How To Create A Mind Map In Your Bullet Journal (Visual Brainstorming)

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Feeling overwhelmed? Disorganized? Like you’re all over the place? There is a Bullet Journal page idea to that – a mind map.

So let’s dive into it and see what’s a mind map, how it can help you, and more importantly – how you can create one for yourself.

We all feel that way from time to time. There are all those problems, decisions, and responsibilities and sometimes it just gets too much.

The best way to deal with it is to put it all on paper, offload your brain and make it visual.

I already mentioned before how creating a brain dump is a great way to do so, but today we’ll look into another way – a mind map, which I think is a little bit more organized and fun.

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What Is A Mind Map

A mind map is a pretty fun and simple concept.

You basically pick something you want to focus on and then connect different ideas and ways to achieve it.

You can also work through each idea and break it into smaller steps. Just check my mind map below as an example.

I like that with a mind map, your ideas are so well organized, and you really get your imagination going.

It’s a great technique if you need to get out of a slump and are out of ideas.

But these are not the only benefits.

Why Use A Mind Map

Mind mapping has tons of benefits, and I bet a few of them you didn’t even think of.

Let’s start with some basics.

  • Better Memory

Writing things down help with memory, and having a mind map will definitely help you remember all your amazing ideas.

Plus having your ideas on paper will definitely help you keeping them in mind and finding new solutions.

  • Problem Solving

Sometimes when you have something on your mind you just keep thinking and thinking, but the solution doesn’t present itself.

In these situations, it might be a good idea to offload your problems on the paper and let your brain take a break and work on the solution in the background. Believe me, this is the best way to escape a block.

Plus, having a mind map in particular often will help you see new patterns and new connections, which can definitely lead to new solutions.

  • Better Organization

Of course, my favorite thing about a mind map is how easy it is to organize all your ideas.

You can definitely have an entire separate journal full of mind maps on different topics.

With a mind map, they all are well organized and also have enough space for you to add anything new you can come up with.

As a bonus, you can also add color coding to your mind maps.

I hope all these benefits convinced you to give it a try to mind mapping, but how exactly do you create one?

Let’s look into that.

How To Create A Mind Map

Well, before you start, you’ll need a piece of paper. 

It can be anything – post it notes, printer paper, or of course – a Bullet Journal.

If you’re more technically inclined, there are also tons of apps and websites to build mind maps. But of course, here we are all about paper.

Once you have your paper and pen, let’s get started!

I know we’re used to starting every Bullet Journal spread with a header, but the mind map is different.

Step 1: Choose Your Focus

With a mind map, you start by choosing a focus, or a problem you’re brainstorming.

Write it in the middle of the page and circle.

Your action plan and ideas will all be connected to this one focus; that’s why I mentioned that you might want to have several mind map, each for a different situation.

Step 2: Brainstorm Ideas

Next step is to come up with several ideas or several different areas of your focus that you want to concentrate on.

Be sure to draw lines from the center of your page to those areas.

In this example, as you can see I chose several creative areas that I want to work on to improve my general creativity, which is a focus of this mind map.

Step 3: Action Steps

The final step is to work through your ideas or areas.

For example, here, one of the areas I chose is lettering, so I kind of broke it down into smaller ideas and projects I can do to really improve.

Using A Mind Map

As you can see, a mind map is a great instrument to tackle projects, or just generally improve different areas of your life.

Plus, you can definitely play around with how you want them to look. You can make it more artistic and colorful, or minimalist and serious.

Whatever style you like, a mind map will work for you.

It’s also a very easy way to brainstorm, and you always have the option to go back to it and add more, or maybe change up some of the ideas.

A mind map is an incredible and easy tool that hopefully you’re now ready to try. It also can be a good idea to use for organizing your to-do list or any big projects. 

But always remember that it only works if you actually put the plan in motion and go back and work through all the steps.

Have you ever used a mind map before?

What’s your favorite way to brainstorm?

Share with us in the comments.

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  1. I have been using Bullet Journals since 2017. I am always looking for was to improve myself. I take a little here and a little there to stay focused and keep my anxiety levels low. I to creat one for my up and coming business that deal with dogs.

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