31+ Creative Bullet Journal Book Tracker Pages

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Today we’ll be diving into the world of reading with these inspiring Bullet Journal page ideas for tracking your books.

It will be fun, it will be creative, and I can’t wait for you to find your next idea for a book tracker or even to create your first reading log.

What can be cozier than reading a book in a coffee shop, maybe on a terrace?

Or – just staying at home with a comfy blanket and a cut of hot coco.

Let me know in the comments what’s your favorite place to read.

But of course, there is so much more to reading than just a feeling of coziness and wonder it brings to your day.

(there is also a little freebie at the end of the post, so be sure to scroll down!)

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Why Is Reading Good?

I feel like everyone has their own idea of why they love reading.

For me, it’s a way to unplug and visit some incredible worlds and places. Yup, I’m a massive fan of the fantasy genre.

Book Bullet Journal Theme Ideas And Inspirations - quote page | Masha Plans

But also – it’s a way to learn more about people, about dealing with different situations, it’s a way to become a better person.

And I don’t believe it’s true only about self-help books, and I think every good book has something to teach you.

But don’t let me convince you with my opinions; here is some actual scientific proof on what are benefits of reading:

  • Helps develop imagination and emotional maturity
  • Boost your confidence and social skills
  • Improve your creative side
  • Provide a sense of belonging
  • Lower the risks of dementia or Alzheimers

Yup, you can have fun reading and also get all these benefits!

But why create a tracker for that?

Why Create A Book Tracker

Since you’re into Bullet Journaling, do you really need an extra excuse on why create a separate tracker? I surely don’t!

But in case you do – here are a few reasons.

A book tracker will help you see your progress and also keep up with your reading goals.

I also want to add that I used to read a lot, but a lot of things got forgotten by now. Even though I read a book, I can’t talk about it or even remember what it was about.

A book tracker will help you to remember all these things.

Plus, if you’re struggling to get back to reading (like I am at the moment), a book tracker might be precisely the motivation you need to keep it up.

What To Add To Your Book Tracker

Let’s think a bit about what you can actually track in your reading tracker (or maybe an entire journal?!). Because you can do much more than just write down book names.

Let’s start from basics, though:

  • Books to read to remember all those recommendations you keep getting
  • Books read to keep track of all the things you read
  • Favorite books to know exactly which ones to pick off your shelf on a blue day

But wait, there is more!

  • Pages read per day – if you want to make reading a habit, this might be an interesting metric to track. Plus, it can keep you motivated to read just one more page every day.
  • Chapters read – I prefer to go by chapters and not pages since it helps not to have that little moment where you have to remember what you read yesterday.
  • Series finished – anyone else is obsessed with reading series? I’m definitely guilty of that and have quite a few on my list.

Which one of these seems like a good choice for you? Let us know in the comments!

Before we actually get into inspirations for Bullet Journal book trackers, I have just one thing I want to mention.

How To Doodle Books

Books are something you’ll b probably doodling a lot for a book tracker, so I thought I’d share with you some easy tutorials.

There is a surprising amount of ways you can actually draw books, and with an entire tracker to fill, you might want to try different ones.

7 Simple Ways To Draw A Book - standing books | Masha Plans

The first one is the easy one – just books standing up.

This is definitely the easiest and the most used doodle for the book tracker.

7 Simple Ways To Draw A Book - stack of books (bottom view) | Masha Plans

Another little option. You can’t really use these to track the books, but it can be a great filler doodle just to add a bit more interest to your tracker.

If you want to learn more, check my post 7 Simple Ways To Doodle A Book.

Bullet Journal Book Tracker Inspirations

Ok let’s get to it and check out some amazing book trackers.

I love how they all are different and have a creative approach on how to track their reading progress.

Creative Bullet Journal Book Tracker by @momruncrafts | Masha Plans
Credit: @momruncrafts

I love this tracker, it looks so super neat and the colors are absolutely amazing!

It’s also a fun idea to track how many books you read per month, this is a great tracker if you’re having an exact goal on how many books you want to read that year.

Creative Bullet Journal Book Tracker By @reyanoenikki | Masha Plans
Credit: @reyanoenikki

Such a creative way to create a book tracker in a heart shape!

Since the usual book tracker is bookshelves, I thought forming a different shape out of books is really a fun idea.

Creative Bullet Journal Book Tracker by @plansthatblossom | Masha Plans
Credit: @plansthatblossom

It seems like your classic bookshelf, but how much more creative is this approach!

