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Sometimes, it can be pretty scary to start a Bullet Journal. You see all those amazing creative spreads people make, that look like an art museum exhibit. And you can get the impression that that’s what Bullet Journaling is about.

But it’s not! Your journal means your rules, and you really don’t need to create an art piece on each of your pages.

However, I know we all want a pretty bujo, and I’m here to tell you that you can have one and be extra creative there!

I’m Masha and I’m here to help you on your creative journey. Before I started my first Bullet Journal in 2018, I had no idea how to doodle or letter and my handwriting was unreadable.

That’s why I know I’m right when I say – everyone can be creative! Creativity isn’t a secret talent only a few lucky ones have – it’s a skill anyone can develop! I couldn’t even draw a smiley face before I started working on my creative skills, so believe me when I say that you can absolutely doodle and letter and do all these pretty things you see in other people’s Bullet Journals.

Start from the Beginner’s Guide To Doodling, it will help you create the basic skills you need to rock your doodles.

Afterward, just check the posts below with doodle ideas and tutorials!


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