19+ Fun & Useful Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Ideas

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November is here, so it’s time to add bright oranges and yellows to our journals and prepare them for Thanksgiving.

Check this post for 19 Bullet Journal page ideas to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner and enjoy the holiday spirit.

It’s that time of the year to get together and enjoy our families and friendships. However, it can also be pretty stressful so prepare everything for the big day.

Your Bullet Journal is always there to help you through. Today I’m sharing some page ideas with you on how to add a happy Thanksgiving spirit to your journal, as well as a few ideas on how to use your Bullet Journal to help you organize the big dinner. 

There is also a Plan With Me video at the end of the post with me setting up 7 Thanksgiving-themed Bullet Journal pages.

Some of these pages are available as a free printable in our Resources Vault, so make sure to drop by and download it from there.

If you aren’t a part of Planning Mashers yet, join us in the signup form at the end of the post to access a wonderful community and 100+ free printables for your Bullet Journal.

Once we’re done with the spreads, we’ll also look into different tutorials and stationery that can help you create your own beautiful Thanksgiving Bullet Journal pages.

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Quote Page

I love quote pages; they are a great way to fill out an empty page in your BuJo and are a strong tool to set the mood.

Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans

Plus, making a quote spread is yet another opportunity to get creative and enjoy a moment for yourself.

And if you never made one in your journal, check my post How To Create Quote Page In Your Bullet Journal.

Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @kam.journal

I just have to admire this page and the idea of using a drawing of a turkey.

I also feel like this could be a great idea for a stencil.

Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @alissecourter

Beautiful lettering, and I’m loving that gradient effect.

For this quote, they used Tombow Dual Brush Pens and they definitely are absolutely beautiful.

Thanksgiving Quote Page by @lolastarryart | Masha Plans
Credit: @lolastarryart

This is a wonderful quote for every month of the year, but definitely especially for November when we have Thanksgiving.

Gratitude Log

It’s Thanksgiving, so isn’t it the perfect time of the year to give a gratitude log a chance, even if you’ve never used one before?

To learn more about this page, check my post Benefits Of Daily Gratitude.

Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans

The gratitude log is not a very interesting page since it’s pretty empty. But that’s also what I like about it – an empty page ready to be filled with good memories and positive things.

I also want to say that for everything Fall, my favorite colors to use are Karin Brushmarker Pro with their beautiful bright colors.

Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @plannerluka

You can have a daily gratitude log, but you can also just create a spread at once and remember all the beautiful things in your life.

I really like that on this spread, they also played around with different fonts, making it look more interesting.

Bucket List

Creating bucket lists is one of my favorite things to do! It really helps you to remember all the good things you can do in the season.

For more inspiration, check my post Fall Bucket List Ideas.

Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans

My favorite format for a bucket list is to add tons of doodles and some text to clarify it all.

I must admit, though, that pumpkin pie is not my favorite; I’d probably go for cherry pie or pecan pie instead.

What’s your favorite pie? Let us know in the comments!

Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans

Create a bucket list for November, Fall, or Thanksgiving day.

It’s a fun way to have a moment for yourself and build up excitement.

Weekly Spread

Whatever your monthly theme for November is, you can always make an exception for Thanksgiving week and create a weekly dedicated to the holiday. 

Just take a look at the weekly spreads below for inspiration.

Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @ohkayjane

I love this weekly, and it just screams about Thanksgiving dinner.

It definitely makes me so hungry! It’s probably time to go get some food.

Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @barbarahaegerart

Gobble Gobble! I love how there are some of the best Thanksgiving things here.

Oh, and I definitely want to give special love to little snoopy cooking up some popcorn. 

Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @dancinglan_doodles

A beautiful example is that you don’t need any color to make a beautiful Bullet Journal page.

I also love the addition of the quote. It really is one of my favorite gratitude quotes.

Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @lydbreck

Really cute spread, and I love how many details and decorations fit here.

Thanksgiving Planning

If you’re the one hosting the big dinner this year, you better be prepared.

Make a whole plan of all the things you should do and assign a time slot for them.

Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans

You don’t want to run around preparing everything last minute, so take it easy and start working on the big dinner right now.

There are plenty of things you can prepare in advance.

Guest List

One of the things you can start thinking of right now is the guest list, so why not create a separate Bullet Journal page just for that?

