7 Free Doodling Courses To Unleash Your Creativity

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Diving into the world of doodling can be an exciting adventure. If you’ve ever pondered over how to doodle or enhance your creative expression, I have good news for you!

There are a myriad of free doodling courses available online that can guide you on this journey. From simple shapes to intricate designs, these courses offer a wealth of knowledge.

They are designed to help beginners and seasoned doodlers alike, expanding their artistic repertoire while bringing a sense of relaxation and mindfulness. Ready to unleash your creativity? Let’s explore some of these fantastic resources together!

I’ve discovered some amazing free doodling courses that are perfect for you! These courses are a treasure trove of creative exploration, ready to be delved into whenever you feel the spark of creativity.

Prepare yourself to embark on an exciting new journey while having a ton of fun along the way.

And listen up, if you’re curious about my personal approach to uncovering the hidden doodling talents within, make sure you stick around till the end for my very own free course on doodling.

Plus, at the conclusion of this post, you’ll uncover even more resources and tutorials to continue your doodling adventure. So, let’s get those pens moving and create some magic!

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Stationery Recommendations

The good news about doodling is that you can use any supplies you already have in your collection. But, of course, better supplies can bring more joy and sometimes even make it easier to doodle.

So here are some of my own picks for the best stationery for doodling:

  • Pencil with a comfortable grip. Especially if you’re a beginner, you will be using a pencil a lot, so having the one that is comfortable will be a game changer! My favorite is the Pilot Dr. Grip mechanical pencil.
  • Good Eraser. You want an eraser that will work perfectly and erase lines without leaving any streaks behind. I recommend using a white foam eraser like this Sakura foam eraser.
  • Fineliners. For me, these are the staple of doodling; you can never get a pen that writes smoother and has blacker lines than fineliners. My pick is Sakura Pigma Micron pens, which also come in diferent nib sizes so you can add more variety to your doodles.
  • Markers. If you want to add color to your doodles, you’ll need some supplies for that. I recommend trying Crayola Super Tips, since they come in so many colors and are pretty affordable. My next choice would be Tombow Twin Tone markers for their double tip and beautiful colors.
  • Colorful pens. Maybe you prefer to go in straight with color instead of black outlines. In that case, a good set of colorful pens is your go-to. I recommend Staedtler Triplus Fineliners for these kinds of adventures.

With all your supplies ready, let’s get doodling with these free courses!

Free Doodling Courses

Each and every course I'm about to introduce you to is nestled in the digital halls of Skillshare.

If you're not familiar with this platform, buckle up because it's akin to a magical kingdom for those of us who love learning online - and yes, I proudly count myself among those enthusiasts who've been head over heels for Skillshare for many moons now.

Picture an online library brimming with thousands of courses spanning a range of topics from laid-back doodling to more intricate skills like coding or photography. If you can dream it, chances are, Skillshare has got it.

Now, typically, Skillshare operates on a subscription model, but I've got a juicy tidbit for you. By using my exclusive link, you'll unlock a whole month of free access to all premium classes, like finding a golden ticket!

You heard me right. A full month of boundless learning without parting with a single dime. So, now that you're privy to this secret, allow me to steer you towards some top-notch doodling classes that I believe will make your journey even more enriching.

Free Doodling Course

Are you a complete beginner and looking to get started on doodling? Do you not think of yourself as creative?

Well, neither did I! I couldn’t draw more than a smiley face. So trust me when I say that if I could learn how to doodle, so could you!

I put my knowledge into this FREE doodling course so you can start your creative adventures today.

Simply sign up in the form below, and once you confirm your subscription, all the details on how to start the course will be on the way to your inbox.

More Resources

There is so much more about doodling I could share with you! And a lot of this is already on this blog.

So here are a few more posts for you to check out next:

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