Here on Masha Plans we learn how to start on Bullet Journaling and create an amazing custom planner that helps you with anything you need.

And what would Bullet Journaling be without Bullet Journal supplies? So let’s talk stationery.

Below you’ll find all the resources you need only to buy stationery you’ll love and will be used to create stunning pages. This list is also constantly updating, so be sure to bookmark it!

Here is what you’ll find on this page.

The world of stationery is vast, so I divided this list of Bullet Journal supplies by categories, starting with notebooks and other basics you need to start the journal and ending with some fun stationery finds.

Including a special section for gift ideas for Bullet Journal enthusiasts.

Bullet Journal Stationery For Beginners

I want to start with my most important nugget of wisdom. That you don’t really need much stationery to get started, so don’t hold back and wait to start your BuJo until you get that perfect journal of those expensive pens.

So before you go to your neighborhood stationery shop to spend your entire paycheck, read this:

These are the items you should consider buying as a beginner. And they won’t cost you a fortune either!

Bullet Journal Supplies List

If you don’t want to go into details and just want to one big place to find all the supplies, here are the posts for you.

They include all kinds of Bullet Journal supplies you can think of, from notebooks to stencils and 3watercolors. For any artistic level and any budget!

I also asked around to see what supplies other creators would recommend. And I’m glad I did because they introduced me to a few brands I didn’t know about.

I also wanted to add here this one blog post with some miscellaneous supplies that can really help you with your Bullet Journal, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned journaler (is this the correct word?)

Finally, I also wanted to include here something that would help you to organize ALL the supplies. Check out the post below for my top picks.

Best Bullet Journal Notebooks

If you want to dive into stationery in detail, let’s do that! I’m happy talking about stationery for hours.

We’re starting with picking your perfect journal!

Notebook Reviews

Let’s go into even more details! I try to review many notebooks myself, so here are a few I have done so far.

The Best Pens

The next thing you need to think of is pens, and I got you covered. here are the best pens for anything Bullet Journal-related.

Start from these posts:

Bullet Journal Supplies: Pen Reviews

If you’re looking for some more detailed reviews, I’ve got those as well. These reviews will definitely help you figure out if the pens you’re considering are a good fit for your style and your needs.

Miscellaneous Bullet Journal Supplies

These are not necessarily the items you need for Bullet Journaling, like pens or notebooks.

But they are still fun to have and to play with. Especially if you think one pen is not enough for your style of Bullet Journaling.

Stationery Finds

Sometimes you just want to look into what’s out there and get something fun and creative you didn’t know about it before.

My favorite way to do that is by browsing Etsy, and here are some recommendations:

Stationery Gift Guides

Finally, we’re finishing up this list with some stationery gift ideas for a Bullet Journal enthusiast in your life.

It has a lot of amazing recommendations some of you might want to add to your letter to Santa.

Free Stationery Guide

I know how easy it is to get overwhelmed by all the supplies out there and spend tons of money on things you end up not using.

I made this mistake myself, and I wanted to make sure your bank account doesn’t suffer from it.

That’s why I’ve created an Ultimate Guide To Bullet Journal Supplies that will help you find the perfect supplies for your artistic level and budget.

Sign up in the form below, and once you confirm your subscription, the guide will be on the way to your inbox!

Well, that about covers it all. And, of course, I’ll keep creating more posts and updating this page. So if you’re interested in Bullet Journal supplies – be sure to bookmark it!

I hope this list was helpful; if you find it so, please share!

And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob.