Step-By-Step Bullet Journal Easter Doodles

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Let’s bring the holiday spirit to your Bullet Journal pages with these easter doodles. Even if you don’t know how to doodle, you can follow these tutorials and add cute doodles to your pages.

You’ll find 11 easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorials here, and I can’t wait for you to try them out.

If you’re looking for creative ways to decorate your pages and mark the start of springtime festivities, here are some beautiful Bullet Journal Easter doodles that will make sure every day in April is extra special!

Let’s jump in and get going on all kinds of amazing Easter-themed doodles you can include in your Bullet Journal!

And be sure to scroll until the end to get more doodling tutorials and a free doodling course for beginners.

Bullet Journal Easter Doodles

This was not an easy set of doodling tutorials to create for me since I feel like every country celebrates Easter differently.

But I hope you love what I came up with and find it fitting.

Easter Egg Doodle

Starting with an easter egg, I think this is the most fun tradition of Easter is decorating eggs. I’ve been enjoying it the most since I was a kid.

Of course, since just an egg is easy to doodle, I decided to add a little bit of spark.

Little Chick

Birds can be hard to doodle, but I found a way to make it easy and super cute.

As you can see, this little chick is just an assemble of circles and ovals.

Chocolate Bunny

I remember when I was in a french family, for Easter, it was all about finding chocolates, and what could be more Easter than a chocolate bunny?

Thankfully it’s very easy to create a cute chocolate bunny doodle.

Carrot Doodles

Technically, carrots are probably more of a general Spring doodle, but I think since Easter is in Spring, this can count as an Easter doodle.

Easter Cake Doodle

Is Easter cake a thing in your country?

In my family, it was definitely a thing, and this is how they usually look.

How To Doodle Daffodil

Flowers are a wonderful doodle for all seasons and all holidays, and thankfully, it doesn’t have to be too complicated.

Here is how to create a cute daffodil doodle in no time.

Flower Doodles

Speaking of flowers, here is one more tutorial!

I think the fact that it is in a watering can makes it more of a Spring style doodle.

How To Doodle A Rooster

Since we already doodle eggs and a tiny chick, I think it’s tine to doodle a rooster.

I love that you can absolutely go crazy with colors, but here I decided to make it a bit more basic.

Hatching Chick

I don’t know why this is turning into a chicken doodle tutorial list, but I feel they are so well with Easter.

This one is hatching, and it’s so super easy to draw. And you can absolutely play around and color the egg shell.

Bunny Doodle

Another animal that is the most connected to easter is the bunny. So here is how to doodle one.

I imagine this can be a really cute doodle for an easter card!

How To Doodle Egg Basket

Finally, a basket of eggs. It can be real colored eggs or a bucket of chocolate eggs.

That’s why you get to play around so much with the designs you add to them.

More Resources

These were the Easter doodles I came up with, but if you want more – I’ve got you covered.

Here are a few other posts with doodling tutorials:

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Free Doodling Course

Time for your freebie! I know a lot of people feel like creativity is a talent only a few are born with.

But in truth – anyone can be creative; you just need to practice. And, of course, know a few tricks.

That’s why I created a FREE course on doodling for beginners to help you start unlocking that creativity within.

All you need is to sign up in the form below, and once you confirm the subscription, all the details on enrolling will be on the way.

What other doodle tutorials would you like to see?

Let us know in the comments.

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