11 Bullet Journal Yearly Spread Ideas

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Bullet Journal page ideas can be a lifesaver when you’re setting up your new spread for the year. Trust me, I’ve been there! You’re staring at blank pages, pen in hand, and the possibilities seem endless.

So, let’s dive into the world of Bullet Journaling together and explore 11 fantastic BuJo yearly spread ideas that can transform your journaling experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned Bullet Journal enthusiast or a newbie just starting out, these ideas will spark your creativity and help you create a yearly spread that’s uniquely yours.

Remember, your Bullet Journal is not just a planner – it’s a space for self-expression, reflection, and personal growth. So let’s get those creative juices flowing and start planning our best year yet!

In the world of Bullet Journaling, yearly pages are a game-changer. They’re like having a bird’s eye view of your life – setting goals, tracking habits, jotting down important dates – all in one place!

It’s like having a personal assistant who knows you inside out.

But, the best part? You don’t need to be Picasso to create them. In fact, at the end of this post, I’ve got a surprise for you – FREE printable Bullet Journal yearly pages that you can start using right away!

So be sure to scroll until the end and get your freebies. Meanwhile, let’s talk about those yearly pages.

Pros And Cons Of Yearly Spreads

Let’s talk about the pros of using yearly pages. First off, they give you a panoramic view of your year. You can see your goals, deadlines, birthdays, anniversaries, and even your habit trackers in one place. It’s like having a personal assistant who is always ready with a quick recap of your year!

Secondly, yearly pages are perfect for those who love to plan ahead. Want to start working on that summer body in January? No problem! Yearly pages have got you covered.

And, of course, they are more convenient because you create just one page, and you don’t need to create separate pages for something every month.

Now, let’s get real and talk about the cons. For some, creating yearly pages can seem daunting. The thought of planning an entire year might be overwhelming. But remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your yearly spread doesn’t have to be either. Take it one step at a time.

Another potential downside could be that your plans change. That trip you were planning in March? Postponed. That course do you want to start in May? Cancelled. Life happens! But guess what? That’s the beauty of a Bullet Journal. It’s flexible. You can adjust and adapt it as life unfolds.

These might be your favorite page ideas or maybe none of these will work for you. Either way, you’ll never know until you give it a try, do just go for it!

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Stationery Recommendations

Of course, to create your yearly spread ideas, you need some stationery.

Obviously, you can already use whatever you have, but if you want to add something to your collection, here are some of my favorites.

  • Fineliners. You’ll need those to draw all the lines and tables. Plus, if you want to decorate your tracker with doodles, these will be perfect as well. Currently, Sakura Pigma Micron are my favorite fineliners.
  • Colorful pens. If you want to add some color to your entries, a set of colorful pens could be your best tool. Lately, I’ve been loving Paper Mate Flair pens.
  • Brush pens. Small ones are great for creating beautiful headers or doing any type of drawing. I recommend using Tombow Fude Brush Pens.
  • Makers. You’ll need a good set of markers, and Zebra Mildliners are my favorites. But really, markers depend on what kind of color you like.

Now that you have all your supplies ready, let’s look at a few yearly page ideas for you to try in your Bullet Journal.

BuJo Yearly Spread Ideas

When it comes to yearly pages, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. Seriously, if you can dream it, you can create it in your Bullet Journal.

But let’s be real for a moment. While having an infinite array of ideas sounds exciting, it can also make our heads spin faster than a roller coaster ride. And we’re here to get organized, not dizzy, right?

So, let’s do this. Let’s reign in our wild, creative horses and focus on 11 fantastic yearly page ideas. It’s a fun number, and it gives us just enough variety without overwhelming us.

So buckle up, my fellow Bullet Journal enthusiasts, because we’re about to embark on a whirlwind tour of yearly page ideas that will make your Bullet Journal sparkle with organized brilliance!

Future Log

Let’s start with probably the most well-known and one of the basic yearly Bullet Journal pages – the future log.

A future log is a space where you can jot down all your plans, appointments, and important dates for the entire year. Think of it as your personal time machine, allowing you to peek into the future.

Are you the kind of person who likes to plan their Christmas shopping in July? Or maybe you’re someone who needs to know when the next dentist appointment is (even if it’s six months away).

If that’s the case, then the future log is perfect for you. It’s designed for those of us who love to plan ahead, those of us who get a thrill from knowing what lies ahead on life’s winding road.

