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Bullet Journal is a fantastic tool that can help you so SO much with pretty much anything. But just like everything else, it can be a bit difficult.

You start with a lot of enthusiasm and you’re ready to discover this whole new world for yourself. But as time goes by, you can have many little obstacles.

“I don’t know how to decorate my Bullet Journal.”

“I don’t have time to Bullet Journal.”

“How do I fix my Bullet Journal mistakes?”

“How do I stick to the habit of doing it?”

At some point, you might even find yourself not motivated to use your Bullet Journal at all!

I know all of these and more. I’ve been through them all myself. That’s why I know I can help you overcome all of these as well!

Below I gathered for you all the posts with the best tips and tricks to help you overcome any bumps on your Bullet Journal adventure. If there is something you’re struggling with and you can’t find any information here – just drop me a line and I’ll do my best to help.

Another great way to stay motivated and overcome your Bullet Journal struggles is by joining a like minded community. Come and join our private Facebook group, where you’ll meet Bullet Journal fans that are having or had the same problems and will be happy to help you out.


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