25 Epic Bullet Journal Gift Ideas For The Stationery Addicts

What do you get someone who likes Bullet Journaling? Well, I’ll answer all your questions in this post.

I gathered here 25 epic Bullet Journal gift ideas, and the journaler will absolutely go crazy over them. Some of them are Bullet Journal supplies; some are just cute things a journaler will love.

The holiday season is almost upon us, so it’s time to start preparing for it! With how popular the Bullet Journal system has become lately, it’s very likely you’ll already have some friends using it by now.

However, if you aren’t one, it can be not easy to choose the correct present. I usually need to create a list for my loved ones because they are completely clueless about all the pens and stencils I want to get.

Except for, of course, my friends, who I managed to already convert into the Bullet Journal method!

But back to you and the Bullet Journal addicts in your life.

25 Best Journaling Gifts

I’m here to help orient you in this magical world of stationery supplies. I’m sure any of these will be wonderful gifts for Bullet Journal lovers.

Finding the perfect present can be challenging, but believe me when I say there is no better present than stationery for a Bullet Journal enthusiast!

That’s why I’m here to help you find the best gift for your loved one.

A lot of those are on my list as well, so I’ll be sending this article to all my friends and family in hopes they get the hint ;)

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Bullet Journal Gifts

Let’s start with a few basic ideas – a Bullet Journal notebook.

A notebook is the first thing you need when starting Bullet Journaling, and you can never have enough journals in your life!

Believe me, I have a bookshelf of notebooks, and I’m still up for getting a new cute journal.

Oh, and these are all kinds of special items since it’s a gift. But if you’re looking for something more on a budget, check my post Best Affordable Bullet Journal Supplies.

Ok let’s dive in.

Archer and Olive Journals

These are some of the best journals on the market, and they are considered a premium product.

Any of them will make a wonderful gift, and they come in so many beautiful and aesthetic designs that you definitely can find something your loved one will adore.

And as my reader, you can get 10% off your order with code MASHA10.

LEUCHTTURM1917 Metallic Special Edition

This is one of the most popular journal brands out there, and their special edition metallic journal is stunning.

The fun part is that it comes in several metallic colors so that you can choose something special just for your loved one.

LEUCHTTURM1917 Metallic Special Edition - Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook (Copper) - 251 Numbered Pages
  • METALLICS: A cover material specially developed for this series gives the notebooks a refined metallic sheen. To present this look in all its gold, silver or copper metallic glory, the notebooks wear a black wrapband with minimalist metal embossing of '1917‘, inspired by the year we were founded
  • INKPROOF PAPER: Our Medium A5 notebooks have 80 gsm paper, which is equatable to 60lb stock, and have 251 numbered pages. The rear 8 sheets are perforated for easy detatching and a gusseted pocket for loose paper storage
  • OPENS FLAT: This thread-bound notebook opens flat so you can write and draw at all angles without compromising the integrity of the spine

Gifts For Stationery Lovers

Now let’s talk about some general stationery items.

There could never be enough stickers, washi tapes, and pens. So this is a universal gift anyone would love, even if they already have those in their collection.

Tombow Dual Brush Pens

These brush pens are a must-have for any Bullet Journal addict. The quality is amazing, and they have 108 available colors. You can never go wrong because any bullet journalist can tell you – you can never have too many colors!

The pens are available in small sets of 10 colors, but you can always go crazy and get a full 96 color set or 108 colors set. In the last few years, Tombow also released several new colored packs. So if you want to give something special – I’d recommend these.

Tombow 56149 Dual Brush Pen Art Markers, 96 Color Set with Desk Stand. Blendable, Brush and Fine Tip Markers with Stand
  • Water-based pens ideal for coloring, fine art, illustrations, doodling, journaling, hand lettering and more!
  • Includes 96 colors, including a colorless blender, and a desk stand
  • Flexible brush tip and fine tip in one marker! Brush tip works like a paintbrush to create fine, medium or bold strokes; fine tip gives consistent lines

Acrylograph Pens

These pens were just released in 2020 and easily took over the market – everyone in the Bullet Journal community is buzzing about these.