And let’s not forget the immense satisfaction that comes from seeing your life neatly organized in monthly blocks. There’s something oddly calming about it. It’s like watching a chaotic pile of puzzle pieces slowly come together to form a beautiful picture.

And since it’s usually a two-page spread, it also allows you to have plenty of space to show off your personal style and add decorations, be it doodles, washi tape, or just some colorful accents.

Year In Pixels

The Year in Pixels is like a vibrant mosaic, a colorful tapestry of your life made up of tiny little squares. Each square represents a day in your life, and together, they tell a story – your story.

Typically, a year in pixels page is used as a mood tracker. Imagine this: you assign a color to each mood – say, blue for sad days, yellow for happy days, green for calm days, and so on. And every day, you fill in a square with the color that corresponds to your mood.

Over time, you’ll see patterns emerge. Maybe you’ll notice that you’re happiest on weekends when you get to spend time with your family, or perhaps you’ll realize that Mondays aren’t as blue as they’re made out to be!

But here’s the thing – the beauty of Bullet Journaling lies in its flexibility. So why limit your year in pixels to just tracking moods? You could use it to track pretty much anything!

Take, for example, my yearly spread. B5 journal provided a lot of extra space, so I ended up having two squares for each day. One was for mood, and another one was for 4 habits I was working on establishing that year.

Not only will this motivate you to keep going, but it will also give you a visual representation of your progress. And trust me, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a sea of color-filled squares at the end of the year, each one a testament to your commitment and perseverance.

This particular tracker was probably not the best time for me to do a yearly tracker since I ended up having a very hard year with a lot of sudden changes and a move across the globe. So, my good habits weren’t necessarily my priority in the end.

But this is something you always have to understand. You might plan things out in your Bullet Journal, but life happens, and when it does, you should just learn to adapt and accept it rather than blame yourself for not following through like I often used to do.

So now this half-empty tracker is there showing me what a difficult year it was and how many hard things I had to do, rather than shaming me for not drinking water every day that year.

Year In Polaroids

For all you soft-hearted, sentimental souls out there, I’ve got a page idea that’s sure to tug at your heartstrings – the year in polaroids. It’s like a visual diary, a memory lane in your Bullet Journal that you can stroll down anytime you want.

You know how we often capture moments with our cameras, only for these snapshots to be forgotten in the digital abyss of our phones or, worse, gather dust in an old box? Well, the year in polaroids page is here to change that. It’s a space where you can display your memories like precious pieces of art, each one telling a story, each one holding a piece of your heart.

The concept is simple yet beautiful. Each month, choose a picture that represents a highlight or a special moment. Maybe it’s a picture from your best friend’s wedding, a snapshot of the first snowfall of the year, or a candid shot of you laughing with your loved ones. Stick this on your page, and voila! You’ve just added a piece to your memory collage.

In my case, I wanted to keep my photos bigger, so I went smaller on any decorations of extra details, but it’s up to you.

Add Polaroid frames around each picture if you want to, and add a few sentences on each event depicted. Follow your style and make it truly your own.

And here’s the best part: by the end of the year, you’ll have a beautiful collage of memories to look back on.

Yearly Review

The yearly review is like a friendly, non-judgmental report card for your life. It’s a page that holds the power to both humble and inspire you, a place where you can look back and then look forward with newfound wisdom. You see, this isn’t just about scribbling down what you did or didn’t do in the past year. No, it’s so much more than that.

Now, technically, the yearly review is a page you add at the end of your journal. But here’s a little secret: I absolutely love adding it at the beginning as well.

Why, you ask? Well, think about it. By reviewing the year that has passed, you get a clear picture of where you’re starting your new year off. It’s like standing on the edge of a cliff, looking back at the path you’ve traversed, and then turning around to gaze at the path that lies ahead. It’s thrilling, isn’t it?

Let’s dive a little deeper into what goes into this yearly review. This is your space to reflect on your achievements, no matter how big or small.

That time you finally nailed that yoga pose? Write it down. That day you managed to drink eight glasses of water? Jot it down. The week you spent without complaining? Record it. Remember, every win, every milestone, no matter how tiny, deserves to be celebrated.

But the yearly review isn’t just about patting yourself on the back. It’s also about acknowledging your mistakes, your setbacks, your ‘could-have-done-better’ moments.

Did you miss a deadline? Did you break a promise? Write it down. But here’s the thing – this isn’t about judging yourself harshly or wallowing in regret. Instead, it’s about learning from these experiences, understanding what went wrong, and figuring out how to do better next time.

