Simple Bullet Journal Flower Doodles: 30+ Step By Step Tutorials

Looking to learn how to doodle flowers in your Bullet Journal? I’m here to help!

Here are 30+ simple step-by-step flower doodles and several more in the Doodle With Me video. So let’s dive in and enjoy doodling flowers together.

Seems like flower doodles are some of the most popular ways to decorate Bullet Journal pages, and I’ve done them myself quite a few times! It was actually one of the first themes I chose for my very first Bullet Journal.

Flower doodles are amazing, and the best part about them is that you can use them for many things, not just for your Bullet Journal. Add them to a thank you card, decorate your notebook cover, or just use them as doodling practice!

Floral Bullet Journal Setup - cover page | Masha Plans

I know that some people prefer a more realistic approach to their floral drawings. If you do, feel free to head straight to my post on How To Draw Flowers In Your Bullet Journal, where I step-by-step explain how to draw those gorgeous realistic flowers you can see all over Instagram.

But if you’re like me and enjoy somewhat unrealistic and quirky shapes – you’re in the right place! 

At the end of the post I also added a “Doodle with Me” video with some more flower doodle ideas for your Bullet Journal, so make sure to check it out!

Uh and I also included tutorials from other creators, so you learn how to draw flower doodles in different styles as well.

As a bonus, I’ve also hand-drawn some cute flower doodles you can use as stickers, trace over them to draw in your journal, or just as a reference – it’s up to you! You can get them in the Resources Vault, and if you’re not a part of it yet, sign up to get access at the end of the post, there’s A TON of useful and cute stuff there waiting for you!

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Doodling Supplies

Before we dive into doodling itself, let’s make sure we have all the supplies ready. The good news is, all you really need is a pen and paper! Here are some recommendations to know where to start:

I always recommend starting with a pencil because you can erase and fix things you don’t like. Of course, you want pencils and erasers of good quality, which would definitely be needed.

As for pens – you’re of course free to use any you like, but I’d personally recommend you use some fineliner pens. Among the popular brands are Sakura Pigma Micron and Faber Castell. Both are great quality pens and will be able to create vivid black doodles!

For more stationery recommendations check my post Best Pens For Doodling.

15 Step-by-step Flower Doodles

These 15 doodles below are some of my favorite flower doodles. You can absolutely customize them – use different leaves, different colors, change their shape – it’s all up to your imagination.

Moreover, knowing these basic doodles, you can play around and combine them into wreaths, use them to decorate your banners, and create floral frames.

Daisy Doodles

These are probably my favorite flowers to draw. Draw a half-circle with the flat part facing down.

On the bottom, add oval-shaped petals. Then add a stem and some leaves.

You can play around and create curved stems or maybe even add one more stem and make two flowers.

Simple Doodly Flower

This is one is the first of those unrealistic but super fun ones. Draw a spiral inside a little circle. Add a bigger circle around it and draw lines from one circle to another. Finally, add a stem.

For your drawing, you can play around with the shape of the outer circle. It’s surprising how changing just one thing can create a very different flower.

You can also make the lines inside of circles curved, which will create an extra dimension to the doodle.

Doodly Tulip

First step – a half-circle with the flat side facing up and a straight line on the bottom. Add curved lines coming out of the flat part and add little circles on top of each line. Inside the flower, draw a horizontal line and add little half-oval shapes. Final touch – add leaves to the stem.

I love this doodly flower – you can customize it a lot by adding any patterns you want inside the flower. Of course, you can always change the shape and the lines inside the leaves.

Simple Rose

Draw a little spiral and add a half oval to it.

Finish up with a straight stem and leaves. Pretty basic design, but I think it’s still super cute.

Three Roses

My absolute favorite way to draw roses. I draw three here, but you are free to draw as many as you want. Also, I doodled them next to each other, but you can play around with them and draw one behind another.

Draw three circles touching each other, so they form kind of a triangle shape. Inside each circle, create a spiral pattern by drawing a curved line from one side to the center of the opposite side.

Add three teardrop-shaped leaves coming out of between the flowers.

Wavy Petals Flower Doodle

Start from triangle-shaped petals, but with more curved edges and a wavy top end.

Add two more petals coming from the center of the first one, and create a wavy line behind all the petals.

Add curved lines inside the petals for dimension. Finish up with a stem and small green pointy leaves coming from under the flower.

How To Doodle Muscari Flowers

Draw a curved line and two big leaves on the bottom. Add another curved line to the existing stem.

Around the end of each stem, draw five different sized circles to form a little triangle. Add lines to your leaves.

Reverse Daisy Doodle

Draw a half-circle with the flat part facing up. Add oval petals coming out of the flat part. Draw vertical lines inside the half-circle.

Finish up the doodle with a curved line (the stem) and two little leaves.

You can add one more stem coming from the same base or maybe add some bigger shaped leaves.

Doodly Oval Flower

One of my new favorite doodly flowers! Draw an oval and another smaller oval inside. Then draw five oval petals.

They shouldn’t touch each other, but again. It’s up to you. Inside each petal, draw another oval petal and add a little oval inside each.