They come in tons of amazing colors and in sets, so it’s an easy gift to buy. Moreover, the packaging is all pretty fancy, so it’s a perfect gift!

I have all the pens from the collection, and I’m loving them. I’m sure any Bullet Journal junkie will be happy to try them!

Image credit: @archerandolive

If you’re not sure – check my Detailed Review of Acrylograph Pens.

Click HERE to buy the pens, and be sure to use code MASHA10 for 10% off your order.

They also have a lot of other amazing stuff to choose from.

Archer and Olive is a high-end stationery brand (even though it’s still a small woman-owned business), so pretty much anything from their stock can be a great gift.

Zebra Mildliner Highlighters

These highlighters are an absolute favorite among studygrams. They’re available in many colors and have two tips that make them even more useful.

Get a full set as a present, and I’m sure you’ll make this person very happy.

Zebra Pen Mildliner Double Ended Highlighter Set, Broad and Fine Point Tips, Assorted Ink Colors, 25-Pack
  • Versatile creative tool! With a broad chisel tip at one end and fine bullet point at the other, these creative markers are great for highlighting, hand lettering and creative expression
  • Bring your bullet journal or Bible study to life! Zebra Pen Mildliner Highlighters have a unique, mild color that makes any creative work a little more snazzy in the office, art department or studio
  • Layer ink for extra creativity! Translucent, water-resistant ink in soft colors layers beautifully and won’t bleed through the page; Double ended marker-highlighters are perfect for coloring books

Zebra Mildliner Brush Pens

These are pretty new in the stationery world and are a great companion to the highlighters of this series. They have the same (or at least very similar) colors as the highlighters but offer a brushed tin and a much thinner point tip.

I have a complete review since I got my hands on these not so long ago. These will be great for anyone, even if they aren’t that proficient in lettering.

Zebra Pen Mildliner Double Ended Brush Pen, Brush and Point Tips, Assorted Ink Colors, 25-Pack, Multicolor (79125)
  • Unique mild color softly strokes paper from brush and fine point tips without bleeding through the page, useful for hand lettering or fine underlining
  • Mild water resistant pigment ink is translucent and excellent for layering, employing the brush and super fine tips for countless creative applications
  • Clean white barrel makes these marker-brush pens a lovely addition to an office, art department or studio for clearer expression of ideas

Staedtler Triplus Fineliners Set

Every bullet journalist also needs a good set of colored pens, and Staedtler ones are absolutely amazing. They’re also available in many colors, which makes them even more attractive.

These pens have a 0.3 mm nib and are dry-free (which I LOVE because whenever I think about pens getting dry when someone forgets to put the cap back on, my heart breaks). So you can rest assured that your present will be useful for a long time.

STAEDTLER Color Pen Set, Set of 36 Assorted Colors (Triplus Fineliner Pens)
  • Staedtler triplus fineliner in ergonomic triangular shape for relaxed and easy writing
  • Dry safe - can be left uncapped for days without drying up
  • Assorted pack of 36 fineliner with a fine, metal-clad tip and a linewidth of approximately 0.3 mm

Karin Brushmarkers Pro

These pens are on the expensive side, so likely your loved one wouldn’t buy them her (or him) self, but it makes for a wonderful present.

The pens are rich in pigment, very smooth, and beautiful. Trust me; they are on a wish list of pretty much everyone.

karin Megabox Brush Marker Pro Water-Based Brush Pen Suitable for Painting, Drawing and Handlettering Multi-Coloured KAR27C7 Assorted
  • Manufactured using "liquid ink" technology, contains 2.4 ml of paint "Liquid ink"
  • Non-toxic paints, Intense colour until the very last drop!
  • Superior technology allows you to control the amount of "paint" used

Coliro Metallic Watercolor Paints

Metallic everything is amazing, so I decided to include a set of golden watercolors in this list.

These are incredibly beautiful especially, and whoever will receive this gift – they will love it, believe me!

Coliro M600 Artist Mica Watercolor Paint Set – Metallic Watercolor Paints (6-Color Set, 30mm)
  • Made of mica, a natural product that offers a wide variety of metallic shades from gold and silver to iridescent, pearl shining colors
  • 1.2" Diameter
  • Ideal for creating special effects and highlighting.

Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens

Faber Castell is a wonderful brand, and I’m a huge fan of every product they create.

So it’s a worthy recommendation for a gift, whether it’s their set of fineliners or a more pricy option – their brush pens.

Faber-Castel Pitt Artist Brush Pens (24 Pack), Multicolor (167147)
Faber-Castel Pitt Artist Brush Pens (24 Pack), Multicolor (167147)
WHAT IS IT: Faber Castell 167147 India ink PITT artist pen B studio box of 24

Fountain Pen

If somebody is into Bullet Journaling, they are likely really into pretty handwriting as well. And what can be a better gift than an amazing fountain pen?

Lamy pens are some of the best on the market and will make a great and luxurious present.

LAMY AL-Star Fountain Pen (29F) Black Purple + 5 Black Ink Cartridges
  • Lamy AL-Star Fountain Pen (29F) Black Purple & 5 Black Ink Cartridges + 1 Blue ink cartridge
  • Fine Nib - Made in Germany European packaging – No leaflet included
  • The body of the fountain pen is made of aluminium The nib is made of polished stainless steel

Best Journaling Gifts For Organization

Here is a thing – if somebody Bullet Journals, they probably have a bit of a stationery collection.

And the stationery needs to be organized! So anything from this category will always be a welcome gift.

Pencil Pouch

This is a very cute accessory that any Bullet Journal enthusiast will be happy to have.

You can wrap it around your planner and always carry it with your pens and other tiny stationery items.

Image credit: archerandolive

This is one of the must-have accessories for anyone who always has their planner with them.

Or even just as a way to organize your supplies at home – I have several of these, and I use them all the time.

Remember that for all Archer and Olive items you can get 10% off with my code MASHA10.

Pencil Case

A great way to organize the pens is simply putting them in a pencil case. And not just any pencil case – a freakishly huge pencil case!

This one is perfect for all the Bullet Journal addicts who usually have a lot of pens in their collection.

This pencil case can hold 202 colored pencils or 136 gel pen markers. It also has a stripe to carry around. They’re sold in 6 different colors, so I’m sure you’ll find one to your liking. Believe me, anyone with a significant stationery collection will be thrilled to get such a useful tool to organize it all.

If you want to go this road and get some stationery storage as a gift, be sure to check my post How To Organize Your Bullet Journal Supplies. There are many more things you can get for somebody who is looking to bring order to their Bullet Journal collection.

202 Colored Pencils Pencil Case - 136 Color Gel Pens Pen Bag or Marker Organizer - Universal Artist Use Supply Zippered Large Capacity Slot Super Big Professional Storage. Finless porpoise, 1 Count (Pack of 1)
  • LARGE PENCIL ORGANIZER - Top quality Pencil Case that has a multi-layer compartments and large capacity that can store up to 202 colored pencils or 136 gel pen markers. The cover is made of the best polyester Oxford fabric on the market that will never rip apart, wear out or let you down
  • ELEGANT DESIGN - Our colored pencil case storage bag has 64 slots that can hold up to 202 colored pencils or 136 gel pens without any problem. The elastic slots band makes it easy to fit and remove your pencil and you can easily see & organize the different colors of your watercolor pencils
  • VERSATILE - It is used widely for painter, makeup artist, writers & professional for storing various tool like Prismacolor / Crayola / Marco Raffine colored pencil, watercolor pencil, gel pen, marker, eraser, or cosmetic brush & could also apply to ordinary pencils in offices & art galleries

Washi Tape Dispenser

This is more of a useful gift, but believe me, they will be happy to receive it!

Washi tapes tend to multiply, and this storage is a convenient way to keep so many of them

Washi Tape Holder
  • Actual Size: 16-1/2” Wide x 13-1/4" High x 3-3/4” Deep
  • It's simple! Just thread your washi tape under the dowel, press it against the front edge of the shelf, and when you use it, you can quickly remove the roll from the holder.
  • Or, another option is to pull out the end of your preferred color and cut it with a scissors for a smooth edge. You can also tear it off against the bottom of the shelf for a rough edge.

A cute thing to add to this one is maybe some more washi tape. Nobody will say no to more washi tape.

