17 Christmas Bullet Journal Bucket List Ideas

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As the holiday cheer fills the air, let’s dive into some festive Bullet Journal page ideas! Have you ever thought about a Christmas bucket list?

It’s the perfect way to capture all your holiday wishes and plans. From baking gingerbread cookies and decorating the tree to watching classic Christmas movies, your Bullet Journal can hold all these delightful activities.

With each task you tick off, you’ll feel the satisfaction of making the most out of the season. So, grab your journal, let your creativity flow, and start crafting your very own Christmas story.

After all, isn’t that what Bullet Journaling is all about?

I love creating bucket lists. For me, it’s a great way to keep the spice of life.

It’s so easy to get sucked into a routine and just keep on doing the same thing. Then one day you wake up, and you miss all the fun things you could’ve been doing.

All simply because you’re too tired to think of those things and just want a simple solution, like a couch and Netflix.

Does that sound relatable? It happened to me more than once until I discovered the bucket list!

A bucket list reminds us of the fun things we love to do. That way, you won’t need to spend any energy trying to devise a plan for the weekend – just look at the bucket list and choose an activity.

It also helps you make your life more exciting and fun because it pushes you to do things you usually wouldn’t do. And those experiences are the best!

You can make a bucket list for anything. It can be seasonal, like a Fall bucket list, or it can be a life bucket list or a holiday-themed one, like the ones in this post.

Today we are talking about the Christmas bucket list, so let’s see what things you can add.

Oh and before we dive into it, be sure to check the end of the post for some Christmas freebies and more inspirations.

Christmas Bucket List Ideas

The idea behind a bucket list is for you to choose the things you love doing.

But at the same time, it can be very difficult.

The other day, my friend asked me to describe my perfect day. It included me working and walking with the puppy. She was in shock!

I didn’t include any meetings with friends or cocktails on the beach. Why? Because my brain is so used to the routine I have right now that I didn’t even consider these things an option.

So that’s why here I’ll start by giving you a tiny list of different things you can do for Christmas. Maybe some of these are the ones you love doing. And if not – at least they will jolt your brain to think outside the box.

  • Make a gingerbread house
  • Have hot cocoa with marshmallows
  • Christmas playlist
  • Watch Christmas movies
  • Go caroling
  • Kiss under the mistletoe
  • Christmas manicure
  • Go ice skating
  • Make a gourmet hot chocolate
  • Get an ugly Christmas sweater
  • Random act of kindness
  • Build a snowman
  • Leave cookies for Santa
  • Make a garland
  • Roast chestnuts
  • Make an advent calendar

Hopefully, these few ideas left you imagining how your perfect holiday season looks, so let’s dive into different bucket list inspirations.

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Stationery Recommendations

Before we look into the Bullet Journal pages I thought we should talk about supplies. After all, the right pen can really add so much joy to creating!

So, while you can create stunning bucket lists with any supplies you already have, here are some of my favorites, especially for Christmas themed pages.

  • Sakura Pigma Micron – fineliners are your best friend for creating any Bullet Journal page. These are amazing, have incredible archival ink, and come in sets with different nib sizes, so you get more variety.
  • Seasonal Planner Stickers by Clever Fox. This huge set of 600+ stickers is for every holiday imaginable, including plenty of Christmas stickers.
  • Tombow Fudenosuke. These pens are not just perfect for brush lettering (especially for beginner), but also for doodling and drawing. And since it has a small brush tip, it is perfect for smaller headers like the ones you need for weekly spreads.
  • Christmas Washi Tapes. This beautiful set of holiday-themed washi tapes is perfect for decorating your journal and adding a spark of holiday joy in no time.
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pens. These are some of the most popular brush pens out there for both their quality and the amount of colors available. You’ll definitely find among them your perfect Christmas colors!

Now with all the supplies at ready, let’s look into those bucket list pages!

Christmas Bucket List Bullet Journal Page Ideas

As a Bullet Journal enthusiast, I find immense joy in drawing inspiration from other creators. There's a whole world of creativity out there, and every page I encounter is a testament to that. This process of exploration isn't just about copying or replicating what others have done. Instead, it's about understanding the elements that resonate with you.

Looking at other people's work can spark a chain reaction of creativity. Seeing how they've brought their pages to life can open up a world of possibilities for my own journal. It encourages me to step outside my comfort zone and try something new, something different.

So, let's embark on this journey of discovery together. Let's dive deep into the ocean of inspiration and see what treasures we can uncover.

After all, Bullet Journaling is not just about organization; it's about expressing ourselves, pushing our creative boundaries, and constantly evolving. So, get ready to be inspired, and remember, the sky's the limit when it comes to your Bullet Journal!

Free Bullet Journal Printables

No way I leave you without sharing some freebies. So be sure to check the Resources Vault for some Christmas goodness, including for free printable Chirstmas stickers.

If you don’t have access yet, you can always sign up in the form below.

Once you confirm your subscription, you’ll get the password to get 50+ free Bullet Journal printables, stickers, and worksheets to use right away.

If you’ve never used printables before, be sure to check my post How To Use Printables In Your Bullet Journal.

It’s pretty basic, and you can find all the supplies you need in my post Supplies For Using Bullet Journal Printables.

More Resources

Looking for some more isnpirations on how to bring Christmas spirit to your Bullet Journal pages? I’ve got you covered.

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>>> What would you add to your own bucket list? Share with us in the comments!

I hope this list was helpful; if you find it so, please share!

And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob.

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