I like how many colors you can use to color these! Plus, I think the fact that the petals don’t have to touch each other, makes it much easier to draw it.

Simple Vine

An easy vine that can be a great part of a wreath. Start from a curved line and add small equally spaced branches coming from it on each side.

Add teardrop-shaped leaves to each branch. Divide each leaf in half and draw little lines only on one side of the leaf.

Feel free to experiment with the shape of your leaves and the patterns you use inside them. You can also space out your leaves more or draw them much closer to each other.

Berry Shaped Flowers

Start from two curved lines coming from the same place. Add a circle to the end of each stem.

Add oval-shaped petals to the top of each circle and add vertical lines to each circle. If you want, add a leave or two to your stems.

Vine With Berries

Draw a curved line and equally spaced little branches on different sides of the stem. Add a little circle to the end of each branch, and draw leaves on the opposite side of your branches.

This vine is perfect for creating wreaths. You can also customize it however you like. You can add lots of berries or well, just one berry on each side, it’s up to you!

Playing around with patterns on your leaves is fun.

Vine With Large Leaves

Start from a curved line, and right from the base of it, add leaves. Leaves are freely spaced and get bigger as you go from the top to the bottom.

Freely divide each leaf in two.

You can play around with the size and position of your leaves, as well as the patterns inside them.

Dimensional Flower Doodle

Start with a circle and little half-circle petals. Add some more half-circle petals in between the already existing ones. Your pistil is ready.

Now add 5 free shaped petals. As you can see, I tried to draw mine coming from the center of the little half-circles in the middle. Final touch – add some lines to the petals, try to make them a little bit curved.

This flower is a bit more difficult and dimensional. You can change around the shapes of the petals and maybe create more little half-ovals in the middle to get different effects.

Wavy Pattern Flower Doodle

First, draw a circle and some wavy lines coming out of it. Add little black dots at the end of each line. That’s the middle of your flower with little stamens.

Draw three curvy oval-shaped petals. Fill out the space between them with some more petals. Finally, add some thin curvy lines inside of each pattern – this will create a pretty unique look.

Play with the shape of the petals and try adding different lines there; you can change the shape of your pistil. Plus, of course, think of all the color variations! Let your imagination flow.

Little Flower Drawings: Video

Looking for more doodling ideas? Be sure to check my video below.

Apart from some doodles already in this blog post, there are also several other cute simple flower drawings to decorate your Bullet Journal.

More Flower Doodles

As I promised, here are some doodling tutorials from other creators.

Even if it’s just one type of flower, there are so many different ways to draw it, so many different styles. 

So let’s see what other artists are doing.

How To Draw A Rose

How To Draw Flower Doodles - tutorial by @mrinjournals | Masha Plans
Credit: @mrinjournals

As you see everyone has their own style, and this type of rose doodle is different from the ones we did before.

The tutorial is so detailed that I’m sure you’ll have trouble recreating it in your Bullet Journal.

5 Cute Rose Doodles

How To Draw Floral Doodles - tutorial by @kohanadiary | Masha Plans
Credit: @kohanadiary

Remember I mentioned there are different ways to draw flowers? Well, here are 5 more ways you can draw a rose.

I love how these are pretty simple yet incredibly cute.

More Ways To Draw A Rose

Credit: @bujo_by_bee

I promise this is the last rose on this list!

But I just had to add it to this post because it has such an aesthetic look to it, and it’s also pretty easy to draw.

Minimalist Flower Drawings

How To Draw Floral Doodles - tutorial by @plansthatblossom | Masha Plans
Credit: @plansthatblossom

These doodles are a very fun way to play with colors and try a different approach.

They are very easy to draw and look so elegant. If you’re into aesthetic simple flower drawings – this tutorial is for you.

Cute Small Flower Drawings

How To Draw Flower Doodles - tutorials by @emicupplans | Masha Plans
Credit: @emicupplans

Another idea with the same concept.

I love the bright colors and how well they contrast with the black of fineliners.

How To Draw Cherry Blossoms

How To Draw Flowers - tutorials by @bujotrulla | Masha Plans
Credit: @bujotrulla

Cherry blossoms are so beautiful, and I love the layered ombre effect on the petals.

This is also a great tutorial for a Spring Bullet Journal theme.

Minimalist Flower Drawings

How To Draw Floral Doodles - tutorial by @jen.calligraphy | Masha Plans
Credit: @jen.calligraphy

Easy and adorable little flower doodles. These are the type that would be perfect for creating flower wreaths and other floral compositions.

Oh, and I like how they look in just black and white, with no color.

Also, it’s a great tip you see on this page – don’t try to make it perfect.

How To Doodle Dandelions

How To Draw Flowers - tutorials by @cynthiabujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @cynthiabujo

Dandelions are happy summer flowers for me. Even though they are kind of parasite plants, I think of them with warmth cause I had so much fun playing with them every summer back home.

I’m also loving so easy they are to draw; just three simple steps and you have a cute little flower on your page.

How To Draw Poppies

How To Draw Flower Doodles - tutorial by @kitoremi | Masha Plans
Credit: @kitoremi

I love poppies; they are beautiful flowers that somehow remind me of something magical.

