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Here we build a happy, productive, and purposeful life while being creative at the same time with the help of Bullet Journaling.

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Hello You!


As a completely disorganized person with not a single creative cell, I decided to give Bullet Journaling a try in 2018.

It changed everything and helped me to actually build the life I always wanted.

That’s why I started Masha Plans and now happily helping others find success with their Bullet Journals and build the life of their dreams.

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Masha Plans

I started my Bullet Journal from zero with no creative abilities or organizational skills.

I made all the possible mistakes out there, so now I can share that experience with you and help you make your journaling adventures more fun and less stressful.

Here at Masha Plans, I help you create the meaningful and purposeful life you want to lead with the help of some pretty wicked time management and productivity techniques and, of course, planning.

But also to help you discover your creativity within and use it to make planning and productivity fun.