Bullet Journal Buying Guide

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Stationery is a big part of journaling, and getting good Bullet Journal supplies can help you succeed with your new habit. To help you with that, in this post, you’ll find all the information you need to pick that perfect notebook for you.

After all, a good notebook makes or breaks your Bullet Journal. And even though I can give you many journal recommendations, it all comes down to personal preferences.

There are quite a few things you should think about to make sure you choose a journal that fits your style and your needs. And you’re in luck because you’ll learn all t the things to consider in this blog post.

We’ve all been there — scrolling through Amazon, looking for the perfect notebook to help us organize our lives with a Bullet Journal. The choices can be overwhelming!

Don’t worry – I’m here to take away any stress you might feel while shopping!

This Bullet Journal Buying Guide will walk you through every step of picking out that perfect notebook so that you can confidently buy something that fits your needs and style.

And be sure to scroll until the end to get exact journal recommendations, as well as a free Ultimate Guide To Bullet Journal Supplies.

Journal Buying Guide

Ok, let’s get to it. There are a few main points you should consider when choosing your journal, so let’s talk about them.

Journal Size

There are many different journal sizes out there, and what works for you really depends on your handwriting and what type of information you will be recording, not to mention how often it’s going to travel with you.

No one size fits all when it comes to finding the perfect journal — after all, everyone has different needs!

If you want to go minimalist and will carry your journal with you a lot, you should probably consider getting a smaller-sized journal. If you need to take a lot of notes and such and (or), want to have more space to be creative – get started with something bigger.

Usually, A5 is the standard size for a Bullet Journal notebook, which is kind of in the middle of all the sizes, and you might want to start with it too.

Journal Binding Quality

Choosing the right binding for your book can be quite a dilemma. After all, it’s important to ensure you’re getting a product that fits your needs and preferences.

If you need something sturdy and prepared for anything, then investing in a tightly bound book is probably the best route.

But if you’re mainly keeping your book snugly in one spot, then maybe go with something durable but less expensive.

You’ll also want to think about whether or not you’d prefer a lying-flat book or something that needs to be held up while writing.

And finally, what kind of spine do you want? A hardcover definitely looks more polished than a coil-bound book — and it’s way better for lefties, who won’t have the rings scratching on their hands! In any case, there’s sure to be a binding option out there suitable for you.

Notebook Cover

When it comes to picking the perfect journal, one that will last for more than a year (or even just half a year) of writing, it may not always be easy. Do you opt for something hard-covered or soft-covered?

Well, in my opinion, it all depends on how you like to use your journal. Do you take it with you everywhere, or is it mainly for home use?

For me, I prefer the hardcover journal with elastic closure because it’s sturdy and usually provides plenty of pockets for tucking away bits and pieces like stickers or washi tape strips! Plus, they get bonus points for looking super sleek and stylish too.

Journal Paper Quality

Everyone knows the importance of paper density when it comes to your pens and markers – the lower the density, the more your lettering will show through and even possibly bleed.

However, that isn’t the only thing to consider! There is also the weight factor – higher density paper tends to be thicker, so of course, if you’re like me and don’t want to lug around a bulky notebook, then this might not be ideal for those who are looking for something lightweight.

The average Bullet Journal paper density is around 100 GSM, but if you’re after something on the higher quality side, then some suggest a density of 160 GSM would be best.

Before starting using your new journal right away, though, always do your pen test around different densities and make sure you’re aware of how smooth or rough the paper is.

If you need some exact recommendations – you’ll find them at the end of the post.

Notebook Paper Color

These are different shades of white when it comes to Bullet Journal notebooks, and this is why you should consider that.

When I first got my journal, I knew ivory was a beautiful color – so it was an easy choice for me. But then I started to notice the colors of my favorite markers and brush pens seemed to be muted when writing on ivory paper. It wasn’t a deal breaker, but it made me want more vivid hues in my artwork.

That’s why I eventually decided to switch over to pure white paper – now, every touch of my markers immediately comes to life in brilliant color!

So definitely consider that when you make your pick.

Journal Lining

You’ve probably heard it before, but just in case you haven’t – the dot grid is the way to go! Dot grid notebooks are ideal for creating pages in your journal, but they’re subtle enough that all your doodles and notes won’t blare out.

But no worries if you don’t have a dot-grid notebook; there are lots of other options available such as lined or squared, or even blank. As long as you have a notebook to work with, you can make it work for your Bullet Journal and reap the rewards of having an organized journal!

Notebook Pages

When it comes to journaling, one key question always arises: how many pages do I need?

Well, the answer isn’t as cut and dry as you may think. It all depends on how often you’ll be using your journal and how many spreads you need in a given month. On average, 250 pages will last for an entire year – however, this may vary based on how extensive your journalling is.

Another factor to consider is if the journal has numbered pages or not.

Having already numbered pages makes it so much easier to organize and access your content quickly and efficiently; you’re more likely to keep up with a regular bullet journalling routine since you don’t have to allocate time for manually numbering each page.

Though numbering yourself isn’t much of a challenge, it can certainly add an extra layer of hassle which isn’t ideal. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference – either way, getting into the habit of regular journal entries is beneficial, regardless!

Journal Extras

Let’s talk about some extra featured you might want (or not)from your journal.

The back pocket is such a neat feature, and it gives you so much more than just a way to store your favorite stickers or stencils!

Ah, and don’t forget about that easy-access pen loop – not having to dig for your favorite pen definitely comes in handy!

But even if your journal doesn’t come with a pen loop already attached, you can easily purchase them from office supply stores and affix it onto the journal yourself.

Finally, make sure to always check on what other features your journal has available – does it come with an Index? A Key? If you want to speed up and simplify your Bullet Journal, you might want to have these pages pre-made.

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BuJo Notebooks Recommendations

What’s the best place to buy your notebook? Well, it depends on what you have available. My go-to is Amazon, but there are also a few brands from who I buy directly.

Of course, you can always buy offline in your neighboring stationery store to show them your support and to actually check your journal in person.

Anyways, here are some of my journal recommendations:

  • Archer And Olive. These are a bit more expensive, but they are amazing, come in cute designs, and have unparalleled paper quality. You can also get 10% off with my code MASHA10.
  • Dingbats. These are great notebooks; they are a bit larger than A5 and come with ivory paper.
  • Scribbles That Matter. Another great brand with 160 GSM paper and the cutest cover designs.

There are many more recommendations for any budget and any preferences. I recommend you check out these posts:

Free Stationery Guide

Get ready to be amazed and inspired! With this Ultimate Guide To Bullet Journal Supplies, you can turn your journaling dreams into reality.

No more spending hours browsing online for the perfect supplies – it’s all been taken care of for you.

Everything from favorite journals to a wide variety of accessories is covered in the guide, so you can pick exactly what you need to make your journal look its best.

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob!

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