Smart Journal: Nuuna Thinkers Notebook Review

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Today we are talking again about my favorite thing – Bullet Journal supplies. There are always new and exciting things coming up on the market, and I love being able to review those, so you get only the things you know you’re going to love.

Today we will be looking into a new Nuuna journal called Thinkers Notebook, which promises us integration between Bullet Journaling and digital note-taking.

Intrigued? So am I! Let’s take a look inside and see what’s up.

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You probably know how much I love Nuuna journals. They have the most amazing covers, a slightly grey dot grid which is smaller than the traditional 0.5 mm ones. And of course, the fact that they come in sizes bigger than A5 but not too big so you can’t carry it around.

For more details, check my post Review: Nuuna – A Notebook Like No Other.

Even though, at the moment, I switched to Archer and Olive journals (can’t beat that 160 GSM paper when it comes to using ALL the pens!), I still have the warmest place in my heart reserved for Nuuna.

So when they reached out and offered me to give a try to their new notebook I couldn’t resist! Especially with that exciting promise of mixing analog and digital planning.

Let’s dive into the journal and see what’s inside. Maybe this hybrid can be a perfect notebook for you.

General Specifications

First, let’s talk about the general thing the notebook has to offer.

Before we even get into this I must mention how it just feels like such a premium product. Originally made in Germany this notebook has the same high-end quality as all the other Nuuna journals.

The cover is made of smooth bonded leather using recycled leather and feels so smooth. The cover has the name of the journal and a cute little orange dot grid. 

Nuuna Thinkers Notebook Review | Masha Plans

Looking very stylish, I can just imagine myself coming into a directors’ meeting with this bad boy! But alas I’m my own company and my business meetings are at best with my plushie unicorn.

Just like all the other Nuuna journals, they are a bit larger than A5 which is a thing I probably miss the most!

I also want to mention that the page edges are colored, it’s a gradient effect from black to orange.

Nuuna Thinkers Notebook Review | Masha Plans

But here are some general specs:

  • 256 numbered pages
  • 5mm dot grid (larger than the dot grid in Nuuna journals)
  • Lay Flat
  • 120 GSM off-white paper
  • 1 bookmark (which is something Nuuna journals never had)
  • 28 by 36 boxes large

I also really appreciate them being ecologically conscientious. The notebook is climate-neutral and was printed on 100% PEFC-certified paper.

Pen Test

I hope by now you’re also loving this notebook, but we are into Bullet Journaling so of course there has to be a pen test to see if this journal can handle all the colors we’ll be throwing on it.

For pen testing, I’ll be using some of the materials I often use in my Bullet Journal:

Of course, I want to check how black ink flows and if there is any feathering, so we will be using some ballpoint pens, fineliners, and a fountain pen to see how it goes.

Nuuna Thinkers Notebook Review | Masha PlansHere is the result. I must say that disappointedly there was a slight feathering of the fountain pen.

This is not a big thing for me since I don’t really use fountain pens, but if you want a perfect writing experience with this kind of pen – this might not be the best journal for you.

Now let’s take a look at the other side of this page to see how well the paper did with the colors.

Nuuna Thinkers Notebook Review | Masha Plans

To be honest, it did better than I thought; my usual Nuuna journal was bleeding with Zebra Click Art pens and Karin brush markers.

In this journal, all we see is some ghosting, which is still something I got unused to with my Archer and Olive.

Thinkers App

Finally, let’s discuss the digital part of this notebook. The Thinkers app was developed by The team at Thinkers Manifesto based in Dallas TX. 

Before we get to the advantages of the app, there is one issue – as of now, it is only available for iPhone users. I really hope in the future they’ll make it for Android users as well.

Now let’s get to the cool things this app has to offer you.

Thinkers App, Nuuna Thinkers Notebook Review | Masha Plans

Basically, it allows you to use your phone camera to scan your planner pages and organize them. You can yourself create folders with documents, disregarding where they are located in your journal.

Moreover, the app itself has some awesome functions and can be used separately from the journal. It can transcribe your audio notes, add locations, create shared folders and vision boards.

The cool thing about using it with a notebook though is that on each page you have a little area on the top to write the page title and add a hashtag. The app will recognize your hashtag when you take the page photo so next time you need to find something specific you can just use the hashtag and it will find all the pages with it.

Nuuna Thinkers Notebook Review | Masha Plans

It’s basically like a digital index to your journal. It’s pretty useful when you work on different projects and just use the journal for notes and work stuff.

I love the idea because it allows you to have all your work notes organized and with you even if you don’t have your notebook handy.

I’m not sure how useful this function would be for just usual day-to-day planning, but for anything business-related – it’s a huge help!

As of now, I’m moving all my work-related things to this journal.

Nuuna Thinkers Notebook Review | Masha Plans

Thinkers Workshop

This is something you also get for free with a journal. It’s basically an online community-oriented on helping you build better habits.

It has tons of resources, workshops, and classes, as well as gives you direct contact with the creators of Thinkers journal.

I’m still exploring this community, but so far I have found a lot of interesting information there.

Thinkers Workshop, Nuuna Thinkers Notebook Review | Masha Plans

Thinkers Manifesto Podcast

For audio learners, there is also a podcast developed and narrated by the Founder Sean Jackson. The podcast is also dedicated to helping you think better.

The podcast has a lot of science-based facts but also is full of stories and life experiences, so it will definitely be a great addition to your podcast list.

As you can see, this journal is different, but maybe different is exactly what you need right now!

Buying The Journal

If you want to buy this journal – head straight to their website, where they also will give you more details on the notebook and how to use it best.

The notebook retails for $29.95 which is kind of an expected price for a premium journal, especially a smark one.

So, what do you think?

Let me know in the comments if this notebook seems like something you’d like to use.

Hope you found this review useful! If so, please share. If you enjoy my content and want to show your appreciation, please consider supporting me with a cup of coffee.

And always remember! Keep Bullet Journaling, and don’t be a Blob! 

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