Hello Planning Mashers!

Summer is here and I bet that, whatever you’re doing now, all you dream about is the summer holidays! I graduated a while ago and I still get the travel bug every time June starts.

We all want to make the best of our vacations, and what better way to do it than plan it with Bullet Journal?

Check out this post to get some ideas on how to create travel journal pages and forever preserve the wonderful memories you’ll get from your next vacation.

How often do you forget something at home? Or maybe miss some must-see spots? Now we don’t want any of these little details to spoil the precious moments of summer traveling, do we!

Or maybe you want to do something different – actually out your travel memories on paper so they don’t get lost among thousands of other photos you take every day.

I got you covered for both of these cases!

In this post, you’ll find some pages to create while preparing for your vacation, but also some creative ways to add the memories to your journal.

If you want to check out what spreads I used for my latest Travel Journal, check out the Plan With Me post with my latest Travel Journal setup (and a PWM video).

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Travel Bullet Journal Ideas To Prepare For Vacation

We’re starting from pages you might want to create before the trip.

These will help you to stay organized and plan the perfect vacation.

In case you’re not that much of a planner, just scroll down to the section with vacation journal ideas for your adventures.

Where to travel?

It all starts from the big question – where our next adventure will take. Why don’t you simply make a list of places you want to visit and pick one of them?

Time to start fulfilling your traveling dreams.

I love how detailed this map is and how happy is the red airplane.

I also must say how I’m absolutely jealous of the list of places she already visited. That’s quite an impressive one!

Creative Travel Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Plan A Perfect Vacation, places to go by @beagurban | Masha Plans

Credit: @beagurban

I think it’s such a creative idea to make this spread with signposts and luggage.

I also love how there is an exact plan here – to go and visit certain places in a certain year. This is how you make it happen!

What an amazing trip around the world this is!

And of course, I’m loving the amazing pastel colors of these Stabilo Highlighters.

I have an entire blog post about Bullet Journal wish lists, but here is a different one – a travel wish list.

The details of this list are amazing, and of course, I’m so in love with the handwriting.

Such a fun and creative way to track countries you’ve visited.

Plus it’s pretty educational as well, you’ll be reminded of all the flags.

Creative Travel Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Plan A Perfect Vacation, places to go by @noctriwina | Masha Plans

Credit: @noctriwina

All the color really adds so much fun to this spread.

And I’m in love with these detailed illustrations for each destination.

Beautiful list and I’m absolutely in love with these gold accents.

The quote is also pretty fun, a true course of action.

Savings Tracker

Now that you have your perfect trip in mind, time to start saving up.

Savings trackers like some of these below can be a great help!

Such a cute and creative savings tracker. And a fun way to use your stickers.

I must say it seems like you don’t be able to add here too many stickers, so if you’re saving up for a big trip you might want to add larger numbers to your key.

Creative Travel Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Plan A Perfect Vacation, savings tracker by @craftyenginerd | Masha Plans

   Credit: @craftyenginerd

What a fun idea to turn Monopoly into a savings tracker.

And I love how the whole process is a game, definitely makes saving money that much more fun.

Creative Travel Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Plan A Perfect Vacation, savings tracker by @bluenittany | Masha Plans

Credit: @bluenittany

Yearly savings tracker is very useful, and if you see it’s just $200 a month it doesn’t seem like such a big deal.

If you’re generally looking for ideas on how to manage your money with a Bullet Journal, check my post Budget and Finance Bullet Journal Page Ideas.

What to do?

You definitely want to get the most of your experience! So do a little research – what places are interesting to visit? What restaurants do you want to go to?

Make it a fun experience and write down all your finds in your Bullet Journal for future reference.

This seems like an amazing trip to take.

And I’m really loving how there is a list of so many things to do for each location.

I’ve never been to Vermont, but this spread definitely makes me want to go.

Plus it gave me a good idea that it might be worth having a spread like that about your hometown (or home state), not just for when you travel.

