43+ November Bullet Journal Ideas

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November is swiftly approaching, and it’s time to think about the monthly Bullet Journal theme.

In a world of Bullet Journaling, when there are limitless ideas and opportunities, it’s hard to concentrate and pick the perfect theme idea.

That’s why I’m here – to get your inspiration flowing, so you come up with a perfect November Bullet Journal theme.

Of course, you’re always welcome to check out my list with 200+ Bullet Journal theme ideas, but this post is specific to November.

Here are some November cove pages that absolutely can inspire your future monthly setup.

Let’s get started!

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November Ideas

We’ll start with something different with this post.

Inspiration for a Bullet Journal theme can come from anywhere, so I gathered some fun things that happened in November here.

We’ll start with some fun holidays happening this month:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Sandwich day
  • International Merlot day
  • World origami day
  • Play monopoly day
  • Scented candle day
  • Banana pudding lovers day

These are pretty silly and not official holidays, but they are still fun and hopefully inspiring.

Next up are some random interesting facts about November.

They can be useful in a trivia night for sure:

  • November birthstone is the radiant topaz. It is a symbol of strength and honor. The ancient Greeks also believed that the stone could turn oneself invisible.
  • For Anglo-Saxons, November had two names. The first was Wind Monath because the wind would start to chill the bones. The second was Blood Monath, named because the cattle went to slaughter in November.
  • Shakespeare never mentioned the months of November in any of his works.
  • November is also the month that breeds the most serial killers.
  • According to statistics, November is also the month where the largest amount of memes are posted and shared on social media.

Well, it seems like an interesting month!

I’m not sure how useful this info was for your Bullet Journal, but I had fun with it.

So let’s switch to journaling and see some inspiring cover pages.

November Bullet Journal Cover Pages

I love creating cover pages in my Bullet Journal.

They are a way to be creative, great at dividing your months, and perfect to represent the color scheme, theme, and general aesthetics you go for in your monthly setup.

That’s why when I talk about theme inspirations, I always share cover pages.

Here are some amazing ones I found online.

Fall Bullet Journal Theme

Fall Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - cover page by @limmyart | Masha Plans
Credit: @limmyart

We’re starting from your classic Fall theme; this cover page does it justice.

I love this because it allows for using some very bright and beautiful colors.

Coffee Bullet Journal Theme

Credit: @annasphere

Coffee is probably the coziest theme you can imagine, so it’s perfect for the cold November.

For more coffee ideas, check my post Coffee Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations.

here is a little look at how a coffee theme looked in my Bullet Journal.

I like the cozy take, but, of course, I had to go with some bright colors instead.

Lazy Time Home Bullet Journal Theme Idea

Credit: @bujowithpau

In the cold weather, nothing sweeter than hiding at home in your comfort zone and reading a good book.

It’s a great theme idea to bring the same vibes to your Bullet Journal.

November Bullet Journal Idea: Baking

Baking Bullet Journal Theme - cover page | Masha Plans

Speaking of cozy themes, baking is right there next to coffee.

I added a little character to it by using just one color and adding it sparsely.

If you want to see more, check my post Baking Themed Bullet Journal Setup.

Bakery Theme

Credit: @vivianjournals

I decided to put this as a separate theme. It can also be called a tea party, wouldn’t you agree?

I also want to note that these tiny doodles are adorable. I always find that it looks much cuter if you doodle something tiny.

Minimalist Bullet Journal Theme

Geometric Bullet Journal Cover Page by @abulletandsomelines | Masha Plans
Credit: @abulletandsomelines

The Minimalist Bullet Journal theme is beautiful for any month, including November.

I love this style the most because it just requires one pen. And if you don’t know how to create patterns, read my post Simple Patterns To Use In Your Bullet Journal.

Lunar Magic Bullet Journal Theme

Credit: @bujotrulla

Probably potions and witchcraft are more of an October theme, but I think it works for November just as well.

I love that she used those shimmery watercolors; I bet they look even better in real life.

Brown Pumpkins BuJo

Credit: @plants_and_bujo

Usually, I’m not a big fan of brown color, but it created a very comfortable feel, which is perfect for Fall.

Sunflowers and pumpkins are the best possible decoration if you want to go for this feel.

Credit: @sandracherryhrt

I wanted to add one more cover page with pumpkins.