Dizdkizd 20 Rolls Washi Tape Set, Universe Design Masking Tapes with 3 Sizes 8mm/15mm/30mm, Hot Stamping Decorative Washi Tapes for DIY Craft, Planners, Scrapbooking
  • 1. Decent Quality: Japanese professional textured paper tape, waterproof and sticky.
  • 2. Product Sizes: 3 sizes in one set, 8mm * 4 rolls, 15mm * 12 rolls, 30mm * 4 rolls, 2m per roll.
  • 3. Hot Stamping Craft: Hot stamping of graphics and text rendering great colours, never fade.

Gifts For Bullet Journalers: Tools

Technically all the stationery can be counted as tools, but here I wanted to highlight a few special items.

Anyone who uses a Bullet Journal will be thrilled to get any of these items.

Jayden’s Apple Stencils

I’m a huge fan of stencils, and these have been my favorites for a while! Jayden offers a wide variety of stencils, from lettering to drawing – these stencils can help you improve any aspect of bullet journaling.

There’s also a “Bullet Journal essentials” pack of stencils, which includes 3 stencils to help you create monthly spreads, habit trackers, circle trackers, and different banners and drawings.

This is truly a universal must-have tool for every Bullet Journal fan!

Bullet Journal gift ideas - Bullet Journal stencils | Masha Plans
Image credit: Jayden’sApple

These stencils also come in a very cute package. I actually bought this set for myself some time ago, and you can check a review video on my IGTV.

These stencils are made of stainless steel, which means they will last for a very long time; you can rely on that. Moreover, Jayden offers a gift message together with the package. Isn’t it just perfect?


Grid Spacing Guide Stencil

One more stencil, but this one is definitely a game-changer.

I have a similar stencil, and it completely changed how much time it actually takes me to set up my spreads. Trust me, they will be so happy to receive one as a gift!

Image credit: MoxieDori

And the best part is that it’s very affordable, so it will make a great Christmas stocking stuffer.


Extra Bullet Journal Gift Ideas

What do I mean by that? Well, these are really fun extra items one can have in their collection.

None of these are a must-have to Bullet Journal, and often are those extra things people rarely buy for themselves, but would love to get as a gift!

Personalized Bookmark

Bookmarks are a useful tool for Bullet Journaling. You can use it to note the spread you’re currently on, or maybe just something important you’d want to go back to.

Even if there are ribbons built into the notebook itself, there is no such thing as too many bookmarks.

Bullet Journal gift ideas - personalized booknote | Masha Plans

I think it’s a sweet and very thoughtful gift.

Handmade Journal Cover

When I found this shop on Etsy, I knew I had to include it on this list. Cocoa Paper produces handmade leather and faux leather covers for any type of journal.

There is a wide variety of covers, and you can order them in any size, which is perfect if your BuJo friend has a notebook like Nuuna, or any other nonstandard-size journal.

I have this cover myself, and I can assure you it’s top quality, very pretty, and extremely useful. You can choose between different designs, leather colors, and inside fabric.

There is also an option to emboss something on the cover, and of course, they send the gift message too.

Epic Bullet Journal Gift Ideas - Handmade Cover | Masha Plans

This is a perfect choice if you want a personal, customized, and a bit higher-priced present.

Just remember these are handmade, so it’s going to take some time for Cocoa Paper to finish your cover. So make sure to order in advance.



This printer has been a favorite among the Bullet Journal community for a while. You can edit your images on your phone and print them out directly.

Moreover, the printing paper is actually sticky, so it’s possible to put it in the journal right away without using any extra adhesive.

HP Sprocket Select Portable Instant Photo Printer for Android and iOS Devices (Eclipse) Starter Bundle
  • LARGER PHOTOS IN AN INSTANT – HP Sprocket Select Printer Prints Beautiful 2.3” x 3.4” Photographs from Your Smartphone or Social Media in Seconds. For iOS & Android, Bluetooth 5.1.
  • ZINK ZERO INK TECHNOLOGY - No Expensive Toner or Ribbon Replacements. Glossy Sticky-Back Photo Paper Has Colors Embedded Inside for Amazing Resistance to Water, Smudges & Tears.
  • EXCLUSIVE FRAMES & FILTERS - Personalize Your Snaps with Cool Editing Tools on the HP App. Unlock Augmented Reality Fun or Scan Your Doodles to Make Custom Stickers & More.

