15 Teacher Bullet Journal Page Ideas

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Bullet Journal is a fantastic tool, and with so many Bullet Journal page ideas, there is nothing it can’t help you with.

I have already talked excessively about how to use your Bullet Journal for school as a student. But what if you’re a teacher?

Well, here is a thing – the teacher Bullet Journal is a fantastic tool that can help you rock all your work responsibilities and crush your teacher life.

But I’m not a teacher myself, so instead of writing something I don’t know about, I asked a pro to share her experience.

Jess was a teacher, and she used her Bullet Journal for that a lot, so I knew I had to ask her to write this post.

She’s also a wonderful Bullet Journalist and a very active YouTuber. 

I hope you enjoy this post and be sure to check all her social media and especially her YouTube channel.

Oh, and a final little thing – all images are created by her as well.

Be sure to check all the pages and get your free printables at the end of the post.

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15 Teacher Bullet Journal Page Ideas

Hi team! Jess or JashiiCorrin from YouTube / Instagram here bringing you a bunch of ideas for teaching-related bullet journal layouts.

The bullet journal system is absolutely perfect for teacher life! Its flexibility and customizability really lends itself to teachers in all areas of education.

I’m not going to lie; getting into bullet journaling was a lifesaver for me when it came to teaching. I was fortunate enough to find bullet journaling at the end of my first year of teaching when it was VERY obvious that I needed a system to keep up with all the busyness that teaching has to offer.

Having been a secondary science teacher for the past 7 years, I know how much there is to do, and keeping track of it all can be a very daunting task. For all my teaching peers, I’ve got a heap of layout ideas to share with you today!

Teacher Bullet Journal Page Ideas - weekly schedule

Teaching-Related Future Log

Starting at the start (a very good place to start), we have the teacher-version of the future log! On this one, you would note meetings, holidays, test dates, due dates, and other happenings.

Taking any future log-style spread, you just need to adjust it to fit your academic year.

Teacher Bullet Journal Page Ideas - future log

Some people may prefer to keep it in the style of month-by-month, but the example we have here is broken down into four terms.

For more ideas of future log styles, though, you can, of course, check the video below on the topic! This layout could stand alone, or you could combine it with our next idea.

Year At A Glance

Another layout that people commonly use in their bullet journals, but can be tweaked to be teaching-focused, is the year at a glance.

On a page like this, you can color code the days of your academic year to note a bunch of information, including term dates, holiday periods, when assessments are due from your students, and much more.

Teacher Bullet Journal Page Ideas - year at a glance

One of the pieces of information that I like to capture on my year at a glance are the days I have to take off related to illness.

Sick-leave Log And Tracker

Before I started tracking my sick leave, I was the WORST at remembering how many days I’d been designated, how many days I’d taken off, how many I had left…

This was particularly bad because at my school (and maybe yours too!) I had to log this information with our payroll system (honestly, the last thing you want to be doing when you’re sick).

Having a tracker and log dedicated to this information became super handy!

Teacher Bullet Journal Page Ideas - sick leave page

Term Timelines

This idea is the term timeline. I say the term, but you could have it for any period of time your institution uses (semester, trimester, etc.). On this one, you can mark in how long you expect specific units of work to take.

If you’re teaching multiple classes, this can also help you see where your busy periods will be in terms of marking and resource-making. Having this laid out clearly can help make sure we are mindful of those busy periods before we’re living them!

Teacher Bullet Journal Page Ideas - term timeline

Term At A Glance

The term at a glance is pretty much what it sounds like; a one-page or one-spread reference for all of the happenings in one term. Again, I’ve said ‘term’ here, but any period of time you use will work.

On this one, I’ve broken it down by week running down the page. Each box represents one of the teaching days in each week, and in those boxes you can record what’s going on.

Teacher Bullet Journal Page Ideas - term at a glance


I couldn’t possibly leave this one out, but our next idea is the weekly timetable. As a teacher, I find this super helpful to have in my bullet journal.

In setting this one up, make sure you account for how your timetable is structured, both in terms of on a daily basis and the timetable rotation. For example, some people will find it more helpful to have an hourly breakdown for their timetable, while others will have set periods during each day.

Some of us will be on a weekly timetable rotation, while others might have a 6-day timetable or a fortnightly rotation.

Teacher Bullet Journal Page Ideas - timetable

The example we have here would be for a weekly rotation, so the same times for each class on Monday through Friday, with each day having 6 periods. I’ve also included spaces for before school, after school, morning tea, and lunch so that if there are any regular commitments that happen at those times, they can also be captured here.

