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Time to set up a new journal for the new year and I’m here today to give you some page ideas to try out.

17 Bullet Journal Page Ideas For Your New Journal | Masha Plans

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New year, new journal! It’s always so exciting! Not only a chance to move to a new notebook, but also an opportunity to level up your Bullet Journal.

Of course, a lot of thought goes into setting up your journal and migrating pages from the previous one. But there are also a lot of fun parts of migrating.

My favorite thing about starting a new journal is trying out new pages. I don’t overcomplicate and try not to add 30 new collections in each journal, but I enjoy trying out a few new spreads.

Some of them actually ended up on my must-have pages list, and I’d never had those if I didn’t give them a try.

So, here are 17 pages you can add to your new journal, in no particular order. A lot of these I actually had in my 2021 Bullet Journal setup, so be sure to check that post and see how I set them up.

Future Log

We care starting from the most obvious one. Future log really is one of the basic pages to have in your Bullet Journal.

For me, it’s a great place to write all deadlines and holidays and such to see how I should be planning my year.

There are many ways to set up your future log. Usually, I prefer to set it so at one glance you could see the whole year and all the entries together.

How To Start A Bullet Journal In The Middle of The Years: 2019-2020 Plan With Me, Future Log | Masha Plans

Word Of TheYear

This is an amazing practice that will help you set your mood for the new year and your new journal. It’s not like setting a goal, it’s more about creating a mindset and a focus for the year.

You can read more about this practice in my post Why You Need Personal Word Of The Year And How To Choose One, where I also have tons of ideas of words you might want to try using.

This is my word for 2020, thrive. In Fall 2019 we uprooted our life in China and moved to Bolivia, where I’ve never been before and I don’t speak much Spanish either. At the same time, we also took a leap and decided to go full time with Masha Plans.

Thrive was my word because I was in a completely new situation and I needed not to just make it work, but make it work very very well.

My Word Of The Year | Masha Plans

Year In Photos

I have an HP SProcket printer, which I love but don’t use nearly often enough.

So when I was setting up my 2019 Bullet Journal I decided to create a page where I’d add a photo each month.

A picture is worth a thousand words and now this is one of my favorite pages in my journal because I can see so clearly the journey I took that year.

Memory Keeping In Your Bullet Journal - memory collection | Masha Plans

And you don’t need a fancy printer for a spread like that. Print it out on usual paper, use your printer to print the photos and then cut them, or simply go to a printer shop at the end of the year to print all 12 of your photos.

Vision Board

Want to set your year right? Want to build a path for yourself? Well, the vision board can help you with all that.

Unlike the goals page, your vision board doesn’t force you to go strictly according to plan. This is just your dream for the upcoming year, your intentions and desires.

How To Create Bullet Journal Vision Board | Masha Plans

Vision board is a strong tool that helped me to – first – actually sit down and think deeply about how I want my life to be. And secondly – to manifest it to the universe.

Ok, this might sound a bit scary, but it works. Either because I truly believe the universe truly listens to us, or because by creating a vision board you give a signal to your brain and it starts subconsciously working towards achieving what you dreamt about. Both explanations work for me!

If you want to know how it all works and how to create your own vision board – check my blog post How To Create A Vision Board In Your Bullet Journal.

Yearly Goals

A Vision board is a great way to set direction, but what leads you to success is hard goals and step by step plan.

Create a goals page highlighting what you want to change in different areas of your life and maybe even add a little action plan to it.

2021 Bullet Journal Setup, yearly goals | Masha Plans

A very important thing about goal setting though is to make sure you don’t push yourself to achieve something that you don’t want anymore, so be sure to check your goals as the year passes to ensure that you’re putting your efforts into the right things.

For more on goals check out my post How To Set And Achieve Goals in Your Bullet Journal.

Level 10 Life

This is such a fun exercise that came into life from the My Miracle Morning book (which is life changing, definitely give it a read, or listen!).

The main point is for you to evaluate each area of your life and then build a plan on what you need to do to achieve a score of 10 in all the areas.

31 Fun and Simple Bullet Journal Page Ideas, Level 10 Life | Masha Plans

It’s another creative way to make yourself think differently and evaluate your goals from a new angle. Be sure to check my post How to Set Goals With Level 10 Life if you want more details on that.

Yearly Finances

It’s always great to follow with your spendings, but you also could create a yearly financial overview.

I’m doing it this year because I have many income sources and it’s good to know how much I’m making from each.

2021 Bullet Journal Setup, yearly income | Masha Plans

If you have just one income stream – no worries. Create a table where you see how much you made per month and how much you spent.

Just go back to this page at the end of the month to add final numbers, it will be interesting to see how your money flows during the year.

Savings Tracker

On the opposite side of your yearly finances, it could be a great idea to add a savings tracker, that way, you can see all your yearly finances in one place.

