Hello Planning Mashers!

Today we’ll be doodling some succulents and cute plants, which are pretty easy and come out looking great on your Bullet Journal pages.

And don’t worry if you have never doodled before – all there are beginner-friendly.

Succulents and other house plants are very easy to doodle, and they usually look incredibly adorable.

Moreover. they are a perfect theme for your Bullet Journal any month of a year.

So while I’m struggling to keep my one succulent alive, I know that on paper, I can decorate my pages with tons of these cuties, thanks to some of these tutorials.

And even though it seems like there are just that many ways you can draw succulents and house plants, there are quite a few different ones plus, remember there is always an option to play with different types of pots and such.

This post is full of step-by-step doodling tutorials for cute plant drawings, as well as some inspirations on how you can use them in your Bullet Journal. Let’s dive in!

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Doodling Supplies

There is not much you need to draw succulents; they actually can look pretty cool in just black and white.

But I thought nonetheless I might mention here some of my favorite supplies. Plus, you might always want to use more color for pots and such.

  • Pencil and eraser. These are always a must-have for me when I sit down to doodle. Doing the first draft in pencil will help you avoid mistakes and make your doodles look better.
  • Fineliner. My go-to pens for doodling are fineliners; they come in different sizes and have beautiful dark black ink that often is water-resistant.
  • Crayola Super Tips. I thought a lot about what best pens to recommend for colors, and I decided on these. The big set has tons of different shades of green (perfect for drawing cute plants), and they are pretty affordable.

Supplies ready; let’s dive in and start doodling!

Succulent, Cacti, and Cute Plant Doodles

In this lineup, I tried to gather as many different types of plants as possible, so I know you’ll find something you’ll like there.

For your journal pages, though you can choose one, there is no reason to overcomplicate things and keep trying to find different types of succulents to doodle, unless you want to, of course.

Basic Cacti Doodles

We are starting with a very basic tutorial.

Beautiful tutorial, and it leaves you enough space to consider and play around with different types of pots to put your plants into.

I’m also absolutely loving the little details she added at the end to each plant; it makes them look a bit more fun and realistic.

Bright Cacti Doodles

How different the same cacti look with brighter colors!

These are pretty similar to cacti from the previous tutorial, but the colors are different, making the doodles look entirely different.

Also, here you can see how you change the type of your pot with just a few lines.

Cacti Doodles With Highlighters

Highlighters are just as good in coloring your doodles as any other markers.

I love how much all these doodles ended up popping out of the page thanks to those beautiful pastel colors.

I also want to point out that you can use absolutely any green shades for coloring your cacti; it will still look very natural.

Top-Down View Succulent

Simple teardrop shape turned into a beautiful succulent.

Simple shapes turned in a few tiny steps into a beautiful succulent doodle. I like how much character the dark green accents add to the doodle.

This one also reminds me of Charlie, my first succulent who died the death of the brave and will always be remembered.

Large Succulent Doodle

A cute doodle that looks amazing even in black and white.

I like how the doodle is precisely like the succulent in the corner of the photo.

It’s also is a good hint on how you cal color it if you want to – you can add some purple to the tips of the petals.

Cute Plant Doodles

Nothing but pretty plants here.

Lovely plants, and of course, this tutorial gets extra love from me for using my favorite Zebra Mildliners.

I also feel like it’s a unique approach to succulent doodles; these are different from all the other tutorials so far.

How To Draw Potted Plants

Very different types of plants, and yet still incredibly adorable.

Potted Plant Doodles by @kitoremi

Credit: @kitoremi

I’m so in love with these drawings, and the grey accents make it look even better. I’m not even itching to add color here.

I think it’s also great that she added some writing explanation for each step – these surely will be easy to replicate.

Terrarium Doodles

A fun way to put together all the different cacti and succulent doodles.

Terrariums are a beautiful way to add variety to your succulent drawings. Just adding the same doodles into a glass jar makes it look so different.

I’ll try to include more of this type of tutorial, but this one is good to start with.

Kawaii Succulent Doodles

An easy way to add some character to your drawings is by adding expressions.

How cute are these! There is a wide variety of expressions you can use on your doodles to make them look fun.

Also, note how you can add the faces to either the plant or the pot, depending on what you feel like.

Cute Little Plant Doodles

When you draw something small, it automatically makes it look cuter.

Tiny definitely equals cute, and I love that one of the doodles has an expression.

I also think it’s a very creative idea to use two shades of green to your doodles to make them look more dimensional.

Dimensional Succulent Doodles

An excellent tutorial for adding dimension to your cacti doodles.

Cacti Doodle Tutorial by @plslars

Credit: @plslars

A little bit more elaborate doodles, but I believe you’re ready for it!

Layer the colors and use a white gel pen to add more dimension and detail to the doodle.

Realistic Succulent Doodle

I feel like many elements to this tutorial make these look more realistic than the other ones.

Realistic Succulent Doodle Tutorials by @bulletwithe

Credit: @bulletwithe

I can’t figure out what exactly makes them look more realistic. Maybe a shadow, perhaps color layering.

And how cute is this way to draw June in little cacti!

Colorful And Bright Plant Doodles

I feel like these colors make it look so much brighter and happier.

