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First of all, thank you so much for visiting my blog! If you’re wondering who is the girl behind Masha Plans well that’s me! Let me tell you a little bit about myself and this blog.

My name is Masha, I’m a full-time blogger, traveler, doggy mom, and a crazy Bullet Journal addict! I’ve been living abroad since 2011 and it really is such a fun experience! It really opened my mind to many new things, and I feel blessed to have had this page in my life.

When I’m not working on my blog or my Bullet Journal, you’ll always find me doodling, reading, practicing my lettering, learning watercolor, or well… binge-watching some Netflix (preferably those true crime documentaries). And of course – spending some quality time with my frenchie Bruce.

Masha Plans Blog

Half a year after I started my first Bullet Journal, I saw myself becoming a happier and more fulfilled person thanks to planning and time management.

That’s when I knew I had something to share and contribute to the world and I decided to start the Masha Plans blog.

My goal with Masha Plans is to help you create the meaningful and purposeful life you want to lead, with the help of some pretty wicked time management and productivity techniques and of course, planning.

My core philosophies are:

  • The greatest way to happiness and fulfillment is to help others.
  • Everything is possible, as long as you’re ready to work for it.
  • No matter what changes, the one constant is to always spend every day becoming a better version of yourself.
  • Planning is the best way to achieve your dreams.

My Bullet Journal story

I’m the stereotypic creative person – I always have lots of ideas I can’t really organize because I have the attention span of a rabbit. So as you can guess, all my life I struggled to be productive and to actually make something out of all these ideas.

I’ll be honest here – I had a very blob-like existence… At some point (a pretty low one to be honest) I realized that this wasn’t working, that living like that would never allow me to achieve my full potential. I started looking for ways to organize my thoughts and activities so that I could make my goals a reality. That’s when I discovered the absolute best planning method I’ve ever tried: Bullet Journal.

If you want to jump right into it, I have an Ultimate guide to Bullet Journal for beginners, where you can find answers to all your BuJo related questions.

How can Bullet Journal help and will it be a good fit for you?

Thanks to the flexibility of the system, I know it will be a great match for you! You have complete control on how and what for you use your journal for. Meaning that you can mold it into the best productivity tool you ever had.

This system can help you to become a better self, to be productive and organized, to manage your time and most importantly – to set correct goals and achieve them. But apart from that, Bullet Journal can be your creative outlet.

I started my first Bullet Journal in January of 2018, and in just a few months, it completely transformed my life into what I actually wanted it to be. Ok actually at first it helped me to figure out what I really wanted from my life.

On my one year BuJo anniversary I actually wrote a very personal post on all the ways Bullet Journal changed my life. I hope it will inspire and motivate you to give it a try as well!

Where to start?

Ready to dive in? You can start your journey from getting to know the basics of the Bullet Journal system. If you’re ready, jump to the purposeful living section, where you’ll find tips and tricks on leading a happy and mindful life.

Do you have some questions, suggestions or just want to chat? Hit me up with an email! Disregarding how many emails I receive, I guarantee a personal reply to them all. I’d love to know more about you and your experiences, so don’t be shy, I’m here for you!


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