7 Simple Ways To Doodle Coffee: Step-By-Step Tutorials

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If your favorite beverage is coffee and you love doodling, you’re going to love this post!

Today we’re learning how to doodle coffee. In this blog post, you’ll find 7 easy and cute tutorials.

I love coffee, it’s totally a magic potion that gives me life every morning. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this sentiment.

But I also absolutely love doodling coffee, and after these tutorials so will you!

Coffee doodles are very easy, and yet they can come out looking super cute. These definitely will help you to create, for example, a coffee-themed Bullet Journal setup.

With these tutorials, you’ll be able to doodle some cute coffee cups even if you have never doodled anything before.

Let’s get doodling!

And be sure to scroll until the end to get some more resources and a free doodling course for beginners.

How To Draw Coffee Doodles

Doodling coffee is easier than many other things, mostly because coffee cups are generally much easier to start seeing in basic shapes.

And, of course, once you see something like a basic shape, it becomes so easy to draw it.

Takeaway Coffee

We’re probably starting with the easiest take on a coffee cup. And this is the one I personally doodle the most.

I find it the easiest since it’s clearly just a bunch of rectangles and circles.

Frappuccino Coffee Doodle

Frappuccino is definitely my favorite summer drink, so here it is at the top of the doodling list.

It’s very similar to the takeaway cup; only the cap is different.

Coffee Cup

Just some coffee with a cozy cup from our collection at home.

I like this variation a lot because you have so much space to play around with the shape and patterns on your cup, and really makes it look unique.

Latte Coffee Doodle

I’d say a latte is probably my favorite type of coffee. Yup, I take my milk with coffee rather than coffee with milk.

How do you drink your coffee? Let us know in the comments.

Irish Coffee

This definitely can be any type of coffee, but I remembered that in this type of glass, I usually get Irish coffee, so here we are.

This is absolutely not a morning kind of coffee but it can be a fun little boost at the end of the day.

Iced Coffee Doodle

I never was much about iced coffee, to be honest, until my first visit to the USA when I got introduced to Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.

I fell absolutely in love and definitely have cravings to drink that again.

Cappuccino Coffee Cup

Somehow those big cozy coffee cups always make me think of a cappuccino.

And they definitely make me wanna sit by the window and read a book.

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Doodling Supplies

To start doodling you really don’t need much; you can use whatever you have with you at the moment.

My favorite supplies are:

  • Notepad or a journal. Basically, something to doodle on. I love my Archer and Olive notepad (use code MASHA10 to get 10% off) for that, the paper quality is amazing, and they also have a dot grid, which is very helpful when doodling. A doodling journal can also be a fun idea for using one of your many empty notebooks.
  • A pencil and eraser. I always say you should start your doodles with a pencil, it helps to avoid a lot of mistakes and eventually make your doodle look better. I like this pencil, and that one is for an eraser, so it doesn’t leave streaks.
  • A fineliner. A staple when it comes to doodling, they come in beautiful black ink, and they have tips of different sizes, which is great for adding a bit more variety to your journal. I love these ones.
  • A colored marker. I love adding color to my doodles; if you do, too, you might want to use some colored markers. Whichever ones you have would work, but these are my personal favorites.

For some more ideas, you can always check my post with Best Pens For Doodling And Sketching.

More Resources

These tutorials are fun, but there is more.

Starting with these posts for beginners:

The next step is more tutorials. Because after all, the best way to learn to doodle is to keep practicing, and there is no better way to practice than following a tutorial.

Here are some more doodling tutorials:

Free Doodling Course

If you want to learn to doodle, I’ve got you covered.

I created a free course for beginners that will help you to unlock that creativity within and become a doodling master.

Once you confirm your subscription, you’ll get all the information you need to start your doodling adventures immediately.

Hope this list was helpful; if you find it so, please share! If you enjoy my content and want to show your appreciation, please consider supporting me with a cup of coffee.

And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t be a blob!

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