It can be useful for all your Thanksgiving preparations to know exactly how many people to expect.

Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans


I bet you have a few recipes you love the most, or maybe you just found several new ones you’d like to try out this Thanksgiving, courtesy of Mom or Granny.

Recipe pages always make for a great keepsake.

Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @plannerluka

Just add them to your Bullet Journal!

And leave some space for future comments on what you liked and what you want to improve.

Thanksgiving Meal

Planning a meal for the whole family is hard work, so make sure you use your Bullet journal to help you out.

Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans

I find that for a big dinner, it’s more helpful when people actually share the food responsibilities.

Cooking is usually a bit stressful thing for me, and cooking for a group of people can be even worse. A bit of help from the guests would help me as a host have more fun and be more relaxed.

Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @amber.journals

I love how this spread includes not just a menu but also decor.

I love Fall decorations, so I definitely approve of making an entire spread about it.

Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @oak.tree.journaling

Beautiful spread and done with my favorite pens in the entire world.

I also feel like it’s such a great idea to have a notes section for what can be done better next year!

Dinner Preparation Spread by @teaforanxiety | Masha Plans
Credit: @teaforanxiety

You can go with this creative solution and have the entire dinner plan with some little notes on how to better cook each dish.

Grocery List

This page definitely has to come right after your meal plan.

You can just write your grocery list, divide it by types of meals or maybe divide it by how in advance you can buy things.

Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans

Bonus: Travel Pages

Many of you will probably be traveling for the holidays, so here are a few travel page ideas. 

These exact pages are actually from the time I moved from China and was planning to do some traveling on the way to my new destination. But it will work for any traveling plans.

Plan With Me: Travel Bullet Journal Setup, Things To See | Masha Plans

I feel like it’s always useful to make a list like that with things to do in the destinations you visit.

I don’t always plan out every day, but it’s useful to have a list of things to choose from when the time comes.

Plan With Me: Travel Bullet Journal Setup, Flight Information | Masha Plans

I know, I know you can have all this information on your phone. But I love putting it clearly in my journal.

This is a useful overview for the planning of the entire trip.

Plan With Me: Travel Bullet Journal Setup, Countdown Page | Masha Plans

I love creating countdown pages; they help me get more excited about the upcoming trip.

It also helps me to see better how much time I have left to finish all the preparations.

Plan With Me: Travel Bullet Journal Setup, Packing List | Masha Plans

The final page that I always have is a packing list, the spread that always helps me to remember ALL the things.

Check out for more in my travel journal-related posts: 

How To Decorate Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Pages

Thanksgiving calls for its own style of decor, but don’t worry; I gathered here all you need to start creating your own pretty pages in no time.

Bullet Journal Doodles

Of course, I have to start with my favorite way to decorate my journal – doodles.

Below I found an awesome Doodle With Me video with some cute little fall tutorials, so be sure to check those out.

Washi Tape and Stickers

And, of course, there are also a bunch of stickers and washi tapes you can use to decorate your Thanksgiving pages.

First, here are a few picks from Amazon, and if you get a 30 day Amazon Prime FREE trial you’ll be able to get those with fast and free delivery.

Here are a few awesome ones I found on Etsy as well.

Sticker Sheet by DesignLovelyStudio

I love these beautiful stickers and the harvest vibe they have.

While banners are very Thanksgiving themes, the rest of the stickers can be used for any Fall theme.

Fall Washi Tape by Stash2Treasure

These washi tapes are perfect for decorating your Thanksgiving pages, and they come in such beautiful colors.

Plus, again, you can use them for other things as well since not all of them have a clear Thanksgiving vibe.

Stickers by JuuniStudio

I had to include this one since I think it’s just so super cute.

I really love this fun doodly style, so I’m hoping you’ll love these too.

Plan With Me: 7 Fun and Useful Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Pages

As I promised, here is my plan with me video with 7 Thanksgiving pages to add to your Bullet Journal.

You say some of these pages in the post already, but I thought it’d be fun to show how exactly I created them.

And, of course, don’t forget to get your free printables from the Resources Vault.

If you don’t have access yet, you can always sign up in the form below.

Once you confirm your subscription, you’ll get the password to get 50+ free Bullet Journal printables, stickers, and worksheets to use right away.

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Which Bullet Journal pages do you usually use to prepare for the holiday?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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And remember! Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t be a Blob.

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