I really wish I had a place like that at home for reading myself, it looks so cozy.

Fun Bullet Journal Reading Tracker by @mari_murava | Masha Plans
Credit: @mari_murava

This one is a reading tracker – each day you color a book with the color from the key, depending on how many pages you read.

Definitely, a fun one to have when you’re working on making a reading habit stick.

Bullet Journal Book Tracker by @laramachtkunst | Masha Plans
Credit: @laramachtkunst

Beautiful tracker and I really love the light feeling it creates with the thin lines and those beautiful greens.

It’s also a fun idea to color code the books so you can see which ones you liked and which ones you didn’t.

Bullet Journal Book Tracker by @kreatuefteln | Masha Plans
Credit: @kreatuefteln

Such a cute tracker! And an owl is definitely a perfect bird for this page.

I also like that she has so much space on the right to add ALL the books, and maybe a star rating too.

Bullet Journal Reading Log by @katelovesjournaling | Masha Plans
Credit: @katelovesjournaling

Love this spread, and Kate is doing so well on her reading!

Also, I’m absolutely in love with the colors she used here, aren’t they beautiful and matching so perfectly!

Incredible Bullet Journal Book Tracker by @rachelmayplans | Masha Plans
Credit: @rachelmayplans

Rachel is a wonderful artist and of course, her book tracker was not an exception.

I think it’s a pretty clever idea to have an artistic page on one side and a simple list with a bit more details on the other.

Bullet Journal Book Wish List by @moony_clau | Masha Plans
Credit: @moony_clau

A beautiful reminder that your book tracker doesn’t have to be about the book you’ve read, it can be just your wish list.

I’m not reading enough these days so my book spread is mostly about the one I want to remember to read at some point.

Bullet Journal book tracker by @littleinklingsdesign | Masha Plans
Credit: @littleinklingsdesign

Such a happy and bright spread! And a cool idea to use up those stickers you save for better days ;)

From far I actually thought it’s washi tape, not book stickers, so I think using washi might also be a fun option.

April Book Tracker by @baytownbookie | Masha Plans
Credit: @baytownbookie

First of all, I’m simply so impressed by the number of books she read in one month. Like absolutely speechless!

But also – this is a very simple tracker that still looks super fun and creative.

Bullet Journal Book Tracker by @stinascrafts | Masha Plans
Credit: @stinascrafts

Really cool idea to use kraft paper as shelves, definitely adds coziness to the page.

Also, it’s so cool to divide it by physical and kindle books! I’d probably also add audiobooks here.

Bright And Happy Bullet Journal Book Tracker by @emilyplanslife | Masha Plans
Credit: @emilyplanslife

I especially love this one for the colors, so pretty and bright! I ber she used my favorite Zebra Mildliners for it.

Plus here is a creative idea for a tracker where books aren’t standing up.

Classy Bullet Journal Book Tracker by @marginalacademic | Masha Plans
Credit: @marginalacademic

Such a majestic and charming book tracker! I don’t think I’d even want to fill it out – it looks so perfect.

But at the same time, I’d also love to see it filled, she has beautiful handwriting and I’m sure it will add a lot of style to the page once it’s filled out.

Cozy Bullet Journal Book Tracker by @joyfuljournaler | Masha Plans
Credit: @joyfuljournaler

Beautiful tracker, and it definitely creates such a cozy feeling.

For some reason, it also makes me think of Bag End. Anyone else?

Bullet Journal Book Tracker by @nikitaschaap | Masha Plans
Credit: @nikitaschaap

Love this tracker and how there are all those little references to different books.

Washi tape was also a cute little detail to frame the whole tracker.

Cute Bullet Journal Book Tracker by @lillebujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @lillebujo

Super cute book tracker and I love this illustration, that sweetie is definitely a reader!

Plus I think it’s a great idea to make the books larger, it will help you to see the titles better once you fill it out.

Simple Bullet Journal Book Tracker by @bujototheminimal | Masha Plans
Credit: @bujototheminimal

Here is an idea for you – to track books you don’t have to actually draw an entire page, simply a list would work just the same.

A good decoration can be your handwriting itself, like in this book tracker.

And if you don’t have the prettiest handwriting yet, check my post 9 Simple Tricks To Improve Your Handwriting.

Bullet Journal Book Tracker by @amarisafloria | Masha Plans
Credit: @amarisafloria

Remember the idea of tracking the series you’ve read? Well, somebody actually created a tracker like that.