I know they usually are in bright red, but looking at this tutorial, you can see that they look just as great in black and white.

Floral Drawings: Poppies

How To Draw Floral Doodles - tutorial by @kenna.creates | Masha Plans
Credit: @kenna.creates

Here are some more poppy tutorials.

Had to include these because it provides you with different angles and different style.

Simple Cute Flowers

Credit: @plansthatblossom

Nicole is an amazing artist, and her flowers are so beautiful.

I especially love here that shadow effect she got with layering colors. It really makes it look very special.

Easy Sunflower Doodle

How To Draw Flower Doodles - tutorial by @diario_tropical | Masha Plans
Credit: @diario_tropical

Very beautiful and creative approach to drawing a sunflower.

At least I think it’s a sunflower, cause the tutorial says daisies, but it’s more of a sunflower to me.

Other Way To Draw Sunflower

How To Draw Flowers - tutorial by @francescaelpini | Masha Plans
Credit: @francescaelpini

Speaking of sunflowers, I think this tutorial will be a bit easier. Plus, this time I’m 100% sure it’s a sunflower.

I’m also loving that bright happy yellow. I wonder what markers she used to color.

How To Draw Aesthetic Flowers

How To Draw Flowers - tutorial by @the.petite.planner | Masha Plans
Credit: @the.petite.planner

I can’t figure out the names for all these flowers in any language. But they are beautiful and seem pretty easy to draw.

Actually, the second flower is the one I used in my March 2021 Bullet Journal setup.

How To Draw Flower Doodles

How To Draw Flowers - tutorial by @wildeyesbujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @wildeyesbujo

Something I really like about drawing flowers is that there is really no limit to what colors and shapes you can use.

Nature is full of surprises and creativity, so let yourself go and try whatever feels right.

Daisy Doodles

How To Draw Flowers - tutorial by @bulletjournal_veronica | Masha Plans
Credit: @bulletjournal_veronica

We already drew some daisies. but here is how you doodle them if you need them in a larger size.

I love the little details added to petals and pistil (I literally had to google how to name that part of a flower ahahha).

Spring Flower Doodles: Lavender

How To Draw Flowers: Tutorial by @withkx | Masha Plans
Credit: @withkx

One more very easy flower to doodle. And you don’t even need to go over it with a black fineliner.

And even though this is a pretty simple doodle, it’s still very beautiful and can be a great them for your Bullet Journal.

How To Draw Peony

How To Draw Flower Doodles: Tutorial by @kohanadiary | Masha Plans
Credit: @kohanadiary

Peonies are my favorite flowers! But also they are pretty difficult to draw.

This tutorial, however, makes it very simple.

I also like the idea of putting them together in a composition like that.

Flower Wreath Doodles And More

I mentioned a few times how it’s super fun to create draw floral compositions. So I thought I’d include some tutorials here as well.

Even though each tutorial uses some exact flowers, you can definitely use any of the flowers from the tutorials above.

How To Doodle Flower Wreath

How To Draw Floral Doodles - tutorials by @cloudyiswriting | Masha Plans
Credit: @croudyiswriting

I love how gentle these wreaths look. This idea of using a lot of pastel colors and a little black outline really creates an ethereal effect.

The best part is how easy it is to draw those – it’s all about half circles and teardrop shapes.

Simple Floral Wreath

How To Draw Flowers - tutorial by @plansthatblossom | Masha Plans
Credit: @plansthatblossom

Super simple wreaths and it’s great how many different options there are here, some even can work as a Christmas wreath.

These are great and have so many uses – decorate your weekly spreads, quote pages, and cover pages for example.

Cute Floral Drawings

Credit: @the.petite.planner

A great tutorial that clearly shows you that once you know how to draw flowers it’s pretty easy to turn them into a composition.

A great tip here is to add some extra leaves and stems to complete the illustration.

Terrarium Flower Doodles

Terrarium Doodles Tutorial by @study.duoo | Masha Plans
Credit: @study.duoo

Terrariums are super fun to draw and they look absolutely adorable.

Another fun thing about these is that you can also use succulents and cacti doodles to fill out space, not just flowers.

I think you’re ready now to start creating your own adorable flower doodles! How will you use them? A wreath? A frame? A banner? Let me know!

Here is a little page with some ideas for you.

How To Use Flowers In Your Bullet Journal | Masha Plans

These are some simple ideas on how to decorate your frames with some cute flowers.

These can be great for headers, or for your daily boxes.

How To Use Flowers In Your Bullet Journal | Masha Plans

Here are a few more ideas on how to use flowers as borders, habit trackers, frames, and so much more.

I love how versatile flowers are and how many ways there are to decorate your journal pages.

Free Floral Printables

Drawing flowers still can be intimidating, so I created some printables to help you get started.

First is a set of floral-themed Bullet Journal printables, such as a habit tracker and a mood tracker.

The second one is a set of printable flower stickers, which you can color and use as you want to decorate your journal.

You can find them all in the Resources Vault. If you don’t have your access yet, be sure to sign up in the form below.

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