I love these bright colors, mainly because these are also my favorite Zebra Mildliners.

It’s also very cool how beautiful doodles you can create in just four steps. Easy peasy!

Terrarium Plant Doodles

Here are some more house plants in the terrarium.

Terrarium Doodles Tutorial by @study.duoo | Masha Plans

Credit: @study.duoo

Some more creative shape ideas for terrariums.

The cool thing is that you can mix and match plants and flowers.

How To Doodle Succulents

One more cute tutorial for you.

A lot of these are similar to our previous tutorials, but even the same thing you can doodle in different ways.

Plus, this is one more example that you can doodle those in black and white, and they will look just as cute.

Succulent And Hanging Plant Drawings

A few fun and creative ideas.

Succulent and Cacti Doodles by @din_notes

Credit: @din_notes

These tutorials have some creative ideas on pots and terrariums to use in your journal.

You can achieve so much variety with your doodles just by using different types of pots.

Cute House Plants

I love how this tutorial gives more options for coloring the doodles.

I see that for coloring, the artist used Karin markers. No wonder I loved the color here – these markers have some of my favorite colors.

Also, can we note how amazing it is that she knew the actual names of the plants? I honestly never do.

How To Doodle Potted Plants

One more tutorial by amazing Kim.

Potted Plants Doodling Tutorial by @kitoremi

Credit: @kitoremi

Kim is a beautiful artist, and it shows how amazing and detailed she can make her doodles and all just using black and grey.

I also feel like her ideas are very different from all the other tutorials, so I had to add them to this list.

Large Realistic Succulent

This one turned out so beautiful; I also had to include it here.

Large Succulent Doodles by @bujocute

Credit: @bujocute

This one is similar to the big succulent we doodles before, but a slight curve in lines makes it look more realistic.

I also love that there is a tutorial on coloring it to make it look more realistic.

Fun And Creative Succulent Doodles

How fun and these!

How To Draw Fun Succulents tutorial by @art_love98

Credit: @art_love98

These little guys make me so happy and welcome. 

And they remind me of my puppy, who is also always happy to see me.

Doodle With Me Videos

One of the best ways to learn is using video content, so here are some fantastic tutorials from some wonderful creators.


Thirty amazing cacti and house plant doodles are very easy to copy.

I do itch to color them, though.


In case those 30 were not enough, here are 15 more.

It’s incredible to see how many cool things you can create with just one pen.


If you’re looking for some tutorials with color, this one is amazing!

I love the contrast between the green plants and the black and white pots.

Finally, I also want to mention this book by Peggy Dean. It’s full of excellent tutorials and is definitely worth the investment.

Botanical Line Drawing: Cactus & Succulent Edition: 200 Step-by-Step Illustrations
  • Dean, Peggy (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 216 Pages - 08/13/2017 (Publication Date) - Pigeon Letters, The (Publisher)

You can also take tons of free classes on how to doodle succulents and cacti on Skillshare.

You can get 2 week FREE premium access to thousands of classes if you use my link. And Peggy Dean has some classes there as well!

Using Plant Doodles In Your Bullet Journal

All these doodles are amazing for decorating your journal, and after all those tutorials, you’re so ready for this!

But, I thought it might be helpful to share with you some inspirations.

You can create an entire theme with these doodles, and let me know in the comments if you’d like to see a post about that.

So far, here are a few ideas.

Cover Page

There are so many ways you can use these to decorate your cover page with these doodles.

I have a fantastic example below.

Monthly Log

I saw so many excellent monthly logs with succulent doodles! It was hard to choose just one.

I decided on this because these succulents are different, not pots here. I thought that was pretty interesting.

Succulent monthly log by @thuys.bujo

Credit: @thuys.bujo

Habit Tracker

I love that when decorating your pages with succulents, you can draw them in line as if they are set on the top of the table or something. And it will always look natural.

I love how this one also has some book doodles; I always thought they were a great match.

If you want to do the same in your journal, you can check my post How To Doodle Books.

Mood Tracker

Mood trackers are my favorite page to use every month, and I find they are extremely useful for maintaining my mental health.

Of course, I had to include a mood tracker in this lineup, plus it’s an excellent page to experiment with different plant doodles.

Succulent Themed Mood Tracker by @bulletwithe

Credit: @bulletwithe

Weekly Spread

Succulents are so easy to doodle that I find that when you decide to do minimalist, they might be great doodles to add a splash of decoration.

I did this for my January 2020 setup, and here is a weekly spread from that.

Refillable Bullet Journal Setup: January Plan With Me - weekly spread | Masha Plans

Instagram Tracker

Not a must-have page, but I feel like it’s a fun tracker to have if you have an Instagram account you want to grow.

As you can see, the doodles from this tracker are also inspired by Kim’s tutorials we have in this post.

Succulent Themed Instagram Tracker by @bujonomy

Credit: @bujonomy

Sleep Tracker

One more page that is great to manage your physical and mental health.

Sleep trackers might take a white to set up but are very helpful when you’re struggling with getting good sleep.

Quote Page

I found this page and had to include it in this lineup.

Green of succulents fits so well with kraft paper.

Have you ever done a succulent theme in your Bullet Journal? Or maybe planning?

Share with us in the comments!

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t be a blob!