11 Back To School Bullet Journal Doodles

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If you want to learn how to doodle, the best way is to do it by following a tutorial.

Doodling is an easy and enjoyable way to express yourself while also preparing your mind for greater focus and organization. Not only do Bullet Journal doodles have creative appeal, but they can also help boost productivity as well!

Whether you’re new to Bullet Journals or a veteran in this world, if you’re ready to take your back-to-school preparations up a notch with some inspiring designs – then look no further than this blog post’s collection of unique doodle ideas!

Doodling isn’t some special skill only a few people possess; you can doodle just as well if you practice! And these easy step-by-step tutorials will help you get started on doodling in no time.

Get ready to create beautiful back-to-school pages with these doodles.

And be sure to scroll until the end to sign up for a free doodling course! Get all the tips and tricks you need to become a master doodler!

School Bullet Journal Doodles

Doodles will help you be creative in your Bullet Journal pages but also get more confidence in your own personal creative skills.

These are easy ones anyone can do! And if you want more, you can always just check the end of the post for more resources.

How To Doodle A Backpack

There are as many backpack doodles as there are types of backpacks! This one is a very basic one, but I bet it’s still very functional, I’m sure.

I tried making it a bit more colorful and cheerful.

How To Doodle A Paper Cutter

A paper knife is, for me, connected more to creative things or shopping, but I might be an exception!

I decided to make it pink and cute because just because you have an everyday utility item it doesn’t mean it can’t be cute.

How To Doodle A Calculator

A calculator is an essential thing for any student, at least as long as you have math lessons.

It’s also super fun and easy doodle to draw!

Step-by-step tutorials on how to doodle a calculator

How To Doodle Headphones

I can’t imagine a student without a set of headphones! After all, music is wonderful to distract you from the world, but also to help you concentrate on your studies.

I like this way to doodle headphones because it looks like such a complicated doodle, but it’s actually super simple.

How To Doodle A Lamp

A lamp is a stapler of any desk, and what I love about this doodle is that you can play around with the colors and design to make it fit your aesthetics.

Of course, since this is a tutorial I’ve created, it’s all about pink!

Easy and Cute Bullet Journal Doodles - easy lamp drawing

How To Doodle Crayons

I love crayons; they are such affordable supplies, and you can always find the colors you like in the assortment.

I don’t think they are used much after primary school, but they are still a back-to-school staple in my book.

How To Doodle A Marker

Markers are wonderful to add a bit of color and spark to your Bullet Journal pages, and they are really easy to doodle as well!

This particular doodle was inspired by Crayola Super Tips, which are undoubtedly some of my favorite markers.

How To Doodle Paint

A tube of paint is definitely a look back at my art classes in school.

It’s fun to think that I really didn’t like art classes, and now I enjoy doing creative things so much!

How To Doodle Books

A set of books and a cup of coffee is definitely a perfect reflection of back-to-school.

I like that with the book spines; you can play around so much with patterns to decorate them and colors to use.

How To Doodle A Pencil

Of course, a pencil is a must-have supplies for the back-to-school season, and there are so many different ways to doodle pencils!

This one reminds me more of the traditional pencil design, and I kind of almost feel like I want to add a kawaii face to it.

How To Doodle A Planner

Of course, having a planner when you study is not a must-have, but I always found that it’s very helpful!

And again, you can play around with cover designs and colors.

Step-by-step tutorials on how to doodle a travel journal

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Best Doodling Supplies

You can use anything you already have on your desk for doodling! But if you want to get anything special, here are a few of my favorite must-have supplies.

You’ll need these:

  • A notepad or a journal. Basically, it’s a piece of paper to doodle, and especially if you want to color them later on, you need smooth paper so your markers don’t get damaged. I like using this Rhodia notepad.
  • A comfortable pencil. You’ll use a pencil a lot when you doodle, and you’ll need to have one with a comfortable grip. I recommend Pilot Dr. Grip.
  • An eraser, preferably the one that doesn’t leave any traces. I recommend using a Sakura foam eraser.
  • A fineliner – these are perfect for doodling, create beautiful black lines, and are very smooth to use. My favorites are the Sakura Pigma Micron, and they come with different tip sizes to add variety to your doodles.
  • Markers – so you can add some color! My favorites are probably Crayola Super Tips, since they come in so many colors and are pretty affordable.

Free Doodling Course

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More Resources

Do you want to learn more about doodling and get more tutorials? There are plenty of those here on the blog.

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