Creative Travel Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Plan A Perfect Vacation, things to do by @inkbyjeng | Masha Plans

Caption: @inkbyjeng

Coffee shops are always a good place to know – you can get your coffee, get a better feel of the city and just spend some cozy time planning your day every morning.

Maybe it’s not a list of the most popular places to visit, but it’s still a fun list to have.

Beautiful spread and I love the mix of illustrations and different fonts.

This can also be a memory-keeping page, but I decided it would fit here as well.


You know the dates, you know where and what you want to see – time to create your itinerary! It doesn’t have to be a minute by minute plan mind you, but just some general understanding on what you’ll be doing.

You don’t want to go to a museum when they are having a day off don’t you? Obviously, not everything needs to be planned to the last detail. It’s always good to leave some time for whatever life might bring you.

Beautiful itinerary spread in amazing pastel pastel colors.

I also love how the artist used a postcard and a photo to decorate it.

Hayley is a very well organized person, so no wonder she has such a well thought through itinerary.

I also love this little detail os a closeup.

Creative Travel Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Plan A Perfect Vacation, itinerary by @bujoncoffee | Masha Plans

Credit: @bujoncoffee

Such a detailed itinerary and I’m really loving the little doodles on each day.

I think this might be filled out on the day, not as much of a pre-planning. But the concept still works.

Another itinerary that can actually be a memory page.

But I think it works very well as an example of an itinerary, since everything is so clear and well organized about each day.

I especially love creating itineraries, because later when you travel, you just have to fill it up with places you visited, your feelings, and your emotions and you already have a wonderful place to keep your memories!


This is one of my favorite spreads! When I was a kid, before Christmas, I used to have a chocolate calendar. Each day, beginning on the 1st of December, I’d open a little slot, and discover a small candy, and it was wonderful! Not only because of chocolate but also because of the amazing feeling that Christmas day was a bit closer.

Well, this works on pretty much the same principle. Ticking one more day on your countdown spread every day adds that extra bit of excitement.

Wonderful cruise countdown tracker. It’s such a fun idea to make this tracker in the shape of a ship.

I’m also loving those stamps the creator used to decorate the spread at the bottom.

Creative Travel Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Plan A Perfect Vacation, countdown by @planwithink | Masha Plans

Credit: @planwithink

Such a fun and creative spread.

Somehow it makes me think of the old video games.

Very basic countdown tracker, but those oranges and yellows sure do make it look so happy and festive.

Plus it’s cool that the artist still found a place to write what exactly this trip is all about.

What a perfect idea to have a stack of suitcases as a countdown tracker.

Vacation Overview

This idea kind of includes several of the ideas in this list.

But I think it’s very useful to have one overview spread with all of your travel information.

Thats’ a perfect example of all the information being in one place.

I also love that there is a little map of the journey.

So neat and perfectly organized! This account always has the cutest pages.

Travel Journal Spread: Packing List

Of course in the last days, you’ll get busy packing. Why not help yourself by making a packing list.

Make sure you have it all there and you’re all ready for new adventures.

Creative Travel Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Plan A Perfect Vacation, packing list by @bujoncoffee | Masha Plans

Credit: @bujoncoffee

What a massive list, but how well organized.

I love when things are divided by categories like that, it’s much easier to pack that way.

I’m so in love with this pink color, it’s absolutely perfect for a beach vacation.

Love the quote as well, don’t we all need it!

Creative Travel Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Plan A Perfect Vacation, packing list by @spocreative.co | Masha Plans

Creative: @spocreative.co

Absolutely fantastic idea to add suitcases to your packing list.

I find it’s very useful to divide your packing list in that way, so you know exactly what to pack in your carry on.

One more pretty and very well organized packing list.

I think it’s a good idea to have the weather on top – it helps to more clearly see what kind of clothing to pack.

Credit: @bujo.summer

This is not exactly a packing list, but I thought I should still include it here.

There might be many emergencies while you travel and it’s always good to be prepared.

