Hello Planning Mashers!

For me, this month is, of course, all about Halloween, so get ready to be inspired by these spooky October Bullet Journal inspirations.

I gathered here some Halloween and general scariness-themed pages, as well as doodles and other tutorials to bring the best of the season to your BuJo pages.

61+ Spooky October Bullet Journal Inspirations and Ideas | Masha Plans

What many people consider the best month of Autumn is upon us! We’re surrounded by pumpkins, candy, and some wicked vibes. This means it’s a perfect time to add some sinister and ghostly designs to your Bullet Journal.

Here is how we will be handling this.

First, I wanna share some decorative elements and other things that can help you to bring up the spookiness of your Bullet Journal pages.

After that, I’ll share with you tons of Halloween-themed spreads from wonderful Bullet Journal creators – cover pages, monthly logs, habit trackers, and more.

Finally, I’ll share with you some of my favorite spooky stationery, perfect for your October Bullet Journal pages.

Oh, and there are some free printables as well, so keep scrolling until the end of the post!

Ready? Let’s dive in!

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Halloween Headers, Dividers, And Icons

I know the first thing I should share here is, of course, doodles, but if you’re looking for spooky October doodle tutorials and inspirations, you should check my post with Halloween Bullet Journal Doodles.

It’s full of all kinds of doodles and step-by-step tutorials, and cute and spooky inspirations, so be sure to check this post.

Meanwhile, here let’s talk about banners, headers, icons, and other decorative elements.

That’s how I found this video – these are basically all the ideas you need to keep your Halloween Bullet Journal theme consistent and varied from day today!


Halloween Drawings

For more artistic people who use their Bullet Journal more like an art journal (not me, but maybe you do, in which case, I’d love to check it, please leave a link in the comments if you want me to appreciate your work) I found this amazing video with 5 Halloween drawing ideas.

I would say those look amazing for a cover page! Or maybe just a filler for that empty page that keeps bothering you.


Spooky October Bullet Journal Inspirations

Time to share some amazing Halloween-themed Bullet Journal pages.

I know these will be an amazing inspiration for your spooky October Bullet Journal theme.

Cover Pages

Like the entire monthly setup, I’m starting this roundup with cover page inspirations. They can also give you tons of ideas on what kind of take you want on your spooky setup.

After all, Halloween is a very wide topic, and you can approach this theme in a lot of different ways.

Sarah is all about nature, crystals, and the environment, so of course, in her magical take on Halloween theme, you can see witchcraft.

But now the scary one, of course, but a good herbal nature one.

I’ll be honest with you, I could never decide if this should be a Halloween theme or a Christmas one.

Let me know what you think in the comments! I’m guessing it can work well for both.

Julia has an adorable and a very unique style of her doodles, and I’m glad to see how wonderful it fits a Halloween theme.

Speaking of her style – if you want to use her doodles in your journal, be sure to check her Etsy shop, where she sells her own designs – prints, stickers, cards, and so much more!

I knew about Charlie Brown Christmas but never thought Charlie Brown Halloween was also a thing and could be so cute.

I kind of itching to add bright oranges to those pumpkins, but that’s just me and my endless love for bright Fall colors.

I love how amazing the black and kraft paper looks in this October Bullet Journal setup.

I love using different paper colors in my journal (just check my February 2021 and September 2021 Setups), and if you do too – I totally recommend you getting some Notepads from Archer and Olive. These come in different colors, and the best part – it has a dot grid.

If you’re planning to get anything from Archer and Olive you can you my code MASHA10 for 10% off your order.

This illustration is absolutely incredible, basically a work of art. Not really an easy one to recreate.

But this idea is great with the scary tree and a haunted house. You definitely can bring it to life with a bit more basic doodles.

It’s a very fun thing to play on contrast like that; black and orange always look amazing.

And it seems like this orange was also topped with sparkling gold watercolor – how absolutely stunning!

October Bullet Journal Setup, cover page | Masha Plans

Here is my take on a spooky theme for my October Bullet Journal setup. As you can see I kind of just cramped here tons of different Halloween doodles.

As you probably already noticed, I’m a huge fan of contrast, so of course, in contrast with black and white doodles, I had to add some bright orange.

Nabaa is definitely one of my favorite BuJo artists; her style of so beautiful and unique, even when she does a spooky Halloween theme.

As you can see, she is absolutely rocking using acrylograph pens by Archer and Olive. If you want to get yours, remember to use code MASHA10 for 10% off your order!

How absolutely adorable is this little witch!

