful weekly?”

I absolutely did, and still do! That’s why I always try to come up with ideas and inspirations for different Bullet Journal themes, pages and general ways you can use your journal to improve your life.

This page is exactly for that! Here I gathered all the posts I wrote that will help you get your creative juices flowing and maybe even find a new way to use your Bullet Journal.

Start from checking out these posts:

The Ultimate List of Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

300+ Bullet Journal Page Ideas

155+ Things To Track In Your Bullet Journal

But before you dive in, be sure to check out our Facebook group, where we have Bullet Journal fans that are always happy to share their ideas and creative ways they use their journals.


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