Bullet Journal Pages To Organize Your Blog

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Want to get some Bullet Journal page ideas on how to organize your blog? You’re in the right place!

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As I keep saying, Bullet Journal can help you with pretty much anything. I already had one for work and one for my personal use, so I asked myself “why don’t I use one for blogging since it’s an important part of my life and it’s something I’m working pretty hard on?”.

I tried a lot of different pages and techniques in my journal before I came up with this perfect system to keep my blog organized. Check out below my page ideas.

I wanted my blog journal to be completely business-oriented without any extra details, so I chose a minimalistic style.

It went great together with my gorgeous black Nuuna notebook! And for the letters, I used these stencils, which I think added a professional touch to the spreads.

But let’s get back on track. Here are some page ideas for you to add to your business journal so you can keep your blog or any online business organized.

About Page

The most important part of having a blog is understanding why you have it, who is your audience, and what are you writing about, so let’s start from this page. Write here your brand details, categories on your blog, and, of course, the purpose and slogan you stand by.

Bullet Journal Pages To Organize Your Blog - About Page | Masha Plans

Social Media Pages

Social media must be quite an important part of your marketing plan for your blog or online business. So I’d recommend you create a separate page just for that. Write down all the hashtags (Pinterest ones, too, it’s important) and the Facebook groups related to your niche.

Why Facebook groups? These will help you to connect with your readers and learn about their needs, as well as connect with like-minded bloggers.

Bullet Journal Pages To Organize Your Blog - Social Media Page | Masha Plans

Pinterest Page

As a new blogger, you probably get most of your traffic from Pinterest, since it’s much easier to get trending on Pinterest than on Google or any of the social networks. It’s a good idea, therefore, to pay extra attention to this platform.

First, create a yearly content plan. Just think when people share what kind of content (or get a yearly content plan from the professionals). This kind of table will help to keep you in check and make sure you’re creating seasonal and interesting content for your users.

Last, but not least the list of boards. I included it here to make sure I know what board I have and remind myself to post on more than just one.

Bullet Journal Pages To Organize Your Blog - Pinterest Page | Masha Plans

Inspirations Page

As a new blogger, you’re likely inspired by others in your niche. Make a list of all the wonderful creators whose work inspires you and who resonate with the audience you target as well. They already did their research and already have proven statistics on what are the most important issues your audience has.

Use their knowledge to your advantage. That’s why I included here the top post from each blogger. This can show you what your audience is interested in, and give you some ideas on which posts might be missing from your blog.

Bullet Journal Pages To Organize Your Blog - Inspirations Page | Masha Plans

Finances Page

I believe if you went this far, it’s pretty safe to say you’re planning to make money on your blog. As they say, to make money, you need to spend money, but it’s also interesting to know whether your spendings are worth it and if they are leading you to an increase in your income.

Create a table of just boxes (like I did) with your monthly expenses and incomes to see how far your business has gone by now.

Bullet Journal Pages To Organize Your Blog - Finances Page | Masha Plans


The stats page is a must-have in your journal. How you organize it thought is completely up to you. I’m a control freak, so I want to know my daily stats. This also helps me to track when I had any special growth in my traffic and what it’s connected with, so I could replicate it in the future.

Bullet Journal Pages To Organize Your Blog - Statistics | Masha Plans

Monthly Editorial Calendar

I love the calendar format, so that’s exactly the way I organized this page. This is where I plan in advance my month of content. As you see, I included all the needed information on one page: editorial calendar, monthly achievement in traffic growth, and monthly goals.

This allows me to have a structured approach and to see my goals when I’m planning the content and, in the future, see at one glance whether I reached the mark I set for myself. But of course, every month before setting my goals, I check with precious stats and brainstorm.

Bullet Journal Pages To Organize Your Blog - Monthly Editorial Calendar | Masha Plans

Ideas & Brainstorming

This is a place where you can collect all your ideas for future posts before putting them in your content plan. Also, for me, it’s a place to brainstorm how I want to see my blog develop for future months. These two pages come after every monthly editorial calendar.

You may ask, “Why are there empty pages on your picture?”. Well, given I just started this journal not long ago, all the ideas and brainstorming are still fresh and are something I’m working on at the moment. So no spoilers! I took the picture before filling the page.

Bullet Journal Pages To Organize Your Blog - Ideas and Brainstorming | Masha Plans

Collaborations Page

If you’re trying to monetize your blog, I’m sure you have already started using affiliate programs. I did, but when you register for too many of those, it’s easy to lose track and not use them to the fullest!

So I recommend listing them all here and keeping them in mind. If possible, review them every 3 months or so to see how profitable they actually are and whether they are worth your time or not.

Of course, a collaborations page is a must. As a new blogger who is trying to grow and develop new income streams, you have to start reaching out to brands yourself. Actually, I think my one-page table won’t be enough, so if you’re committed to earning from your blog, maybe have a two-page spread for this table.

I included a reply to this table because it’s important to know what they said. Depending on their reply you can learn: how you can improve your pitch if your blog is fitting for these products if you can maybe contact them again under different circumstances.

Bullet Journal Pages To Organize Your Blog - Collaboration Page | Masha Plans

Here are my nine ideas on how to use the Bullet Journal to organize your blog. But of course, the beauty of this system is its flexibility; you really can make whatever pages you might need to get the most out of it.

What pages do you use for planning your blog? Have you used your Bullet Journal for this before? Let me know in the comments section below.

I hope this list was helpful; if you find it so, please share!

And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob.

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