I also really like how the artist decided to color some parts and not others.

Halloween Bullet Journal Inspirations - cover page by @birdybujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @birdybujo

Love this fun concept of a frame from wood and plants. It goes very well with the magic doodles inside.

Also makes me want to try colored pencils; they created a beautiful effect on this page.

Black and white stripes are classic and will, of course, always remind me of Nightmare Before Christmas.

Obviously a perfect match for an October theme.

Spooky October Bullet Journal Cover Page by @dw_journals | Masha Plans

Credit: @dw_journals

I was so happy to discover this little account; how amazing this cover page is.

I can’t exactly say what it is, but somehow this reminds me of Japanese drawing style, like maybe a Miyazaki movie. Very cute and cozy.

Remember I mentioned before how you can take that haunted house idea and make it more cartoony? Well, here is a wonderful example!

You’ll definitely need a lot of black ink for this one, but I’d say it’s absolutely worth it.

Sculls are classics for a spooky Halloween Bullet Journal theme.

I like how with grass and all the other lines, this particular scull has an even spookier aura.

Monthly Logs

One of the most important pages in your monthly setups is a monthly log.

During my years of using my Bullet Journal, I realized just like a weekly spread, I tend to change my monthly sog setup as well, depending on what’s happening with my life.

So, of course, I decided to find different inspirations for Halloween monthly logs as well.

I don’t usually like huge monthly logs; they seem to occupy too much space.

However, this one is super cute, and for some reason, it doesn’t look that huge.

Such a fun and cartoony take on a Halloween theme, I love it.

I do have to say that I’m not really a huge fan of a calendar like this – turning your journal seems like a bit of a chore. But it does look very interesting.

Such a cool setup and I’m incredibly impressed how detailed and true to original these drawings are.

It’s also a pretty fun way to decorate the letters.

I love using black paper, but I don’t think the blackout journal was much of my thing. With the doodling style I have, it’s not so easy to do it on black paper.

But still, it was a very fun experience to plan on black pages, especially for a Halloween theme.

Absolutely love that beautiful purple. I feel like it’s a very unique shade.

I also find it pretty creative how much information there is on this page and how it’s all organized.

I won’t lie here – this is one of the most creepy ad eerie Halloween pages I’ve ever seen.

There is something about the black eyes and their smiles that just brings chills to my body.

Love this spread and that there is a special space for goals.

Also, again – here is a wonderful take on a haunted house idea.

I love how at first, it’s just a mish-mash of doodles and color, but it’s all actually well organized, and the colors are the perfect match.

October Bullet Journal Setup, calendar page | Masha Plans

At the moment, this is probably my favorite format for a monthly log – a smaller calendar but with still enough space to write my appointments.

Bullet Journal Trackers

Trackers are definitely must-have pages in my setups, and of course, I wanted to add some more inspirations here.

The fun part about tracker inspirations is that you get to see some very interesting trackers. I usually just have habits and mood ones, but there are so many more options.

I’m out of words for how incredibly beautiful this tracker is! Gold and black are such an absolutely stunning combination.

Oh and tarot is such a cool idea for an October Bullet Journal setup.

If you think about it, kitty ghost is very sad, but this little guy is so adorable.

I really wish I could see this tracker finished; the oranges must look absolutely gorgeous.

I love this one, in many ways, because it so smoothly incorporated mandalas into this Halloween theme.

I love mandalas; it’s really a wonderful way to destress and have a creative moment. They also are awesome at decorating your journal pages.

If you have never drawn any mandalas, be sure to check my post on how to draw mandalas, where I also share some ideas and inspirations on how to use them in your Bullet Journal.

I love this more medical approach to drawing skulls, and honestly, I admire that she could draw the entire skeleton to be atomically correct. 

If I tried that it would definitely be disproportionate.

Halloween Bullet Journal Inspirations - mood tracker by @kitoremi | Masha Plans

Credit: @kitoremi

Incredibly cute mood tracker!

And I find that it’s a very fun idea to add expressions to your ghosts instead of colors.

Julia makes everything look so pretty!

I must say that eventually, the colors kind of blend in, and it’s not like you clearly see what was the dominant mood that month. But it’s total with it since it turns this page into a stunning illustration.

Ela always finds a way to add some eerieness to her pages. 

So it’s no wonder that looking at this makes me a bit uncomfortable; I believe that was the point, considering the theme.

In the contrast, this tracker is more cheerful and friendly.

Just shows you that because you decided to do a Halloween theme, it doesn’t mean it has to be bone-chilling.

