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I’m a full-time blogger, traveler, and a crazy Bullet Journal addict! I’ve been living abroad since 2011 and trying to find my place in this world!

I always had a lot of ideas and aspirations, but I’m mostly a pretty disorganized person, and all my life, I felt like I wasn’t really my best. More like having a blob existence.

At a certain point, I’ve had enough and started looking for ways to organize my thoughts and activities so that I could make my goals a reality. But also something that would allow me to be a bit creative to make working on my goals more fun.

That’s when I discovered the Bullet Journal method, and my life was never the same (in the best way possible)!

When I’m not working on my blog or my Bullet Journal, you’ll find me doodling, reading, practicing my lettering, or, well… binge-watching some Netflix (preferably those true crime documentaries).

My Philosophies

The greatest way to happiness and fulfillment is to help others.

Hard Work
Everything is possible as long as you’re ready to work for it.

Self Improvement
No matter what changes, the one constant is always to spend every day becoming a better version of yourself.

Planning is the best way to achieve your dreams.

About the “masha Plans” Blog

Half a year after I started my first Bullet Journal, I saw myself becoming a happier and more fulfilled person thanks to planning and time management.

That’s when I knew I had something to share and contribute to the world, and I decided to start the Masha Plans blog.

My goal with Masha Plans is to help you create the meaningful and purposeful life you want to lead, with the help of some pretty wicked time management and productivity techniques and, of course, planning.

But also to help you discover your creativity within and use it to make planning and productivity fun.

how masha plans can help

Check out these services and materials I’ve created to help you start your Bullet Journal and make it a success.



  • I take brand collaborations seriously, so let’s work to build your brand & reach your future customers.
  • Here are just a few ways to collaborate: featured product reviews, featured products, advertising, brand ambassador, speaker engagements, or hosting delightful giveaways!
  • Masha Plans is a place to discuss various organization techniques, craft supplies, lettering, other creative activities, and so much more.
  • I’m always happy to provide you with statistics on Masha Plans and everything I can offer you. Simply email me directly at [email protected].

i’d love to hear from you

If you have any concerns, ideas, questions, or just want to chat – simply email me at [email protected].

I read and reply to all the emails I get, so no matter if it takes me a bit longer, I’ll surely get to yours.