25 Genius Bullet Journal Washi Tape Ideas

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Hello Planning Mashers!

As my washi tape addiction grows, I discover that so many of us have loads of washi we don’t use that often. So I came up with 25 fun washi tape ideas to use in your Bullet Journal.

Because washi tape is amazing and beautiful, and we absolutely should use it, especially after all the money we keep spending on it. Wouldn’t you agree?

I’m totally addicted to washi – there are just so many beautiful types of washi tapes out there in the world! Just check out this beauty; how can you ignore it?

I’m sure I’m not the only washi tape hoarder here. I bet you also have tons of washi tapes mysteriously appearing in your stationery trolley, nesting there and forming families. 

But if you’re anything like me, sadly, most of your collection also goes pretty much unused (let me know in the comments, to release some guilt).

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How To Use Washi Tape

Well, it’s time to fix that! Let’s put those cute wheels of joy to use!

Here are some creative and fun washi tape ideas for your Bullet Journal.

Just one more thing – I actually have a video at the end of the post where I show 13 ways to use washi tape in your BuJo, so if you want to see them in action be sure to scroll until the end.

And I’ll also be mentioning some of my favorite places to get washi tape as well!

Page Tabs

Do you want to easily flip through your journal? Use some washi tape to create little tabs. 

Cut a piece of washi tape and stick around ⅓ of it to a page. Then fold the tape and stick it to the other side of the page. 

This will create a small little flap coming out of your pages, so the marked page will always stand out and it will be easy to find.

13 Genius Washi Tape Ideas For Your Bullet Journal | Masha Plans

You can add those to section out the months in your BuJo, or maybe just to mark important pages you’ll be going back to often.

Alternatively, you can always cut out your dividers from harder paper like scrapbooking paper and use washi tape to attach them to your pages.

13 Genius Washi Tape Ideas For Your Bullet Journal | Masha Plans

Cover Up Mistakes

Washi is amazing in covering up mistakes, especially if it happens to be on a header.

It’s pretty easy. Basically, just cover your mistake with washi tape! Use black washi to write with white (or gold) pen on top of it (like I did in my 2019 Bullet Journal Setup), or maybe add something cheerful and colorful – whatever fits your page design better!

13 Genius Washi Tape Ideas For Your Bullet Journal | Masha Plans

You can even turn it into a theme for the page you’re making and do all the headers the same way with washi. No one will ever know of that mistake hiding behind it. Unless you blog about it.

Speaking of mistakes if you’re looking for more ways to fix yours check out my post Creative and Simple Ways To Fix All Your Bullet Journal Mistakes.

Post-it Note

Use washi tape to create a post-it note. It can be just more space for you to write your tasks, or maybe it can be a decoration or a way to cover something beneath it, be it a mistake or some private information.

Start by cutting a piece of paper. It might be dotted paper from the end of your journal or, if you wanna add some special drawings, you can cut out a piece of watercolor paper to draw on it.

Then just use a piece of washi tape to attach it to your page. You can use it from just one side so you can flop and check the information below. Or you can attach washi from two sides and cover completely what’s underneath.

13 Genius Washi Tape Ideas For Your Bullet Journal | Masha Plans

Hollowed Out Lettering

Washi tape can help you create some pretty fun lettering, perfect for your headers.

Cut a few inches of washi tape and stick it on your hand a few times to make sure it’s not that sticky. Then add it to your page, leaving some space above and below it.

Next step – take a marker and write your header on top of your washi tape. Make sure your letters appear both below and above the tape.

Next – take another colored pen or marker (a fineliner in my case) and trace along the horizontal sides of the washi tape. Or don’t, it’s up to you, depends on what look you want to go with.

Finally, peel off the washi tape and write your header inside. It can be the same word, or maybe the second part of the header.

13 Genius Washi Tape Ideas For Your Bullet Journal | Masha Plans

Washi Tape For Headers

You can use washi tapes to create fun and different types of headers.

You can definitely write on top of washi tape to create a header, or you can just use washi tape around the header for decoration.

Credit: @jen_plans


Let’s say you’re setting up a weekly spread. What is the most daunting task about it for you?

For me, it’s drawing all the dividing lines. I just have something against rulers and drawing lines is probably the only part about Bullet Journaling I don’t actually enjoy that much.

But thankfully there is a simple solution for that – you can just use thin washi tape to divide your days! A good use for your washi and a way to set up your spreads even faster.


Here is a fun idea to use washi tape on your weekly spread – create little decorative banners. All you need is washi tape and a pair of scissors.