IT is one of the classics of the horror genre, and I absolutely love the idea of including Pennywise as a mood tracker.

I really would LOVE to see this one finished; the clown’s wid would look so menacing in contrast with the rest of the illustration.

I don’t know how this tracker can be so creepy but at the same time so cute. Freddy is kind of adorable here.

Also really love all the fonts used here, on the theme, and looking great.

I can’t remember where this illustration is from, but I know it’s a martian, and it’s hands down creepy.

Weekly Pages

Every month you have to create at least 4 weekly pages, so I always try to gather as much inspiration as possible for these.

I always say – to use the format that works for you the best. But at the same time, I want to add more variety to my weekly setups.

So let’s look into these ones and hope you’ll find tons of inspiration for your weekly setups.

Hayley has such beautiful and well-organized weekly spreads.

Her signature is definitely the awesome tabs she’s creating for all her monthly setups.

I don’t use this weekly format – it’s a bit too disorganized for me. 

But I can’t but love this spread with the most beautiful and adorable drawings ever.

Beautiful drawings, and I like how she made the wizard of Oz a Halloween theme. I guess it makes sense with the two witches.

Also, isn’t it amazing how she created different textures for the dresses with simple lines and dots?

I really like this format, it’s well organized, but you also have so much space in the middle for decorating.

The gentle colors of this pumpkin illustration are absolutely magical.

These pumpkins are perfectly creepy, and I love the font she used for the header.

Also, it’s a fun concept for a weekly spread, I never tried that before.

Barbara has such a fun and cartoony style to her pages!

I’m also loving that for decorating, she has an entire blacked-out part. She really made her doodles work on black background.

Addams’s family is, of course, a Halloween classic. I was so so happy to see that it finally came to Netflix.

This would be a wonderful illustration for a cover page as well.

Creative, creepy, and absolutely beautiful.

I guess since this is just a page with 3 days, it can’t be technically called a weekly spread, but it’s too outstanding to now have it on this list.

So bright and happy, and yet it’s all orange to you can feel the Halloween on this page.

I also really like the structure of this spread; there is so much space and place for everything.

Halloween Bullet Journal Setup | October Plan With Me - weekly spread | Masha Plans

Here is my weekly spread from a Halloween setup. That month I went all-in with dutch door weeklies.

I mention here a lot using a blackout book, but you should know that, of course, not all the pens work there. So if you wanna see what kind of pens can work on your black pages, check my Blackout Book review.

Beautiful page, and so much effort are put into coloring it all!

I also really enjoy that there is a quote of the week section. I’m all for a good quote; it’s always a powerful instrument to give you more motivation and energy.

Spooky October Bullet Journal Weekly Spread by @pixelsbyvix | Masha Plans

Credit: @pixelsbyvix

Such a lovely weekly spread; I just had to include it in the list. It’s so cute and bright!

The stickers she used here are from her own Etsy shop, so definitely give it a look. Her stickers and washi tapes are adorable.

Halloween Bullet Journal Isnpirations - weekly spread by @studyclinic | Masha Plans

Credit: @studyclinic

Weekly spreads don’t have to be overcomplicated to look good; here is a wonderful example.

Black, white, and orange and bang – you have a beautiful Halloween-themed weekly spread.

If you’re looking for a white pen to write on top of black, I absolutely recommend you this one; definitely my go-to.

For some reason, this hat makes me think of Sir Terry Pratchett and his Discworld book series.

Whether this was the intention or not – I love this cute little illustration.

Halloween Bullet Journal Stationery

Here is what I’d say are the basics for creating Halloween Bullet Journal pages – some good fineliners (these are my favorites) and orange colors (try Tombow Dual Brush pen or Kuretake Zig).

It would also be cool to use some glittery gold watercolors to add more spark to your pages.

Kuretake Gansai Tambi Starry colors 6 color set
  • [6 Colors] Golden pearl-tinted Gansai for professional artists and crafters.
  • Ideal for calligraphy, illustrations, brush lettering and more!
  • [Brush Dexterity] Gansai Tambi Pans are much larger than typical watercolor pans, giving you the ability to use both small or large brushes quite easily.

Stickers are a whole new level, I’m telling you! Honestly, there are all kinds of Halloween stickers, from alarmingly cute to horrifying! And I’ll tell the truth – I WANT THEM ALL!

I know you don’t see me using a lot of stickers on my pages (except for my memory keeping pages), but I’m absolutely obsessed with them. Stickers are also so amazingly pretty! Plus it’s such a time-saver to use them.