And finally, the yearly review is your springboard into the future. Based on your reflections, you can set goals for the new year, plan for what’s to come, and visualize a brighter, happier, more fulfilling future.

Yearly Goals Page

We all have dreams, don’t we? Maybe you want to write a book, run a marathon, learn to play the guitar, or perhaps, you want to master the art of baking the perfect sourdough bread. The sky’s the limit! But here’s the thing about dreams – they can feel overwhelming, almost out of reach. And that’s where the magic of the yearly goals page comes in.

Think of your big dream as a giant puzzle. Now, trying to complete this puzzle in one go can be daunting, right? But what if you break it down into smaller pieces, manageable chunks that you can tackle one at a time? Suddenly, the puzzle doesn’t seem so intimidating anymore. That’s exactly what you do on your yearly goals page. You break down your big dream into smaller, achievable sleps.

Let’s say you want to write a book. Instead of setting a vague goal like ‘Write a book,’ break it down into something more specific and achievable, like ‘Write 500 words a day.’ That way, every time you sit down to write, you know exactly what you need to do.

2022 yearly goals spread in my Bullet Journal - Masha Plans

Now, jot these goals down on your yearly goals page. Make it colorful, make it vibrant, make it YOU. This isn’t just any page; it’s a visual representation of your dreams, your aspirations. So, let your creativity run wild!

And here’s the best part: as the year progresses, this page will serve as a constant reminder of what you’re working towards. It will keep you motivated, focused, and excited about your journey. On those days when you’re feeling low or uninspired, just flip to your yearly goals page, and you’ll find your spark again.

Movie Tracker

A movie tracker is a dedicated space in your journal where you can log all your cinematic adventures. Sounds exciting, right? But wait, it gets even better.

The movie tracker is not just a list; it’s a playground for your cinephile self. It’s a place where you can keep track of all the movies you’ve watched and all those you want to watch. Have a film in mind that you’re dying to see? Jot it down in your ‘To Watch’ section. Just finished watching a movie? Add it to your ‘Watched’ list.

But don’t stop there. Go a step further and rate each movie you’ve watched. Maybe you could draw tiny popcorn buckets and fill them in to represent your rating. Five full popcorn buckets for a movie that blew your mind, maybe three for one that was good but not great, and so on. Get creative with it!

Or you mught want to go a completely different rad and jus tcreate a yearly spread with the list and dates of all the new releases for that upcoming year that you are looking forwsrd to watching.

Whatever it is, have fun with it! Your Bullet Journal is not only about being productive and organized. Create some pages that regflect your interests and persnality as well.

Routine Spread

Let’s take a moment to talk about something that has been a game-changer for me – the routine spread. I know, I know, the word ‘routine’ might sound a little dull or monotonous, but hear me out.

Routines are like the unsung heroes of our daily lives. They bring structure to our days, help us manage our time efficiently, and let’s be honest, there’s something incredibly satisfying about ticking off tasks as we go along. Whether it’s your morning routine, your evening wind-down, or even your weekly cleaning spree, routines help keep us grounded.

Now, imagine having all these routines neatly organized in your Bullet Journal. Enter: the routine spread. This spread is like your personal playbook, a visual blueprint of your day-to-day life. And the best part? You can customize it to fit your lifestyle!

You can create a routine spread for anything you want: my ideal day, morning routine, evening routine, skincare routine. The iafination is unlimited!

Choose soemhting you plan to stick to for a year and go for it. But ty not to make it too complicstd or add too many ne things, it might end up overwhelming you and you’ll just end up not following in.

Another fun idea is actually a cleaning routine! That is for sure soemthing we all need and somethignthat doesn;t change throught the year, no matter how you change.

No matter what kind of routine spread you decide to add to your Bullet Journal it will be your secret weapon for a more organized, efficient, and satisfying life. Give it a whirl, and don’t forget to make it your own.

TV Show Tracker

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? One minute, we’re casually tuning into a new series, and the next thing we know, it’s 3 AM, we’ve got three seasons under our belt, and we’re utterly lost in the world of cliffhangers, plot twists, and unforgettable characters.

But here’s the thing about binge-watching – it’s all fun and games until you lose track of where you left off. Or even what shows you’ve been watching and looking forward to new seasons. It’s enough to make your head spin!

Now, if you’re nodding along and thinking, “been there, done that,” then do I have a solution for you: the TV show tracker for your Bullet Journal. A colorful spread in your journal dedicated solely to your TV escapades.

And just like with a movie trackr, you can add a lot of details to your TV show tracker, or make it more general like mine.