Super cute packing list, I’m loving the pastels and brush lettering on the header.

Plus it’s fun to decorate it with travel things like tickers in the corner.

This is a very basic list, but you hardly need anything more complicated to be sure you pack it all.

Flight Info

Always make sure you have all your flight info handy, especially if you’re planning a long trip with layovers and several destinations.

It’s really easy to do with an assigned Bullet Journal spread, like some of these below.

Beautiful spread and I’m so in love with the use of kraft paper here.

I feel like the only thing missing here are the flight dates.

Creative Travel Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Plan A Perfect Vacation, flight info by @1geekynerd | Masha Plans

Credit: @1geekynerd

That’s a lot of flights! But I love this spread and how the artist used Doctor Who for that.

Playlist Bullet Journal Spread

The only thing left is to pick the music for your upcoming trip!

I love doing it for every trip I take, that way my memories get connected to the music and I can always remember the good times just by listening to the music.

Very simple but functional spread.

I love how it’s divided by two with the artists and the song.

Creative Travel Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Plan A Perfect Vacation, travel playlist by @xpaperwingsx | Masha Plans

Credit: @xpaperwingsx

Such a creative playlist and I’m in love with the colors.

It’s also a much smaller one, but let’s be honest – just a few songs might be enough.

Rhio is such a talented artist and she’s doing fantastic work with her pencils.

I love how all the items have those cute expressions, makes it look so much more fun and happy.

Creative Travel Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Plan A Perfect Vacation, travel playlist by @studydrug | Masha Plans

Credit: @studydrug

Great playlist spread and I really like that this flatlay photo is also on the theme.

Memory Keeping Vacation Journal Ideas

Ok that’s all about pages you might want to create before the trip, but what about during and after?

Here are some page ideas to keep your travel memories.

Stamps and Tickers

One of a the cool things you can do is to save your maps, stamps, tickers and all the other little things you get during your trip.

This can help you remember where you’ve been and be a good decoration for your travel memory spreads.

Credit: @jolenegoes

I usually have a folder with me when I travel where I put all of these things as I travel, so I can look through it later and use it for my memory pages.

Definitely would recommend it! It’s always such a great memento.

As you can see receipts and plane tickers make a good decoration as well.

I think there are also some magazine cutouts, always a good technique.

Postal stamps are also such a great way to decorate your memory pages.

Especially since they after have the images of the places and special dates.

Of course a great way to keep your memories is by adding photos.

This is the printer I usually use and I must say I’m very happy with it.

Remembering The Food

I don’t know about you, but for me food is always a special travel experience.

Even the same food tastes different in different places.

So if you’re a foodie or also just like eating delicious food, you might wanna remember some special dishes you had during your vacation.

Credit: @asiancloud

Travel Journaling

Another way to keep your memories is just journaling.

You don’t need to decorate it much, or maybe just add a little something.

Credit: @lifestillis

I like that on this spread there is a photo and a small dried flower.

The page from the book used as a decoration also is a good touch.

Beautiful journaling spread and I’m so in love with this handwriting.

Speaking of handwriting, if you want to improve yours, be sure to check my post 9 Simple Tricks To Improve Your Handwriting.

I can’t say enough about this header, I wonder how it was made.


Here I mean both passport stamps, museum stamps and post stamps.

These are all a great way to preserve your memories and keep track of all the amazing places you’ve visited.

Doodly Memory Page

Another thing you can do is to create pages with some doodles.

Travel doodles are not that difficult and you can doodles so many different things!

You can try to get started with some simple doodling tutorials like these.

Credit: @curlscity

Free Printables

Of course I wanted to leave you with some free printables.

Here are some travel stickers and a travel daily log to keep track of your adventures.

If you don’t have your access to the Resources Vault yet – just sign up in the form below.

Oh and for more tips on how to create and maintain a travel journal check out my post Comprehensive Guide To Travel Bullet Journal.

What pages do you use? And do you use your Bullet Journal for preparation to travel?

Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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