The 13 Best Bullet Journal Notebooks

When you start your Bullet Journal, or even when you just think of moving to a new notebook, it’s important to find the right journal for yourself since this is probably the most important item out of all possible Bullet Journal supplies.

Of course, always remember that for bullet journaling, you can use any notebook you have lying around in your house. Yet, it’s always nice to have the best materials and tools for our hobbies and passions.

So, I did my research to figure out what brands are on the market, which ones are popular and why people love them. So before you get your journal, take a look at these 13 dot grid journals to try out for your next bullet journal.

When you talk about Bullet Journaling for beginners, getting the right notebook is one of the first things to do!

Before we dive in and take a look at some fantastic Bullet Journal notebooks, I want to be clear about something – there is no such thing as the best notebook!

Everyone needs something different from their notebooks, so it’s up to you to decide what is the best notebook for you.

I also have a few favorites, depending on what it is I use them for. Lately, I’ve been super in love with my Archer and Olive notebooks, and I use different sizes for different purposes.

But you might find that a different type of notebook is best for you, and that’s totally fine. Let’s look into some characteristics you might consider.

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How To Choose The Best Notebook For You

Choosing the right notebook might be a bit difficult. There are so many amazing players on the market, and especially when you’re just starting, it’s hard to understand what exactly you need from your notebooks.

I’m here to help, though; here are a few characteristics you might think about when choosing your perfect notebook.

  • Paper color. Do you want ivory? Cream? Pure white? Think about it because the color of your paper will influence how the color of your markers and brush pens will look.
  • Numbered pages. If you want to follow the original Bullet Journal structure, you’ll need numbered pages. Not all journals offer that, though. So think if you have to have your pages numbered or if it’s ok for you to do it yourself as you go.
  • Extra pages. Some journals come with already pre-made pages, such as key and index. This really helps to speed up the process. So think if you need those or if you prefer to create all the pages yourself.
  • Paper thickness. Last but not least is the paper quality. You definitely don’t want any bleeding or ghosting on your pages, so always make sure you check how thick the paper is. I’d say anything around 100-120 GSM is pretty solid, but of course, the higher GSM, the better.

I hope by now you have an idea of what you might be looking for in your Bullet Journal notebook, so let’s get on with the list!

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The Best Bullet Journal Notebooks To Try This Year

I tried quite a few notebooks already, and I researched tons of others. Here is a list of some of the best available notebooks for Bullet Journaling that you might consider using.

Each of them is different and has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s up to you to pick which one would fit your needs better.

At the end of the post, I’ll give you my opinions on the best notebooks in different categories, as well as some more recommendations and journal reviews, so be sure to keep on scrolling.

My Recommendations

That’s a lot of notebooks to choose from, so to help you out, here are my top picks in different categories.

Best Bang For Your Buck: Lemome Notebook
Best Overall: Scribbles That Matter 160 GSM
Best For Artists: Archer and Olive
Best On A Budget: Bullet Journal By Poluma
Best For Beginners: Scrivwell Dotted A5 Hardcover Notebook
Best For Minimalists: Northbooks Hardcover Notebook

Final Tips

The important thing is really not to overthink it. If you want to start and are excited about your first Bullet Journal, just go for it! Find the notebook that seems ok for you at the moment and get it.

In time and with more experience, you’ll learn what exactly you need and what kind of notebook is a perfect fit for you. Meanwhile, just jump in and start exploring!

More Resources

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Free Stationery Guide

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That’s why I created this guide, it condences all the supplies to just a few pages and it’s full of recommendations for any types of supplies and any artistic level.

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Did I miss your favorite notebook? What brands would you include in this list? Let me know in the comments section below, and I hope this post was helpful for you!

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  1. Hi! This was helpful. Have you considered doing one about B5 journals. I do not like the small 8×5 notebooks and want to see what you recommend for a 10×7 journal.


  2. There is a brand I really like, that I found at my local Wal-Mart store. They sell them on Amazon also, they’re the Exceed brand.
    At $10 each, they’re a really stellar deal. And the pages are nice! I love them so much I’ve used one for my personal journal for 2 years now!

  3. I would love to see what you’ve done with your B5! My daughter likes the larger size and I am going to gift her one for Christmas, but I wanted to have it already set up for her with months, weeklies and special sections, so looking at what you have done would be awesome!
    And I loved this article!

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