This one isn’t brown, but it’s still a very beautiful Fall color.

Credit: @shedoodles.a

Maybe three is too many for just one theme, but I had to include this one. The colors are so bright and beautiful.

Those shades of orange and yellow make it look like a happy and bright page.

Woodling Creatures Theme

Credit: @bulletjournalbychloe

That’s one of the classic Fall Bullet Journal themes.

I adore how cute these animals are; Chloe really did a great job.

Sushi Bullet Journal Idea

Credit: @bujowithclytie

Sushi is pretty easy to doodle, and it can be very cute. I also like to animate my sushi doodles.

You can check for my take on this theme and get inspired by others in my post Cute Sushi Bullet Journal Ideas.

November BuJo Ideas: Makeup

Makeup Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations, cover page by @notikjournal | Masha Plans
Credit: @notikjournal

Makeup is fun to doodle, and I love it for the November theme because it allows for such vivid and cozy colors.

And for more inspiration, check my post Makeup Bullet Journal Theme Ideas.


Credit: @ivanajournal

Flowers are always beautiful in your Bullet Journal, even in November.

And if you worry that you can’t draw flowers – just check my post How To Draw Beautiful Flowers In Your Bullet Journal, and you’ll be able to doodle them in no time.

Home Office Bullet Journal Theme

Credit: @ihggs

At some point, there has been a huge trend to draw your desk, and I love it! The aesthetic is beautiful, especially on this exact cover page with that monotone color scheme.

But also, I think it’s a bit time-consuming, so maybe if you’re in a hurry, you might want to go for an easier theme.

Blackout Bullet Journal Ideas

Credit: @ambersnotebooks

Blackout journal pages can look stunning, and this cover page is no exception. The green color she chose just pops like crazy on the black paper!

I think this is a firefly theme, and if so, check my post Firefly Bullet Journal Ideas for more inspiration.

Superhero Bullet Journal Idea

Credit: @b.bulletjournal

Why not make November a superhero month? You can easily achieve it by just drawing their symbols.

Let me know in the comments if you want me to make a separate post with just superhero-themed Bullet Journal pages.

Rain And Umbellas Theme

Credit: @prettyllamaplans

It rains not just in April, so you can also try this theme for November.

I like that the creator added those brown tones to make it feel more like a Fall theme.

Credit: @bujo.sine

Here is a more traditional take on the rain theme.

I love that it has that grey of the rain but still brightly colored umbrella and rain boots.

Cozy November Bullet Journal Ideas

Credit: @plslars

I love the cozy feel of the socks and the beautiful Fall colors of the drawings.

I’m also really in love with the use of craft paper. I think it created such a warm atmosphere.

For more kraft paper inspirations, check my post Cozy Bullet Journal Inspirations With Kraft Paper.

Watercolor Bullet Journal Idea

Credit: @bu.journal.love

Want something creative but simple and fast?

Well, this is a perfect idea for you; all you need is some watercolor and a brush pen.

I can’t help you with using watercolor in your journal, but if you want to do some calligraphy, you can learn it in my post Brush Lettering For Beginners.

Books Bullet Journal Theme

Credit: @lilou.bujo

Books are a perfect theme for every month, I think. I love that the creator added the pages from books as decoration.

I did the book theme myself, so be sure to check my post Book Bullet Journal Theme Ideas for more inspiration.

Cozy Fall Bullet Journal Ideas

Credit: @julia.pezowicz

Julia is an amazing artist, so of course, I wanted to include her cover page in this lineup.

I love that she gathered all this page’s cutest and comfiest things. And complimented them so much with the colors.

Disney Theme Idea

Credit: @thuys.bujo

For me, it’s Disney all day, every day, so of course, I couldn’t exclude this cover page from the list.

If you’re into Disney, check out my post with Magical Disney Bullet Journal Inspirations.

Credit: @bumblebujo

Speaking of Disney, I had to include this page, of course!

Beauty and the Beast animated 1991 movie, is one of my favorites of all time, and I love how she used the contrast between black and red on t his cover page.

Leave your favorite Disney movie in the comments!

November Bullet Journal Theme: Embroidery

Credit: @vivianjournals

I think embroidery is a cozy activity, perfect for those chilly Fall evenings.

