13 Bullet Journal Index Page Ideas

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Diving into the world of Bullet Journal page ideas, let’s focus on an essential yet customizable component – the index page.

Like a table of contents, it navigates your creative journey. But hey, who says it has to be dull? Not me!

I believe your index page can be as vibrant and unique as every other part of your Bullet Journal. So, I’ve gathered some phenomenal index page ideas from creators all around the globe.

These inspirations will help you design an index page that’s not just functional but a true reflection of you! Let’s get those creative juices flowing, shall we?

Since you’re looking for index page inspirations, I think you’re on the way to creating your new Bullet Journal. ANd I know how confusing and overwhelming it can feel sometimes.

So, before we dive into this post, I wanted to mention that there is a FREE course on how to start a Bullet Journal at the end of the post that will help you go through each step of the process and create a perfect journal for you in no time.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about index.

What Is Index Page

So, you might be wondering, “What exactly is an index page?”

Well, think of it as your personal guide, a roadmap to all the exciting ideas and daily musings you jot down in your journal. It’s like that trusty friend who remembers where you left your keys when you’re running late for work. Except, in this case, your keys are your thoughts, plans, lists, and doodles!

Now, why do you need an index page? Imagine having a treasure chest (yes, your Bullet Journal is indeed a treasure!) but no map to navigate it.

You’ve got all these gems – your monthly spreads, habit trackers, meal plans, book lists, and so much more – but without an index page, finding them can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. And let’s be honest, who has time for that?

The index page is your time-saving, stress-busting companion. It helps you locate your entries quickly and efficiently, so you can spend more time creating and less time hunting. Plus, it gives you a bird’s eye view of your journal’s contents, allowing you to see your progress and growth over time. Isn’t it amazing how a simple list can do all that?

But here’s the best part – your index page doesn’t have to be just a list. It can be as creative, colorful, and personalized as you want it to be. After all, your Bullet Journal is a reflection of you. So why should your index page be any different? Stay tuned as we dive into some imaginative index page ideas that will inspire you to create a uniquely you spread!

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Stationery Recommendations

Yes, of course, I have to include some stationery recommendations! There are so many supplies out there, and I want to ensure you only get the best.

So here are some of my top picks, which will also be super useful for creating an index page.

  • Sakura Pigma Micron – a good fineliner is what every Bullet Journal page needs. These come with archival ink and can create smooth black lines. Plus, the set had pens with different nib sizes, allowing for more variety with your lines.
  • Tombow Fude Brush Pens – if you need an easy-to-use brush pen for some brush lettering accents – this one is your go-to!
  • Crayola Super Tips – my favorite set of markers for adding color to your pages. They come in a set of 100 colors and are super affordable. Plus, you can use them to do brush lettering as well!
  • Washi Tape – I love using washi tape when decorating pages, and for an index page, I think washi tapes would work wonderfully as borders to add a bit of a character.

With all the supplies ready, let’s dive into index page inspirations and find the style you like.

Bullet Journal Index Page Ideas

Ready to turn your Bullet Journal's index page from drab to fab? Buckle up, because we're about to embark on a creative journey that's going to add a dash of sparkle to your journaling experience!

From the whimsical to the practical, the minimalist to the extravagant, I've curated a list of 13 unique index page inspirations. Each one is designed to inspire you to create an Index Page that's not just a handy reference tool, but also a delightful expression of your personality and creativity.

So whether you're a seasoned Bullet Journalist looking for fresh ideas, or a newbie eager to make your mark, this list has something for everyone. Get ready to be inspired, get creative, and most importantly, have a whole lot of fun.

Free Course For Beginners

Starting a new Bullet Journal is not an easy task, and it can get overwhelming with all the information out there.

That’s why I’ve created a free course that will walk you at your own pace step-by-step through creating a perfect Bullet Jornal that works for you.

Simply sign up in the post below, and once you confirm your subscription, all the details on how to start the course will be sent to your inbox.

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