Bullet Journal Water Tracker Inspirations + Free Printable

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Trackers are some of my favorite Bullet Journal page ideas, and in this post, we’ll discuss water tracking and how it can help you.

Plus, you’ll find some Bullet Journal water tracker inspirations and a free printable.

I’ve always found drinking enough water a difficult task. So, believe me when I say – I did my research and tried to come up with as many ways as possible to fix that.

Drinking water is a simple habit that significantly impacts your health and well-being.

So if you’re also struggling like me, or maybe just looking for a way to ensure you drink enough water – you’re in the right place.

And, of course, I created a little free printable that will help you with that, so be sure to scroll until the end of the post.

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Why Is Drinking Water Important

Our bodies are 60% water, so staying hydrated has a hugely positive effect on your health.

You might be surprised by some of these benefits because I surely was.

It seemed to me there was not much connection there, but apparently, there is.

Water Tracker | Masha Plans

I always find that it’s easier to set a new habit when you know how exactly it improves you and your life, so here are some perks you get from staying hydrated:

  • You generally will be healthier
  • You’ll be more focused and have a clearer mind
  • You’ll have better and shinier skin (this one, in particular, gave me motivation)
  • Your digestive system will work smoother
  • It’ll help you to get rid of headaches

I bet just these few are enough to make you want to go and drink that extra glass of water!

How Much Water Should You Drink

I’m no medical professional, so don’t take this as a golden standard for yourself.

Actually, many factors come into play when you try to figure out how much water to drink, like your age, weight, activity level, etc.

Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas, water tracker by @sharonajournals | Masha Plans
Credit: @sharonajournals

I recommend you try this calculator to figure out the exact measurements your body needs.

On average, though, it’s recommended to drink 8 cups of 8 ounces a day, so something around 2 liters.

Tips To Drink More Water

Somehow drinking enough water is not always easy, even if you understand the value and try to stay hydrated.

Here are some tips and techniques that will help you stay on track with your water consumption:

  • Infuse water

I find that often I feel like soda instead of water because water has no flavor and is a pretty dull drink. Try to infuse your water with lemon, cucumber, and mint. It will still be water, but with more fun to it.

  • Have a glass before and/or after a meal

Meals are something we forget less often, so why not connect your water-drinking habits with food? That alone should give you around six glasses of water already easily scheduled in your day.

  • Carry a water bottle with you

Try filling out a bottle with all the water you need to drink during the day and just carrying it with you, finishing it throughout the day. These will help you stay motivated and come in many cute designs.

  • Use a water tracker

Of course, your Bullet Journal is there to help you – just use a water tracker. You can add one to your week, use a daily one (like these stickers I add to my weeklies), or create a monthly water tracking spread (like our free printable).

  • Use a water-tracking app

For those more digitally inclined, having an app might be a better way to stay on track with hydration. My personal favorites are streaks and plant nanny.

Bullet Journal Water Tracker Inspirations

Of course, as a Bullet Journal enthusiast, I had to include here some trackers you can create in your journal.

The idea of a water tracker is very basic, but I wanted to demonstrate how many interesting and creative ways there are to add them to your BuJo.

Credit: @aimighani

Beautiful water tracker, and I like how it’s right next to a sleep tracker.

I feel like matching trackers that way helps to see clearly how things are related to each other.

Credit: @scrapbook.diary

A pretty easy graph to track your water consumption.

I like that the author also wrote the exact number of cups drunk next to each line.

Credit: @alexanndoodles

I like this tracker, but I definitely thought from first sight that it was a yearly tracker.

The illustration is also very cute and on the theme.

Credit: @sharonajournals

This is a super cute tracker, and I love the beautiful and bright colors.

Also, can we take a minute and stare in amazement at how much water the artist drinks! I’m in awe.

Bullet Journal Water Tracker by @stephiejournals
Credit: @stephiejournals

A great example of having a weekly water tracker.

It’s pretty convenient since you have it in front of you every day when you open your journal to plan the day.

Bullet Journal Water Tracker by @abulletjournaladay
Credit: @abulletjournaladay

I really like the idea for this tracker, how each cup is an extra line toward the rain.

This is also another example of a weekly water tracker, in case you want to go very creative and for it to occupy the entire page.

Bullet Journal Water Tracker by @pipermacleoddesigns
Credit: @pipermacleoddesigns

This match of trackers is perfect; it gives such an amazing outlook on your current body and mind situation. All these habits are very interconnected, so it’s fantastic that she put them all together like this.

Plus, it looks super neat and very pretty.

Weekly Bullet Journal Log With Water Tracker

As you can see, I also track water, but lately I’m doing it more on a daily basis.

I’m using printable stickers from my shop.

Bullet Journal Water Tracker by @lettering_with_sofi
Credit: @lettering_with_sofi

Very cute tracker, and it will be perfect for a Fall theme.

You’ll definitely need shades of orange for this one, though, and the Crayola Super Tips used here are perfect for that – they come in many colors and are pretty affordable.

Credit: @azuma_chan

Really cute monthly water tracker, and the creator decided to aim for 9 cups of water a day.

I also like the adorable illustrations here.

Credit: @omqits_pearl

In this tracker, you count more ml than cups of water, but you can definitely change it up if you decide to recreate it.

Also, I’m loving the little motivation line on the bottle.

Credit: @the.petite.planner

Another example of the water tracker is in a weekly spread.

Those little bottles between the daily boxes are actually to track water consumption, and I see that she actually did pretty well with her water that week.

Credit: @mywhymsicallife

An interesting way to add some fun to your water tracker – is by making the glasses in the shape of cocktail glasses.

I’m also loving the quote; I never thought about it that way but isn’t it kind of true?

Credit: @rockpapercecer

Very simple but effective water tracker.

I like how it’s all so well divided by weeks.

Bullet Journal Water Tracker by @ my.artistic.journal
Credit: @my.artistic.journal

A great tracker in beautiful pastel colors, and I love how it’s general hydration, now just water. So you can see, when you gave up on water, what was your drink of choice?

It’s also an excellent example that you can definitely use a lined notebook as a Bullet Journal.

Free Printable Water Tracker

Finally, here is a free printable Bullet Journal water tracker that can help you stay hydrated.

This tracker is for 30 days and 8 glasses of water a day.

You can get this one and a lot of other printables in our Resources Vault, trackers section.

If you don’t have your access yet, be sure to sign up in the form below and join our Planning Mashers family.

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