Fujifilm Intax Mini

This Fujifilm camera is similar to Polaroid, it allows you to snap pictures and print them instantly. The small size of the printed picture makes it absolutely perfect for adding to Bullet Journal.

Get an Intax bundle to get everything a journal addict might need – a camera, case, stickers, colored lens filters, and more!

If you want to know more about this camera, Shelby from Little Coffee Fox has a detailed review on her blog.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera ICE BLUE w/ Film and Accessories Polaroid Camera Kit
  • VALUE BUNDLE - Includes Everything from The Camera & Film to its Essential Accessory kit, all for the Same Low Price!
  • POLAROID GIFT SET - Great for Children & Teenagers, Girl/Boyfriends. HAPPINESS GUARANTEE or Your Money Back (30 Days)
  • INSTANT CAMERA – Its Built-In Flash, Special Modes & Settings Allows Quality Images in Different Lighting & Conditions

Books For Bullet Journal Lovers

There are actually many fun books you can give to anyone who has a Bullet Journal.

And of course, a book is always an amazing gift!

The Bullet Journal Method

This book is a must-have for everyone interested in Bullet Journal, from beginners to long-time bullet journalists. The book goes in-depth about the system and how you can use it to the fullest to lead a more productive and intentional life.

It’s written by Ryder Carroll, the man who invented the system. So you know this will be the best guide to the Bullet Journal world you can get.

The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future
  • Hardcover Book
  • Carroll, Ryder (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Brush Lettering Guide

Peggy Dean is a wonderful lettering artist, and I love all her books.

Brush lettering is something most of us in the Bullet Journal community want to learn.

And even if we already know how to letter, it’s still cool to get a book like that and learn a new style.

The Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide: A Complete Step-by-Step Creative Workbook to Jump-Start Modern Calligraphy Skills
  • Dean, Peggy (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 160 Pages - 07/24/2018 (Publication Date) - Watson-Guptill (Publisher)

How To Draw Modern Florals

Flowers are one of the most popular ways to decorate a Bullet Journal, and Alli Koch is an incredible artist and a wonderful teacher.

Her book will always be a great present to anyone who is in the creative field.

How To Draw Modern Florals: An Introduction To The Art of Flowers, Cacti, and More
  • Paige Tate & Co. (Producer)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 120 Pages - 09/12/2017 (Publication Date) - Paige Tate & Co (Publisher)

Learning Bullet Journal Gifts

Gifts don’t have to be just something tangible; educational resources can work just as well.

Many people use their Bullet Journals to express their creativity and learn some new skills.

Being creative can be a way of self-care, not even mentioning that learning will help you to be more engaged and sharp.

So here are a few of my favorite learning platforms. Get a yearly membership and help your loved ones discover their inner creativity.

Because we all are creative, it’s a muscle you need to train and these resources will help with that.

Skillshare Membership

Skillshare is a learning platform with thousands of classes on every topic imaginable.

For me, it’s also a source of new knowledge in Bullet Journaling, since they have tons of art classes that help you bring your creative skills to the next level. For some class ideas, check my post How To Bring Your Bullet Journal To The Next Level.

If you’re not convinced, use my link and get 2-week free access to all their premium classes to see if it will be a great present like I promise.


Foxsy is a learning platform built specifically for creators by Shelby and her team from Little Coffee Fox.

This platform is full of lessons on all possible creative subjects, and new classes are being added all the time.

You can learn more about it in my Foxsy review blog post, which also includes some of my favorite courses to take.

I myself created a course for that platform about floral doodles.

And as a reader of Masha Plans, you can also get a membership for an early adaptor price, which is about 25% off!

I hope you found something you like as a gift on this list! If you haven’t, there are a few more posts:

What do you have on your wish list this year?

Hope this list was useful; if you find it so, please share! If you enjoy my content and want to show your appreciation, please consider supporting me with a cup of coffee.

And remember! Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t be a blob!

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