13 Creative Small Notebook Ideas

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Since you’re on this blog, chances are you have quite a stationery collection, probably with a few small notebooks as well.

The question is – what to do with small notebooks? They are super cute, and I totally get why you found them irresistible, but what’s next?

Well, this is the right place for you because here are a few ideas on how to put your small notebooks into use.

Do you have a collection of small notebooks gathering dust somewhere in your home? It’s time to put them to use!

With so many different purposes for these tiny books, the possibilities are endless.

From journaling and sketching to tracking expenses or taking notes in class, small notebooks can be used extensively across all areas of life.

Let’s explore some creative ways that you can make the most out of these useful items and maximize your small notebook collection.

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What To Do With Small Notebooks: 13 Creative Ideas

Cute and functional, they can be used in many ways.

Here I came up with 13 ideas, but I’m sure if you think of your own life and how you usually use your journal, you’ll be able to think of many more ways.

Let’s dive in.

  • On The Go Journal

Having a notebook that is compact and easy to carry can be incredibly helpful when inspiration or ideas strike. With a small notebook at hand, you’ll have an easy way to jot down notes or reminders, so nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Taking Notes

Just use it as this brain dump of notes and ideas for which you usually use post-it notes. That way, it’s all in one place, it’ll never get lost, and it’s a great use for your tiny notebook.

  • Memory Keeping

Creating a memory-keeping habit can be challenging, but it’s easier if you’re using a smaller journal. Start by writing in the journal for just a few minutes each day, at the same time every day. Or you can fill it with photos and mementos that remind you of important moments throughout your life.

For some more ideas, you can check my post How To: Memory Keeping In Your Bullet Journal.

  • Sketchbook

Using a small journal as a sketchbook is an excellent way to practice your creative skills and create beautiful works of art. The smaller size of the journal allows you to easily carry it around with you so that you can sketch wherever inspiration strikes.

  • Gratitude Journal

A small journal is perfect for starting a gratitude practice. Each entry can be as long or as short as you like – maybe a few sentences or a full-page entry; thankfully, the pages are smaller, so it’s perfect for starting with this habit.

Doing this will help you cultivate an attitude of thankfulness and positivity which can have long-term benefits for both your physical and mental well-being. To learn more, check my post Gratitude Log For Happiness In Your Life.

  • Dream Journal

Using a small journal as a dream journal is an excellent way to document the dreams you have experienced each night.

It’s a cute thing to keep on your nightstand, so you can write about your dreams just when you woke up, and memories are still fresh.

  • Travel Journal

A travel journal is a great way to capture memories of your journey and help keep track of where you’ve been and what you’ve seen. A small notebook is perfect for that since it’s easy and light to carry with you.

If you want to learn more about that, check my post Detailed Guide To Travel Journaling.

  • Inspiration Journal

An inspiration journal is a great tool for capturing ideas, thoughts, or observations that inspire or motivate us. A small notebook is perfect for that because you never know when inspiration might hit you.

  • Things My Kids Say

Capturing things our kids say is an adorable way to document their development over time! A small journal is easy to keep at hand for that.

  • Swatch Journal

Use your small notebook for swatching your pen collection or maybe washi tapes. By keeping track of all these different types of colors and stationery in one place, it’ll be easier to refer back when needed in future projects!

If you want some creative ideas on how to do that, check out my posts Bullet Journal Pen Swatch Page Ideas and Washi Tape Swatch Ideas.

  • DnD Campaign Journal

This is a little bit more niche, but that’s one of my personal favorite ways to use my tiny journals.

Keeping track of your Dungeon & Dragons campaign is essential if you want to maintain continuity between game sessions and stay organized throughout the entire game. Small notebooks are perfect for that because they provide enough space for all the notes but don’t occupy too much space on your game table.

  • Reading Journal

A tiny notebook is perfect to start small with your reading journal, but it;’s enough to allow you to write down the books you’ve read and some main points and thoughts you have about them.

if you’re looking for more, check my post Reading Journal Page Ideas For Book Lovers.

  • Food Journal

If you’re on a journey to building a healthier lifestyle, a small notebook can help you get there. Use it to track what you eat, what kind of cravings you have, and what kind of workouts you do.

For some more ideas, check my post with Health And Fitness Bullet Journal Page Ideas.

Hopefully, you loved these ideas and are ready to start using your small notebooks.

If you have some larger journals gathering dust, be sure to check these posts:

But before we wrap up, I wanted to share something else

Buying Small Notebooks

This can be a separate blog post, but I wanted to add a few recommendations here.

Of course, you can simply get them from your local stationery store, but for all the online shoppers, here are a few I can recommend:

  • Archer and Olive. They have the best paper and the cutest designs. They also have a lot of different sizes, from pocket to traveler. And you can get 10% off with my code MASHA10.
  • Moleskine notebook. They don’t have the best paper for doing creative things, but these notebooks are the staple to carry with you for note-taking and sketching.
  • Dingbats journal. Dingbats journals are great by themselves, and I’m so happy that they have a picket size as well. You can check my Dingbats Journal Review to see if this is the type of notebook you’ll enjoy.

There are many more out there, and let me know if you’d like for me to do a separate post just with these recommendations.

Which one of these ideas are you going to try?

Share with us in the comments.

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