21 Creative Bullet Journal Wish Lists

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Today we’re just going to create a fun Bullet Journal page idea – a wish list.

It’s always fun to add collections to your journal, so today, I invite you to get inspired and create a wish list of your own.

I love making simple but useful Bullet Journal pages, and a wish list is definitely one of them.

It’s not necessarily something that helps me with productivity or my goals, but it’s a fun collection to create.

Plus, I believe with a law of attraction and vision boards, so I think a bit of a similar thing happens with your wish list. Or at least next time you get some extra cash, you’ll have something to check for things you actually want, instead of buying that random thing you saw on TV the other day.

Or maybe it’s just me…

Anyways, a wish list is a fun and dreamy page to create, so let’s look into some inspirations and different ways you can create your list.

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Creative Bullet Journal Wish List Ideas

I know that there is a lot of talk about doing things the right or the wrong way. Probably the same can be said about your wish list.

But here is the important part – your wish list is yours. So it’s up to you to decide what you want to add and how you want to make it look.

There is no such thing as Bullet Journaling in the wrong way, so don’t let anyone tell you this.

I really love creating wish lists for stationery or any other small things I can get pretty easily. It helps me be more joyous when I cross them off my list.

You might want to have a completely different approach and add only big things you know you’ll want even in a few months. That way, this collection will serve you for longer.

You do you!

But here are some fun ways you can approach creating a wishlist in your Bullet Journal.

Doodly Wish List

This is probably my favorite format because why wouldn’t you want to doodle what you want?

It’s a good practice, and it looks fun.

Here is my stationery wish list. As you can see, I’m pretty into making detailed doodly wish lists.

This made me realize how long it’s been since I created a wish list. Maybe I should create one these days.

It was also fun to look back at it and see how my preferences changed. I got a few of these, and the other few are not even on my list anymore.

Credit: @bujocute

I love all the detail, and the items on this wish list are some of the things I love myself.

There is no, however, way to cross things out or add some more. I think it might be in a way, specific to this type of wish list.

For me, it’s okay because it’s more of a reference page than a list to complete. But you might want to consider a different way.

Bullet Journal Wish List by @organisedhustler
Credit: @the.bullet.journey

Another take on a doodling wish list, just with a bit more organization.

I like how there is still space to add more and how she played around with different fonts.

Credit: @the.petite.planner

Of course, I had to include this beautiful spread by Erin from The Petite Planner.

I love how she dreams big here and how unlike me, her lists include items from all types of different areas.

Credit: @creativemal_28

Not a huge list, but I love how detailed every doodle is.

Because it’s so detailed, there is no need actually to write down what these things are; it’s all pretty recognizable.

Credit: @plansthatblossom

Of course, I couldn’t have a list of Bullet Journal collections without a spread from Nicole.

I added it in this section because it’s doodly frames, but they can be filled out in many different ways.

Credit: @raesdailypage

I had to include one more stationery wish list. This seems to be a popular theme for a wish list in the BuJo community.

And I love all the stationery items mentioned here.

Credit: @noagoffer

I love this sketchbook style of a wishlist; it’s not something you see often.

This style also seems like a good idea to give a try to your watercolor collection.

I cracked up and created an updated version of my wish list.

Surprisingly I realized that I didn’t have any stationery there.

List Wishlist

These pages will convince you that even if you want to list things, there is a way to make them look great.

There are some very creative ways to make a list!

Credit: @bulletsandconfetti

Just because you’re making a list doesn’t mean you can’t use doodles to decorate it.

This is a great example! It’s still a very practical list, but it’s also full of fun and happiness.

Bullet Journal Wish List by @ulf.arts | Masha Plans
Credit: @ulf.arts

Another great way to decorate your wish list is by using stickers and washi tape.

But for me, an actual decoration of this spread is the handwriting. If you’re working on your handwriting, by the way, be sure to check my post 9 Simple Tricks To Improve Your Handwriting.

Credit: @julia.pezowicz

Julia is such an amazing artist.

I love how even a simple list she made into a creative and beautiful spread.

Bullet Journal Wish List by @artsybec | Masha Plans
Credit: @artsybec

I love the header design on this spread. The mix of styles and effects is stunning.

I also love the structure of this spread with the dates and ways to achieve the goal.

Credit: @violettejournal

I love this and how it allows you a lot of space to write your list, but it also has these cute decorations.

Gold touches are always a fantastic idea, and flowers are a timeless way to decorate your journal.

If you don’t know how to draw flowers like these, check my post How To Draw Beautiful Flowers In Your Bullet Journal.

Credit: @by_marjae

That’s a massive list! And with some room to grow at that.

I love how it’s all divided by categories; there is something beautiful to a structure like that for me.

Credit: @na_2513

Just a list without any unique decorations, but there is something about it that makes me love it.

I also want to note how cool it is that the creator used color coding for different items—a very subtle way to categorize the list.

Bullet Journal Wish List by @machsschoen | Masha Plans
Credit: @machsschoen

Your list doesn’t have to be vertical – you can just as well go with a circle format.

The idea is that you assign a part of the circle for an item on your wish list and then color it after you get the thing.

Wish List Bullet Journal Page by @bulletsandconfetti | Masha Plans
Credit: @bulletsandconfetti

Another beautiful wish list by @bujoandconfetty, but how different is this style!

I love how much character a little washi and a gold accent can add to a spread.

Credit: @diy_phitoe

I love how neatly she added here some extra details and price.

I’m also loving the aesthetics of using just one color.

Wish Or Need List

This is if you want to get more serious with your list.

Let’s be honest – there are things you want, and there are things that you actually need, and that should be a priority.

This approach to your wish list will help you prioritize and make better shopping decisions in the future.

Bullet Journal Wish List by @d.oceane_ | Masha Plans
Credit: @d.oceane_

Just because you decide to go more organized with your list doesn’t mean you can’t think about more trivial everyday items.

After all, this will allow you to fill it out faster and create another one instead!

I also love the contrast between the dark blacks and the tiny drops of color.

Credit: @allieblueberry

It doesn’t have to be complicated; just a simple list would work.

Note how she prioritized her need column and crossed out so many items from there already.

For me, the difficulty would probably be about picking which things I actually need.

Free WIshlist Printable

Of course, I wanted to leave you with a little something to start on your own wish list.

So you can now get a printable wish list in our Resources Vault.

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