You can create a list of your faorite shows, or showsy ou want to watch, or shosy ou’re currently watching.

You can just make a list or break ech show by season and track which episode you’re on or which episodes you liked the most.

You can rate each show, each season or even each eisode if you want to!

About Me Page

The ‘About Me’ page is like a little corner of your Bullet Journal dedicated solely to you. Intriguing, isn’t it? But trust me, it’s even more fun when you actually get down to creating one.

Your Bullet Journal is more than just a collection of tasks, events, and notes. It’s a mirror that reflects who you are, your aspirations, your likes and dislikes, your passions, and so much more. And nowhere is this reflection more vivid than on the ‘About Me’ page.

So, what exactly does an ‘About Me’ page entail? Well, the beauty of it is that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. It could include anything and everything that defines you.

Are you a coffee lover who can’t start their day without a steaming cup of joe? Jot it down. Maybe you’re a bookworm with a never-ending TBR list? Add that too. Or perhaps you’re a fitness enthusiast who loves a good morning run? That definitely deserves a spot on your ‘About Me’ page.

But don’t just limit yourself to your likes and hobbies. Your ‘About Me’ page is also a wonderful space to express your dreams and aspirations. Want to learn a new language? Write that down. Dream of traveling the world? Add it to your page. Aspire to write a book someday? That goes on there too.

And here’s something else I love about the ‘About Me’ page: it’s an excellent tool for self-reflection and personal growth. Think of it as a snapshot of your life at a particular moment. Where are you right now? What are you doing well? What are some things you’d like to improve? Answer these questions on your ‘About Me’ page, and watch how it evolves into a roadmap guiding you towards your best self.

Personally, I make it a point to create an ‘About Me’ page in every Bullet Journal I start. It’s like taking a selfie of my mental and emotional state at the beginning of each journaling journey.

And let me tell you, it’s absolutely fascinating to look back at these pages over time. They’re like time capsules, capturing how much I’ve grown, how my interests have changed, and how my dreams have evolved.

Book Tracker

Do you ever find yourself lost in the sea of books you’ve read, want to read, or are in the middle of? Do you wish there was a way to keep track of all these literary adventures? Well, guess what? Your Bullet Journal has got you covered with a nifty little tool called the book tracker.

A book tracker is like your personal literary assistant. It’s a dedicated space in your Bullet Journal where you can record, organize, and reflect on your reading journey.

Think of your book tracker as a cozy little library nestled within the pages of your journal. A place where all the books you’ve devoured, are currently devouring, or dream of devouring someday, coexist peacefully. Sounds like a bookworm’s paradise, doesn’t it?

Your book tracker can be so much more than just a list of titles. It’s a canvas where you can paint a vivid picture of your reading experience.

Meaning that just like with every other page, you can custoize your book tracker. It doens’t have to be just a list of books, you can add mire infrmation and detals to it if you want to.

Loved a particular character? Jot it down. Found a quote that touched your heart? Write it out. Have thoughts or feelings about the book that you just need to express? Go ahead, pour your heart out.

You could even write mini-reviews of the books you’ve read. Think about what you liked, what you didn’t, what made you laugh, what made you cry, and what made you think. Not only is this a great way to engage more deeply with what you’re reading, but it could also come in handy when you’re recommending books to friends (or trying to remember why you loved or loathed a certain book).

Or you could simply rate the books. You could use a simple 1-5 scale, or get creative with symbols like stars, hearts, or even little book icons. It’s a quick and easy way to capture your overall impression of a book.

Birthday Tracker

Let’s talk about something we’ve all experienced at least once: forgetting a birthday. It’s a sinking feeling, isn’t it? You’re scrolling through social media or chatting with a friend, and suddenly you realize – it’s their birthday, and you completely forgot! Well, my friends, I have two words for you: birthday tracker.

A birthday tracker is your secret weapon against forgotten birthdays. It’s like a personal assistant that never takes a day off, always there to remind you of the important dates in your life. And honestly, who wouldn’t want that?

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking: “But can’t I just add birthdays to my future log?” Of course, you can! But let’s be real, isn’t it much more exciting to have a separate page dedicated to birthdays? Plus, it keeps things organized and easy to find, so you won’t miss out on any special celebrations.

And there you have it, 11 BuJo yearly spread ideas that you might want to try in your next Bullet Jounal!

Just be sure not to overdo it and try ALL of them at once, we don’t want your journal become overwhekming rather than fun and useful.

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