It’s always great to save money and there are so many ways you can create a savings tracker.

You can set a goal on how much you want to save each month, you can be saving for something particular so you can set a goal on when you want to have money to buy this thing.

Or you can just try to save as much as you can and use your savings tracker to simply see your progress.

2021 Bullet Journal Setup, savings spread | Masha Plans

Grid Guide

As you go and set your Bullet Journal pages, you’ll realize how often you need to divide your journal spreads by half, by three, and so on.

Counting squares each time you’re working on a set up can be pretty time consuming, so why not create a grid guide to make the entire process so much easier?

Bullet Journal Review: Archer and Olive Dot Grid Notebook | Masha Plans

The grid guide is basically a spread that tells you how many squares you need to have for different divisions. All you’ll need to do when setting up your next spread is take a look back at your grid guide and you’ll know where to draw your lines.

A little tip here – be sure to create your grid guide on the left side of your notebook, it makes it much easier to reference it in the future.

Year In Pixels

This is a great way to monitor your moods, and the best part – you can set it up once and no need to create one every month.

Year in pixels Bullet Journal spread by @irenejbujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @irenejbujo

Actually now as I write this,  I feel like I really should’ve added it to my yearly setup, since I have a mood tracker each month anyway.

But oh well, maybe in my next journal.

Basically, year in pixels is an annual mood tracker, it’s a great way to see how you’re doing and to check up on yourself. Mood trackers generally are an amazing tool for mental health, so I definitely recommend giving it a try.

For more information on mood trackers check my post 35+ Bullet Journal Mood Trackers And How To Use Them.

About Me Page

I love creating “about me” pages. They help me to think more about who I am as a person, and it’s a fun way to put on paper where I am in life at the moment.

About me page | Masha Plans

Looking back at all the “about me” pages is super fun and nostalgic, so I always recommend people to try these out.

A cool thing I like doing with my about me pages in my Bullet Journal is to create one when I start the journal and one when I finish it. It’s kind of a fun way to see how far I went with my life during this time.

Birthday Tracker

One of the things I love the most about my Bullet Journal is that it allows me to never forget important dates like birthdays.

Usually, I actually add my birthdays to my Future log, but hey, you can also create a separate fun birthday tracker, especially if you have a lot of them to remember.

31 Fun and Simple Bullet Journal Page Ideas, Birthday Tracker | Masha Plans

Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning is a bain of my existence, I can’t stand dirty places but I really really don’t like cleaning. Well unless I’m very angry about something, but I can’t use this power too often.

So what helps me to keep the house clean is having a cleaning schedule. Instead of delaying the process and then spending the whole weekend cleaning, I schedule little tasks I can do every day to keep the house clean.

25 Monthly Bullet Journal Page Ideas, cleaning tracker | Masha Plans

It’s also a great reminder of the larger cleaning tasks that I often forget about, like cleaning the fridge, washing the curtains, and flipping the mattress.

Bucket List

A bucket list is basically a list of things you want to do. You can create a bucket list or your year, like 20 things to do in 2020, or for your age, like 30 things to do before 30. I’m totally still working on the latter list!!

Bucket lists are a fun way to remind yourself of some fun things to do, other than Netflix. And it’s also one more awesome page to put your dreams to.

31 Fall Bucket List ideas and Bullet Journal Inspirations | Masha Plans

For more bucket list ideas be sure to check my post with Fall Bucket List Inspirations.

Yearly Intentions

It’s a new spread that I’m trying this year and it’s something to set myself right for the upcoming year.

This is a spread to think about your mental health, well being, and personal development. And yourself these questions:

  • What do you want to feel more of this year?
  • What do you want to leave behind?
  • What habits do you want to keep?
  • What things do you want to add to your life?

I love this spread because honestly, all these questions made me think of the upcoming year in a totally different way.

2021 Bullet Journal Setup, yearly intentions | Masha Plans

Book / TV / Movie Tracker

Love reading books, watching movies or TV shows? Well, why not create a tracker for those.

Add here the movies you want to watch or the books that are on your to-read list.

Or maybe leave it empty and just set yourself a goal to read that many books and fill it out as you go.

31 Fun and Simple Bullet Journal Page Ideas, TV Tracker | Masha Plans

Things That Make Me Happy

This is a fun page that I’m sure we all need for self-care in this crazy time.

This is simply the page with things that make you happy. It’s a great reminder of all the wonderful things that are still there for you to enjoy.

It can also be a great reference point for when you need a pick me up. Just add sections with your favorite movies, music, food, and next time you’re feeling down just do some of these things.

2021 Bullet Journal Setup, my favorite things | Masha Plans

These are my ideas for pages you can add to your brand new Bullet Journal. What are some pages you like to have in your BuJo? 

Share with us in the comments!

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling and Don’t Be A Blob.

17 Bullet Journal Page Ideas For Your New Journal | Masha Plans

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