Teacher Dashboard

The teacher dashboard is a great brain dump-style space for teachers. This idea was very much inspired by Alexandra of @alexandra_plans, who used to include one in her teacher setup. To set up the layout, you separate the spread into different sticky note-sized sections and write a header above each of the spaces (e.g. things to print, emails to send, work to mark, etc.).

Throughout the week, you jot down any relevant information onto those sticky notes so that when you have time to action them, they’re all in one place. In thinking about the headers for your sticky notes, it’s good to consider which teaching-related tasks you can batch together to help save yourself time (which none of us have enough of!)

Teacher Bullet Journal Page Ideas - teacher dashboard

Topic Checklist

When it comes to planning and organizing the resources for a topic, there can be a lot of things to consider! Topic checklist layouts are one of my favorite ways to make sure nothing gets missed.

On one side of a grid, I list out all the lessons that I’m planning for a topic, and on an adjacent side, I list out all the things that need to be done to prepare that lesson (e.g. writing the learning objectives, preparing the materials for activities, etc.). This one is a handy way to see at a glance how much has been done for the topic and what’s left to do!

Teacher Bullet Journal Page Ideas - topic checklist

Mark Book

Dutch doors are one of my favorite things to use in my journal, and this layout idea is perfect for it. For the mark book we have here, our student names are visible down the left-hand side. This gives me more room to record my mark book items over multiple pages.

What you record on a layout like this is up to you, and it doesn’t have to include assessment marks; you can also set up “mark book” style layouts for attendance, work completion, etc. Make sure to leave yourself a little extra space to accommodate any roll growth.

Teacher Bullet Journal Page Ideas - mark book

Making Kanban Board

The next idea we have is a marking Kanban board. On this, we have six sections for the different stages of assigning, marking, and returning a piece of student work. This one works on the idea of having each assessment individual sticky notes. As you complete each stage, you’d move the sticky note for that piece of work to the relevant box.

You can of course set this up in different ways, or even just use a running list, but this style of layout makes the page reusable.

Teacher Bullet Journal Page Ideas - making kanban board

Seating Charts

I love reusable pages, so the next one we have is a seating chart.

On this one, you can draw out the desk layouts you have in your classroom and use sticky notes to represent each of your students. This allows you to move them around throughout the year as you make different seating arrangements.

Teacher Bullet Journal Page Ideas - seating chart

To make this one even more reusable, you can make it a detachable page like the one I have in the video below.

Roll Call Questions

One of the things that I love doing in my lessons is having fun roll call questions. These are typically either-or questions or ones that have a short and simple answer for the students to give me as I mark the roll.

Having a place to collect questions like this (and to check off the questions you’ve used) can be a fun addition to your teacher bullet journal! On this one, I have multiple columns for checking off the questions as I may use them for the different classes I teach.

Professional Development Log

A hassle I’d consistently have when it came to filling out my yearly appraisal documents was remembering what professional development (PD) I’d done during the year. Having a log of that information can be super helpful to act as evidence of the PD work you’ve undertaken.

On this one, I’ve recorded not only the name of the PD and when it was done but also have check boxes for whether I recorded notes if a completion certificate was awarded, and other relevant information.

Teacher Bullet Journal Page Ideas - personal development log

Funny Things My Students Say

Students say some hilarious things (especially when they think we aren’t listening). Memory keep some of those classic moments with a page like this one, or just a funny moments layout.

Of course, some things are more funny “in the moment”, so be sure to capture any context that’s relevant!

Teacher Bullet Journal Page Ideas - things my students say

Why I Teach Page

Teaching is hard. On good days, it’s easy to know that this is one of the most rewarding professions out there; on other days though, the busyness and stress can make that harder to remember. Having a reference page to go back to can be a good way to pick your spirits up when you need it.

We never like to feel our efforts are wasted, so having this reference page to help uplift us is a nice addition. These can be your own personal reasons for doing what you do, or you might want to include quotes from colleagues, students, or their families.

Teacher Bullet Journal Page Ideas - why i teach page

No longer a “stress mess”

Hopefully, you’ve found the ideas in this blog post helpful, and you’re excited to set up some teaching-related spreads of your own!

Don’t forget to tag me, @jashiicorrin, in your teacher journal-related posts over on Instagram. I can’t wait to see what you make!

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