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Do you want to rock your goals this year? Here is how you can do it, of course with help from your Bullet Journal!

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So! You’re starting a new year and writing down your goals! It all feels so exciting and real, right? You’re full of hope and inspiration to make it all happen this year! I know this because I totally have the same feeling every January.

However, life gets in the way and by the time the next December has come, I often find my January goals have been mostly forgotten.

The thing is, just writing them down isn’t really enough. You have to build an action plan and make little steps towards your goals each day. That’s why, today, we’ll be talking about all of this and more! Including spread inspirations about goals for your Bullet Journal.

Why You Should Use Bullet Journal For Goal Setting

Your Bullet Journal is the perfect place for you to work on your goals. Even though there are many digital tools to help you out, there is a special kind of magic in using paper.

Here are a few main reasons I found during my Bullet Journal adventures.

Writing has special power over our brains. According to Forbes if you vividly picture the goals you want to achieve, you’re anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to make them happen. 

So, if you just spend some time with your Bullet Journal working to figure out exactly what your goals are, you will already be more likely to achieve them.

Bullet Journal also allows you to have your goals in your mind all the time. You can include them in your monthly, weekly and daily spreads, therefore ensuring that you keep making the little steps towards the big success.

How To Choose Your Goals

The first step is to decide what your goals should be, which is actually one of the hardest ones if you ask me. 

There are tons of examples all around the Internet and you probably hear lots of goals and resolutions from your coworkers and family.

It really is very tempting to just go with some of their ideas. After all, who doesn’t want to eat healthier, work out more and read more books? 

But that’s a total trap! If you set goals which you don’t REALLY want to achieve for yourself, you’re more likely to drop them eventually. Your goals have to be only yours, so spend some time contemplating and figuring out what it is you really want from yourself and your life.

Here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself to help you find the right mind track to figuring out your own goals. I know this may sound like a pretty cumbersome process, but it’s absolutely worth it!

  • What are my values and strengths?
  • What do I want my life to look like?
  • What would I do if money wasn’t an issue?
  • What have I been meaning to do, but people around me say it’s too big of a thing for me to accomplish?

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How To Formulated Effective Goals

When you have an idea, it’s probably time to formulate it. To make sure you achieve the goal, you have to take care on how you set it. Here are a few more popular techniques.

Rapid Planning Method

This is a method by Tony Robbins and RPM stands for:

  • R: Results-oriented
  • P: Purpose-driven
  • M: Massive Action Plan

Following this method, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I really want? (result)
  • Why do I really want it? (purpose)
  • What is my massive action plan?

This should put you in the right mindset and help you figure out your real goals and intentions, so you’ll be ready to start on your action plan motivated and excited.


Another very popular goal-setting technique is SMART. This method has been around for a very long time and for a good reason – it works!

According to this technique, your goals should be:

  • S: Specific (or significant)
  • M: Measurable (or meaningful)
  • A: Attainable (or action-oriented)
  • R: Relevant (or rewarding)
  • T: Time-bound (or trackable)

Level 10 Life

According to this system, you divide your life by 10 spheres and you evaluate each one from 1 to ten. Once you gave this enough thought, you start setting goals thinking on what is it you need to do to get 10 points in each area.

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Make sure you check out my post on How To Set Goals With Level 10 Life for more details on this technique.

What To Ask Yourself When Setting Your Goals

As a little note here, I created a few printables for you to use when working on your goals, so be sure to check them out in the Resources Vault! If you don’t have your access yet, you can sign up at the end of the post and get access to a wonderful community and TONS of freebies for your Bullet Journal.

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Now that you’re ready to work through the goals, here are a few questions you should ask yourself.

Why do I want that?

Your why is the key to staying on track and eventually achieving your goals. As long as you know why you’ll be able to power through all the difficulties you’ll meet on your way.

By asking yourself this question you’ll also be able to test if it’s really your goal or if it’s really something you really really want.

What do I need to do to achieve it?

Time to think of an outline of your action plan. Divide your goal into small actionable steps and better yet – assign a certain date to each one of them!

If you have a plan and you put yourself on the deadline you’ll be more likely to achieve it since it’s not just a huge unattainable goal anymore, but instead, simple steps you already have scheduled.

What can stop me?

Now that you know what to do, it’s time to work through the challenges you might face. Think of all the things that can go wrong and stand on your way.

Next, think of ways you can deal with them. When trouble comes and you’re already prepared to deal with it, it honestly won’t be so scary and difficult. Use this step to build your confidence.

What if ….

When setting goals, especially very ambitious ones, it’s easy to get paralyzed by fear. Spend some time working through it.

First, think of what happens if you fail. No, your friends and family won’t judge you and it won’t be the end of the world. It will be a good lesson and a lot of practice, so you know what to do next and how to be better.

Secondly, think about what you get if you actually achieve it. And I mean really think about it, in detail. How will you feel, how will your life change? Isn’t it worth the risk?!

Tips For Achieving Goals

By now you probably have your goals all set and your action plan ready, so here are a few final tips I wanted to share with you.

  • Create a vision board and preferably leave it somewhere where you can see it every day. This is a great motivation and it will help you to stay in focus.
  • Get support from people. When your loved ones believe in you and support your goals, it’s really an extra push to stay accountable and make sure to follow through.
  • Commit to a schedule. Having a schedule will keep you organized and make sure you do something every day towards achieving your goals.
  • Set realistic goals. Your goals have to scare and challenge you in their dreaminess, however, they still must be realistic and attainable. If it all turned out to be too easy and was achieved in a few months – good! just set a new goal, maybe a more difficult one this time.
  • Track your progress. This is a crucial step! By tracking your progress you not only remind yourself of your focus and stay enthusiastic, but you also learn if your action plan works or if it needs some tweaking.
  • Celebrate little wins. Finally, make sure you give yourself credit for achieving milestones on your way to the big goal. This will bring a new-found enthusiasm to your journey and definitely will make it much more fun.

Goal Setting Bullet Journal Pages

Finally, here are some goal setting Bullet Journal page inspirations to keep your creative juices flowing.

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Credit: @smallestdot

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Don’t forget to drop by the Resources Vault to get all your printables for working on your goals.

What is one major goal you set for yourself this year? Let us know in the comments.

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