Bullet Journal Valentine’s Day Doodles

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If you want to learn how to doodle, there is no better way to do it than following a tutorial. And that’s exactly what we’re doing in this post.

With February approaching, it’s time to talk about Valentine’s Day doodles. So if you’re looking to add some love to your journal, here are some tutorials for you.

Doodling is really simple, even if you’ve never done it before. Following a step-by-step tutorial will get you doodling in no time.

I gathered here 15 tutorials from me, as well as some pages with doodles from other creators, so be prepared to get inspired!

And if you’re a beginner, be sure to check my Beginner’s Guide To Doodling.

And there are some freebies for you as well, so be sure to scroll until the end.

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Best Doodling Supplies

When you sit down to doodle, you’ll probably wonder what supplies to use to make these doodles pop.

So, here are some of my recommendations:

  • Notebook. I always think it’s a good idea to have a separate doodling notebook; that way, you have a journal with doodle ideas, and you can see your progress. You don’t need anything fancy for that; this journal works just as well.
  • Fineliners. These are the best pens to do your doodling, and I definitely recommend using these.
  • Colorful markets. Finally, for Valentine’s Day doodles, you’ll want to use a lot of pins. I always recommend these, because they come in a pack of 100 colors and are very affordable.

All supplies at the ready; let’s get to doodling.

Step-By-Step Bullet Journal Valentine’s Day Doodles

Starting with 11 simple tutorials I’ve created for you. They are very beginner friendly and easy to follow.

And while I was creating them, I realized that you could make everything Valentine’s Day doodle, as long as you add there some hearts and use pink to color it.

Love Letter Doodle

We’re starting with something simple – a love letter.

You could do a letter with just a heart, but I wanted to add something special, so I added angel wings. Or more like Cupid’s wings in this situation, I guess.

Love Potion Doodle

Cute little vile of love potion, and I think this can be a perfect Halloween doodle. You’ll just need to change the color of the potion and the doodle on the label.

In case somehow you are interested in it, you can check my post with Halloween Bullet Journal Doodles.

Engagement Ring Doodle

Of course, I couldn’t avoid creating a tutorial for an engagement ring. But now I’m thinking if I should’ve drawn a diamond instead of a heart as the main stone.

Either way, I think you got the main idea of how to doodle it, and you can play around with the right design as you want.

Bouquet Of Roses Doodle

Roses are not my favorite type of flower, but they are definitely symbolic of love and Valentine’s Day.

If you’re looking for more flowers, check my post Simple Flower Doodles, for more tutorials and inspirations.

Heart Candy

With candy being one of the most popular gifts for the holiday, of course, I had to include this doodle.

The only thing I want to change now is to probably make it pinker.

Calendar Doodle

Probably the easiest doodle for this holiday, just the date on the calendar, and you can add some extra hearts to it to make it more festive.

And again, you could make it in pink colors for a more distinct Valentine’s Day look.

Jar Of Hearts Doodle

I must agree “jar of hearts” is probably not the best name for this doodle; it makes me think about serial killers right away.

So maybe it would be better to call it a jar of love.

Heart Lock Doodle

It’s heart-shaped and pink – this is a perfect Valentine’s Day doodle.

I also really love it because it reminds me of those lovely bridges where you add a lock with your names on it. I’ve never done that, but I always found them so romantic.

Cupcake Doodle

Cupcakes are delicious, and if you add the little heart on the top, it also seems like a perfect treat for Valentine’s Day.

Looking at it now, it seems to me more like a muffin than a cupcake. What do you think?

Love Message Doodle

Of course, what you get a lot of for Valentine’s Day are messages of love, so I had to include doodles of a cellphone getting that little heart message.

Also, is it just me, or you’re also missing the time when we had such bright and colorful phones?

Love Coffee Doodle

I had to finish my set of tutorials with a coffee cup because coffee is love, and it goes perfectly with a cupcake and candies we doodles above.

I think it makes it more festive to make the vapor from how coffee is in the shape of hearts, but feel free to skip these details if it’s too much for you.

Bullet Journal Valentine's Day Doodles

Now that you've gone through my tutorials, time to see some Valentine's doodle inspirations from other creators that I'm sure you'll love as well.

Valentine’s Day Doodles: Videos

Finally, I wanted to add here a few doodles with me videos that will help you learn some more doodles.

Starting with this tutorial, which has a lot of flower doodles, as well as your classic heart Valentine’s Day doodles

I really love that she used the technique of adding just a splash of color to each doodle; I love using it myself (just check my January setup).

Here is another one, and it’s full of creative ideas. I also really love the two color combinations the creator chose for these doodles.

it also had ideas for your headers and dividers, so it will help you create the full Bullet Journal setup.

And if you’re looking for ideas on how to implement these doodles into a Bullet Journal setup, be sure to check my post Valentine’s Day Bullet Journal Inspirations.

Free Printable Stickers

Already in the Resources Vault are some freebies I’ve created for you.

For Valentine’s Day, I created a set of planner stickers you can use if you need a fast setup and don’t have the time to doodle.

If you don’t have access yet, you can always sign up in the form below.

Once you confirm your subscription, you’ll get the password to get 50+ free Bullet Journal printables, stickers, and worksheets to use right away.

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob!

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