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Bullet Journal is universal, and among other things, it can really help to organize your study habits (oh if only I knew about this system when I was a student!).

I’ve gathered here some Bullet Journal ideas for students, so unlike me, you get to try these techniques and have a more productive and well-organized school life.

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Packing List

Before we get into all the study pages, you probably will need a packing page, especially if you’re off to college.

You really don’t want to take too much to forget some of the things you might need later. So be sure to create a packing list and sleep safely knowing all is in order.

Semester Log

Start your study journal from a semester log – a school take on a future log. Add the months for your semester, pretty much like you would when creating a future log, and leave the space under each one to write all the deadlines, assignments, and so on. 

Having a bird’s eye view of your semester will definitely help you stay organize and not miss any important deadlines. To make it all easier to understand visually, having a color-coding system can be pretty beneficial.

Classes Schedule 

Since you need to write down your classes schedule anyways, why not do it in your Bullet Journal? Besides, I’m a firm believer that writing things down, especially in a pretty way (yes I’m a girly girl sometimes, but you know it’s true!) makes it more pleasant to follow with the plan or schedule.

Courses Tracker

Especially when you’re in college it’s important to keep track of what courses you’re taking and what you have to take to graduate according to plan.

Study Tracker

As my study years taught me, the key to successful studying is being accountable and track your progress. Without that, you really never know how far you’ve gone and if you are going fast enough.

There are many options for study trackers – you can track how many days you study, or how many hours a day. Choose the best way for you! I personally have a limited amount of hours to study (I’m not a student anymore, but I love to keep learning just for myself), so I only need to track that I remember to do it every day.

Bullet Journal Page Ideas For School, spread by @studiign | Masha Plans

Credit: @studiign

Shopping List

You want to be sure you’re completely ready and have everything prepared for the new year. So be sure to create a list of al the supplies you need, all the books. This will also help you to budget better.

Make it all business, or create a fun doodly one.

Bullet Journal For School - shopping list by @doodlig | Masha Plans

Credit: @doodlig

Before Classes

Speaking of preparing for the new semester of school – it could be very useful to make a list with everything you have to do for that big moment.

Supplies, your study journal setup., any beauty procedures you need to do, plus al the important school things – course registrations, figure out where are the new classes going to be.

Study Motivation

Sometimes studying can be very hard and it becomes close to impossible to push yourself to keep up. I know. So, why not using your Bullet Journal to stay motivated?

Make a spread about why you study and what it will help you to achieve. Or (as I was doing in my student years) just think of all the great things you’ll be doing once the pressure is off and sweet sweet vacation time begins!

Study Notes

A good tip to make studying more fun and also help you to learn your lessons better, is to create beautiful study notes! My first study notes were a mish mash of ununderstandable scribbles, so in the end it was kind of a wasted time to be honest.

But as I continued making them, I also learned that if you spend extra time rewriting it all in an organized fashion – you’ll be able to remember it all better, and have a great info sheet to return to when you need to review the materials.

And speaking of notes, if you take a lot of them you’ll probably want for them to look cute and easy to read. If that’s something you’re struggling with – be sure to check my post 9 Easy Tricks To Improve Your Handwriting.

Bullet Journal Page Ideas For School, spread by @studyquill | Masha Plans

Credit: @studyquill

Study Planning

Planning is a key to success. Try to plan your studying as well. Allocate special days to studying certain subjects. 

Bullet Journal Page Ideas For School, spread by @breeeberry | Masha Plans

Credit: @breeeberry

Or ever go further and create a detailed daily study schedule.

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Credit: @b.izzi

Assignments Calendar

Assignment calendar (like the one below) is a GREAT way to always know what assignments are due and when. That way you have enough time to prepare in advance and not pull all-nighters the last few days before (yes yes student Masha I’m looking at you!). It also helps you to always keep in mind looming deadlines and change your study schedule accordingly.

Attendance Tracker

I know when I started college attendance became a bit of an issue. I didn’t track it and with the sudden freedom I got, I must say I probably did miss more classes than I should’ve.

The good thing – in Russia attendance doesn’t really matter that much, but I know ion other countries you have to visit a certain amount of class to be able to qualify for taking the exams and passing.

So before the freedom of adult life hits you, be sure you have a way to track your attendance so you don’t get in trouble later on.

Exam preparation

Exams sound sooo scary don’t they? And that’s usually the main reason why we start studying so late. Ok well I’m not talking about everyone, I guess I mean mostly myself haha. But a good start is to make a prep spread like this.

Bullet Journal Page Ideas For School, spread by @study.duoo | Masha Plans

Credit: @study.duoo

This will be your first step and it’ll definitely help you to concentrate and follow through with the study. One of the advises is this spread is to stock up on your favorite stationery. Totally legit! For note-taking, prepare some Muji Ballpoint Clip Pens, Muji Ballpoint Colored Pens, and Zebra Mildliner Highlighters!

Exam Tracker

Of course, you must have a spread with your exam schedule. So let’s make a fun one! I absolutely adore this idea, where you color one more number with each passed exam. It’s definitely an extra satisfaction to color them out, as well as a motivation to see you have fewer and fewer exams to worry about.

Bullet Journal Page Ideas For School, spread by @mai.plan | Masha Plans

Credit: @mai.plan


As I remember my school years, finances were always a bit tight and I had to be pretty picky about how I spent my money.

The best way to get the most out of your money and don’t overspend is of course e  by tracking your expenses and regulating them accordingly.

While doing so you’ll be able to see interesting patterns in your spending and adjust them so you end up saving up more and not wasting money on some completely unnecessary things.

Plan With Me: June Bullet Journal Setup - financial tracker | Masha Plans

These are some of the study related spread ideas I found. Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments what other spreads do you use!

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