That’s why I created a free printable sheet of Halloween-themed stickers! You can go straight to the Resources Vault and download your copy.

If you aren’t a part of Planning Mashers yet, be sure to sign up at the end of the post and get access to a wonderful community and TONS of FREEBIES for your Bullet Journal!

So without further adieu, here are some of the amazing stickers I found on Amazon. 

QTL Halloween Stickers for Kids Cute Halloween Stickers for Scrapbook Water Bottles Halloween Stickers for Adults Teens Pumpkin Stickers Waterproof Stickers 50 Packs
  • 🎃Stickers for kids-Safe and Non-toxic,Waterproof Snow protection and Anti-sun,Glossy and Bright,Thick and Durable.Indoors and Outdoors use.Easy to stick repeatedly or peel it off and there won't be any residues.
  • 🎃Waterproof stickers-Size:around 2-3.5 inch each.You would receive the halloween stickers for pumpkin patterns you see in the pictures.No random delivery and no duplicates.
  • 🎃Water Bottle Stickers as Halloween gifts for kids teens adults.Cute Halloween party supplies to decor Halloween cards,thank you cards,invitation letter and envelope.
Crenstone Halloween Stickers Party Pack (Over 200 Halloween Stickers, 24 Party Favors Sheets) (Halloween)
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  • Halloween party favors for kids and adults alike! Includes 24 large sticker sheets -- perfect to hand out at parties.

Of course, I couldn’t hold myself and just had to drip by Etsy as well, and omg the beauties I found!

Below is a photo of my favorite one, but please do check out more awesome stickers HERE.

Halloween Bullet Journal Stickers - Etsy Stickers For Keepers

Creepy And Cute Sticker Sheets by Stickers For Keepers

Another cool thing you might want to use in your BuJo this October is some washi tape.

I love the washi, and I have a huge collection. But somehow, I just don’t know how to work with it properly, so by now, it’s just collecting dust on my Bullet Journal supplies cart.

Nonetheless, I know there are a lot of amazing ways you can use it in your Bullet Journal. I found some great spooky October washi to add holiday spirit to your journals! If you’ve got any suggestions for me on how to use the washi tape, I’d love to read your comments!

Piokio 6 Rolls Gold and Black Foil Halloween Washi Tape Set Total 197 Feet
  • ❤Value Pack: 6 rolls in 1 set, each roll is 33 feet x 0.6 inch (L x W), total 197 feet, enough holiday tape for countless DIY Craft Projects. Beautiful decorative tape for Cards, Clothing Pin, Gift Box, Notebook, Phone, Journals, Scrapbooks, Calendars, Planners, Crafts and more.
  • ❤Festive Pattern: Single printed in 6 different designs -- Christmas elk, Little stars, Spiders. Adds a beautiful and elegant touch to your Christmas gift wrapping. Create a strong Christmas atmosphere and Merry Christmas to you in advance.
  • ❤Sticky and Leave No Mess: Made of high quality washi paper, can torn easily by hand and sticky on most clean surfaces, such as wood, paper, wall, glass, vinyl, plastic, leather, metal and laminate etc. Also remove easily by hand without any residue. Ideal for decorating the wall without causing damage.
12 Rolls Halloween Washi Tape with Bat Ghost Bones Patterns DIY Halloween Tape Halloween Wrappings Tapes Kits for Halloween Festivals DIY Decorations
  • You will receive: there are totally 12 rolls Halloween washi tapes in different patterns, so you can choose them what are suitable for your requirements to apply in various occasions, a pretty accessory to create festival atmosphere
  • Pattern effect: these Halloween washi tapes are printed with different patterns, totally 12 rolls, such as the patterns of bat, ghost, circle, stripe and so on, leaving an elegant touch and create more mysterious to your Halloween gift wrappings
  • Quality material: this DIY Halloween tape is made from quality paper with nice stickiness, thus you can easily use these versatile tapes on the smooth surfaces, but leaving no residue behind and you can use them at ease

Free Printables

Finally, here are some free printables that can help you bring some Halloween fun to your journal pages.

It’s three things – Halloween stickers, a 31-day gratitude log, and a 31-day mood tracker.

Resources Vault - Free Printables For Halloween Theme | Masha Plans

These printables are, of course, already in the Resources Vault.

If you’re not part of Planning Mashers yet and don’t have your access – sign up at the end of the post.

I think this covers all you might need to start working on your own spooky pages! Anything I missed? What decorations and elements do you usually use in your monthly themes? Please leave your reply in the comments section below.

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