This page looks like it was embroidered! And it’s a cool theme idea for using colored pencils, like on this page.

Tea November BuJo Theme

Credit: @zainabullet

Technically, it can be coffee, but it might also work as tea.

Are you more of a coffee or tea person? Let us know in the comments.

I did a tea theme for my birthday month one year, so check it out here if you want to get some more inspiration.

Credit: @kotose.journal

If you had doubts that the previous cover page was tea, this one is surely tea!

I adore that Japanese aesthetics. And green and brown are the two colors that match so well.

Nostalgia Bullet Journal Theme

Credit: @thuys.bujo

I love nostalgic themes like this, especially since I am a 90s kid.

It’s also a great excuse to use those bright, almost toxic colors which I usually wouldn’t use.

Landscape November BuJo Idea

Credit: @bujo__enthusiast

Landscapes are always beautiful to create. And these are pretty easy to draw as well.

I love that these bright colors fit very well with the natural colors in November.

Scrapbooking Theme

Credit: @lianajournals

As an ex-scrapbooker, I love this style of Bullet Journaling.

You get to mix all your random supplies and end up with a beautiful spread like this one.

The key is to probably keep it in one color scheme or at least in the same style.

Hygge November Bullet Journal Theme

Credit: @lebujodemarion

In case you don’t know, hygge is a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).

For me, it sounds like a perfect theme for November.

Credit: @livingletterplans

I wanted to add another hygge theme inspiration, especially because I love these Fall colors.

She put together all the most comfortable things about the cold season – tea, coffee, and books.

November Bullet Journal Idea: Creative Mess

Credit: @_starfishdesigns_

I called this a creative mess, but it’s a mix of lines, shapes, and some watercolor.

I love the freedom this style provides and how, even if you make a mistake, it’s easy to masque it as just a style.

Cityscape Bullet Journal Cover Page

Credit: @grace.journals

Cityscape is a theme I have never tried myself, but I always admire it. It’s so beautiful! Especially on this cover page with that European feel to it.

I also love that the colors for the buildings are also really on the theme with November.

Harry Potter November Bullet Journal Theme

Credit: @dotted_ester

Harry Potter is always a fun theme, but this cover page knocked it out of the park.

If you’re looking for more inspiration for this theme, maybe something easier to do, check my post Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas.

Mushroom Bullet Journal Theme

Credit: @afzxx3

Mushrooms are a very fun theme because you can play so much with the shapes and colors.

It can be a crazy bright theme or a muted brown one. However you prefer.

I love this cover page with its bright colors and cute snail.

Credit: @kesysbujo

Here is another example of how you can do a mushroom theme in different colors.

I like the contrast it created between the black and the red of the mushrooms.

Kraft Paper Bullet Journal Ideas

One of the easiest ways to create a cozy feel for your November pages is by using kraft paper to decorate.

I went a little overboard that November since I used my printer and Silhouette machine to cut out more particular things like this header.

Check my post Bullet Journal Ideas With Kraft Paper for inspiration.

Art Deco Bullet Journal Theme

Credit: @doodlelou.co

I love this style because it’s just lines and patterns, but they look stunning!

The combination of gold and black looks amazing and is very on-theme.

November BuJo Idea: Crystals

Credit: @bulletwithe

Crystals are a wonderful theme for any month, I think. The best part is that they are pretty easy to doodle, and there are so many variations you can use with shape and color to make the theme more interesting.

I usually see this theme in blue and purple. But I wonder how it would look in yellow and orange. Maybe I should try it for my November theme this year!

Whimsy Bullet Journal Idea

Credit: @miras.journal

This is such a fun and magical theme idea. I especially love the beautiful colors – my favorite Zebra Mildliners.

If you look at it closer, you’ll also see that it’s not difficult to replicate.

Japanese Garden Bullet Journal Theme

Credit: @joannejrnls

This theme is called the Japanese garden because that’s how the creator named it.

And I love this name, cause the garden is full of shiba inu. It’s not necessarily a very Fall theme, but it’s super cute.

Well, these are all ideas I managed to collect.

What theme are you doing this November? Share with us in the comments.

I hope this post was interesting; if you find it so, please share! If you enjoy my content and want to show appreciation, please consider supporting me with a cup of coffee.

And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be a Blob!

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