50 Ideas To Fill Your Empty Notebook

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If you’re also a huge planner, there is a chance that you have more notebooks in your collection that you know what to do with. If you’re looking for blank notebook ideas, you’re in the right place because this is exactly what we’ll be talking about in this post.

I gathered here 50 things to fill a notebook with, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find here an idea that fits you and your character.

There are too many beautiful journals out there to limit yourself to just one Bullet Journal at a time. If you’re here, you probably agree with this statement!

And I have good news for you because here I gathered 50 ideas on how to fill out your blank notebooks so you put your journal collection to use and get some benefits from it yourself.

There are also some free printables, so be sure to scroll until the end.

Let’s dive in!

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50 Things To Fill A Notebook With

Journal hoarding is no joke, but let’s not only use them to decorate bookshelves. Said Masha, whose 90% of home decor is Archer and Olive journals haha

But for real, these journals will look even better after you use them, so check out these ideas, put these journals to use, and get rid of that guild for buying one more journal.

1. Bullet Journal

The first idea, of course, had to be to start a Bullet Journal. After all, this is what this blog is mostly about.

2. Morning Pages

This is a wonderful habit that can help you transform your life, and this idea came to me from My Miracle Morning book, which I can’t recommend enough.

3. Diary

You don’t have to do morning pages; you can just do a usual diary entry to help you work through your day and things that are happening to you.

4. Mental Health Journal

If you’re struggling with mental health, it would be very useful to keep track of your symptoms or intrusive thoughts to help you work through the issues. For more ideas, you can check my post with Bullet Journal Page Ideas For Mental Health.

5. Self-Care Journal

Fun idea to add all your self-care things into one page. Songs you love, movies that make you happy. Any activities you enjoy doing, scents, and textures that make you happy. Just a big reference book on how to take care of yourself and cheer you up.

Check for more in my post with Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas.

6. Stationery Journal

Use your empty journal to help you keep track of your stationery collection. Add pen swatch pages to see all the pens you have; try creating washi tape swatch pages. This will allow you to always know what you have and use your stationery more in general.

7. Hobby Journal

Create a separate journal for your hobbies – when and how to do them, where you prefer getting your supplies, some future project ideas, and so on.

8. Memory Journal

Kind of like a scrapbook – keep your important memories on paper to always remember.

9. Junk Journal

Anything goes with this idea; just let your creativity flow.

10. Doodling Journal

I always recommend practicing doodling in a journal; that way, you can have a journal full of doodle ideas and easily see your progress.

How To: Stationery Doodles | Masha Plans

11. Favorite Quotes

A good quote can be a powerful tool.

12. Reading Journal

Speaking of quotes, why not create a full-on reading journal? If you need inspiration, check out my Reading Bullet Journal Ideas post.

13. Sketchbook

Release your creativity and try out new styles and materials.

14. Letters

Writing letters can be very therapeutic, so just write some – to your teenage self, to your future self, to somebody who hurt you.

15. Sketchnote Journal

Visual note-taking is a powerful tool for working with information, so why not create a separate journal just for that?

Sketchnotes: Intro To Visual Note-taking - online course notes | Masha Plans

16. Language Journal

Perfect idea if you’re learning a new language.

17. Handwriting Practice

Improving your handwriting is all about practice. Use a journal to do just that and develop your own aesthetic handwriting.

18. Vision Journal

Instead of a vision board, go into more detail and create a journal with the life you want.

19. Travel Journal

Plan your perfect vacations and keep the memories of them in one place.

20. Gratitude Journal

There is a lot of power in having a gratitude journal. You can check more in my post on Happier Life With Bullet Journal Gratitude Log.

21. Lists

Your favorite restaurants, list of Birthday party theme ideas, achievement lists – anything you can come up with.

22. Plant Journal

Because if you’re a plan mama, you need to know which plant requires which kind of care.

23. Pet Journal

As a pet owner, you’ll definitely want to keep track of everything about your pet, its health, and its habits.

24. Affirmations

A great tool to reframe your thoughts and build a more positive attitude.

25. Routines

Routines can help you so much with having more energy and generally feeling better. Just check my post on How To Create Routines For Happiness In Your Life.

26. Study | Work Journal

Stay on top of all your responsibilities.

27. Event Planning

No matter if that’s your profession or you just like hosting parties – this can be a fun and useful journal to create.

28. Brainstorming

Whether you’re thinking of a perfect Christmas gift or your next business idea.

29. Recipe Book

Kind of like the type you got from your nana to keep all of your favorite and signature recipes in the family.

30. Bucket List

So you always know what to do and what things will bring you joy. Definitely, a useful tool to help you live life to the fullest.

31. Accomplishments Journal

So you always know how great you are and never feel like you’re not doing anything. Add 1-3 things you’re proud of yourself for doing that day.

32. Prayers

Keep here all your favorite prayers, or write your own.

33. Nanowrimo Journal

If you’re writing a lot, it might be fun to have a separate journal just for that. It’ll help you become a better writer and maybe even work through a new story idea.

34. Sustainability Journal

Keep track of all the things that will help you make a smoother switch to a sustainable lifestyle.

35. Music Journal

Record your favorites and your general journey in the music world. Check my post with Playlist Bullet Journal Page Ideas for inspiration.

36. Outfit Journal

Keep track of all your outfits, use a journal to build a capsule wardrobe, or just include here your outfit wishlist.

37. Astrology | Horoscope Journal

Keep track of moon phases and all the other influences on your horoscope.

38. Address Book

Especially if you have a big family, it can be useful to keep track of everyone and all the emergency contacts, just in case.

39. Workout Journal

Take your workout seriously and keep track of it all.

40. Mind Mapping

It’s a visual way to organize your thoughts, and you can learn more in my post on How To Create A Mind Map In Your Bullet Journal.

41. Home Decor Journal

Building your perfect home is expensive and time-consuming, so it might be fun to collect some ideas in a separate journal.

42. Finance Journal

Keep track of all your finances and how you’re spending your money. Get more ideas in my post on Managing Your Finances With A Bullet Journal.

43. Challenges

There are so many fun and useful challenges to do – no spend month, plank month, doodling challenges, and so many more. Just pick a niche, and you’ll find tons of ideas.

44. Time Tracking

A super useful tool to manage your time and can be a great idea for an entire journal. Learn more in my post on Time Tracking In Your Bullet Journal.

45. Journal Decoration Ideas

Create a brain dump for ideas and inspirations on how to decorate your journal. Like spreads with different headers, banners, and such.

46. Lessons

Something you might’ve learned for yourself, or maybe an insight you got from a book.

47. Personal Development Journal

A perfect place to work on yourself, your thoughts, and your behaviors. Take any self-help book (like this one I’m reading right now), and it will give you so many exercises and ideas, enough to fill out an entire journal!

48. Family Journal

Perfect for keeping track of all your family members, their likes and dislikes, important dates, and deadlines.

49. Pros And Cons Journal

Making decisions is easier when you consider all the pros and cons. Perfect idea for a separate journal to make sure you always know your “why” of any decision.

50. Wellness Journal

Keep track of things you do for your well-being, like meditation, healthy eating, and sleep.

23 Inspirational Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas: Meditation Tracker | Masha Plans

If you need some more ideas, you can always look at these pages:

Free Printables

If you’re not sure which one of these ideas works for you, a great way to try it out is to use a printable and see if you like using these pages.

Thankfully, a lot of these ideas already have printable pages in the Resources Vault.

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So, which of these are you thinking of using? Share your idea in the comments.

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