I like that each series also has a little tracker to see how many books you’ve read already.

Bullet Journal Book Tracker by @artofpages | Masha Plans
Credit: @artofpages

Very minimalist design but you gotta admit – it’s a cute and very functional spread.

A special note of the library card used as decoration, very on theme.

Bullet Journal Book Tracker by @fraeuleinfotofee | Masha Plans
Credit: @fraeuleinfotofee

This tracker left me speechless, it’s such an atmospheric page!

And I found it pretty cool that she’s tracking audiobooks. I also love consuming literature in audio format.

Bullet Journal Book Tracker by @pnw_ot_journal | Masha Plans
Credit: @pnw_ot_journal

Lovely tracker with a different way to doodle books.

I love how she actually drew the pages on the books, but at the same time, there is enough space to actually write the names of the books.

Watercolor Bullet Journal Book Tracker by @tinypandastudio | Masha Plans
Credit: @tinypandastudio

Super cute book tracker, and I love that she used watercolor to decorate it.

The greens really make this spread look so very fresh.

Blackout Bullet Journal Book Tracker by @mel_bulletbooks | Masha Plans
Credit: @mel_bulletbooks

If you’re looking for inspirations for a book tracker in the blackout journal – just check this one!

And of course, it’s also a great recommendation – Sakura Gelly Roll is probably the best white pen I’ve ever owned.

Bullet Journal Book Tracker by @sun.wave.journal | Masha Plans
Credit: @sun.wave.journal

A cool way to stay motivated and keep up your reading habits.

This is a yearly reading tracker, and the colors are how many pages you’ve read. Really going to motivate you to try to read every day, even a little bit.

For some more yearly tracker ideas, be sure to check my post on Bullet Journal Yearly Tracker Ideas.

Bullet Journal Book Tracker and Reading Tracker by @cho.journals | Masha Plans
Credit: @cho.journals

One more yearly reading tracker, but also the list of books with the rating.

And I absolutely love that art decor look!

Bullet Journal Book Tracker by @johannesmara | Masha Plans
Credit: @johannesmara

Love this spread and the beautiful handwriting, it really adds a character.

Also, such a fun spread idea when switching between paper types in your Neapolitan journal.

Bullet Journal Book Tracker - Book Review Spread by @simplified.jayn | Masha Plans
Credit: @simplified.jayn

Your book-related pages don’t have to be just about tracking your progress, it can definitely be a book review page.

These are great to make sure you remember what you read and what it was all about. Next time you feel like you’re forgetting the book – just take a look and in a few minutes it’ll all come back to you.

Black And White Bullet Journal Book Tracker by @theinkybrush | Masha Plans
Credit: @theinkybrush

A beautiful header might be all you need to add a spark to your Bullet Journal book tracker.

But I also like how she illustrated the covers of the books she reads, so fun!

Bright Bullet Journal Book Challenge Page by @jojobuckreads | Masha Plans
Credit: @jojobuckreads

Participating in challenges is always a fun way to spice up your habits, and this type of tracker can definitely keep you motivated.

Have you ever actually participated in a reading challenge like that? I never did, but now I’m definitely considering.

Floral Bullet Journal Book Tracker by @thebotanicalbullet | Masha Plans
Credit: @thebotanicalbullet

Flowers are a beautiful way to decorate anything in your Bullet Journal, including a book log like this one.

If you’re not confident and don’t know how to draw flowers – I got you covered! Simply check my post How To Draw Beautiful Flowers In Your Bullet Journal.

Favorite Books Bullet Journal Page by @metro_boulot_bujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @metro_boulot_bujo

Such a creative way to draw a simple shelf with your favorite books.

The attention to detail is absolutely crazy!

And I think this is a wonderful masterpiece to actually finish up our roundup.

If you want to see more book-related pages check my post with Book Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations or dive deeper and check the Reading Journal Page Ideas post.

But also here is a little something special…

Free Printable Book Tracker

Of course, I wanted to leave you with something special – a free printable.

This book tracker will allow you to keep track of up to 50 books.

If it’s too much – just decorate the other books instead of leaving them blank to fill out the titles. 

You can get them in the Resources Vault under the section “Other Pages”.

If you’re not part of Planning Mashers, just check sign up in the form below!

If you want some more, you can check my post Free Book Tracker Bullet Journal Printables.

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob.

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