As you can see, there are two ways you can do it. Just use some fun colored washi tape for simple decoration or use some dark washi to write the date on top of the banner.

Color Coding

Are you into color coding? Assign a special washi tape to a certain category and then add that washi to the edges of a particular page. 

Take a piece of washi tape (it could cover the whole edge or just a part) and stick half of it on the page, then fold it and stick the other half to the other side of the page.

Done! Now even with the notebook closed you’ll be able to easily see where you have what kind of information.


Washi tapes are great to decorate your Bullet Journal, especially if you’re in a hurry and don’t have much time to draw.

Use washi tape as your header, as a divider between blocks of maybe just at the bottom or top of your page.

13 Genius Washi Tape Ideas For Your Bullet Journal, spread by @selenenen | Masha Plans
Credit: @selenenen

I love using washi tape to decorate my quote pages. But they also are great to bring a theme together – just use the same washi tape on all your pages, and it will look more cohesive.

You’ll see it on most of my quote pages – there are two striped of washi tape in each corner. Check out my 2021 Bullet Journal Setup to see how I decorate my pages with washi tape.

Washi Tape Swatch Page

I LOOOOOVE swatch pages, you can see them appearing over and over on my Instagram account (which you should totally visit and follow!).

Swatches aren’t only about the pens though, you can create some super creative washi tape swatches as well!

This is a great outlook on all your collections, plus you’ll be able to see at one glance what washi are a good match together. It’s super helpful for the next time you want to use them to decorate your pages.

13 Genius Washi Tape Ideas For Your Bullet Journal, spread by @j.lily.journals | Masha Plans
Credit: @j.lily.journals

Highlight Important Pages

Want to easily find an important page in your Bullet Journal? You can of course use a tap, but there is one more way this can be achieved.

Simply add some washi tape at the border of the page you need to stand out. When your journal is closed you’ll see clearly where are the important pages.

Paper Clip Flags

Paper clips can be super useful to find certain information in your journal, but it will be even easier if you add little washi flags to them.

Cut out a small piece of washi and fold it in half around the side of your paper clip. Then cut out the outer ends to be the shape of a flag.

13 Genius Washi Tape Ideas For Your Bullet Journal | Masha Plans


You can use washi tape to decorate the borders of your Bullet Journal pages.

This can add more fun and color, and can actually bring a theme together if you add washi on the borders of all your pages.

13 Genius Washi Tape Ideas For Your Bullet Journal, spread by @mrinjournals | Masha Plans
Credit: @mrinjournals


Using washi tape can be a great time-saving hack for setting up your weekly spreads.

One of the cool things you can get is washi tape with days of the week, this will allow you to make pretty headers in no time!

I also know there is perforated washi tape with signifiers, so you can just stick it to your daily box and save even more time!

If you’re looking for stationery to help you with your setups, be sure to check my post 11 Incredible Supplies Under $10 To Hack Your Bullet Journal.

If you don’t have any special washi tape but have stickers, you can add colorful washi tape and stick some headers on the top; that way they will look much more fun and colorful.

Decorate Planner Cover

We can use washi tape not only to decorate Bullet Journal pages, but also the cover page.

It will take quite a lot of tape surely, but I always feel like the rolls of washi tape are pretty endless. With quite a few years of using washi tape, I’m yet to run even close to the end of any of my washi tape rolls.

Washi Tape Ideas To Use In Your Bullet Journal, decorate planner cover | Masha Plans
Credit: @plans_with_jannie

Use Washi Tape On Your Pens

You can use your washi tape on your pens and pencils. In two ways, actually.

The first idea is to mark the pens you’re using now. I don’t know about you, but I have quite a few of the same pens in my stash, so I always have a spare one in case the one I’m currently using runs out of ink.  

Of course, I don’t want to use them all at the same time, so to make sure I don’t, I sometimes add a little washi tape on the pen I’m using at the moment.

13 Genius Washi Tape Ideas For Your Bullet Journal | Masha Plans

Another way of using washi on your pens is to decorate them. Basically, you can just wrap washi around your pencils and make them look much more festive.

Measure how long your pencil is and cut out more or less the same length of washi tape. Stick the long side to your pencil and wrap it around it. If needed, add one more piece of the tape.

Sharpen your pencil, and you’re ready to rock with a new cool pencil.

13 Genius Washi Tape Ideas For Your Bullet Journal | Masha Plans

DIY Pen Loop

You can also get crafty, and create a pen holder for your journal.

Not every notebook comes with a pen loop, but it might be something you really want to have, especially if you go out a lot with your journal and need to take notes outside of the comfort of your desk.

I leave you this little video tutorial that explains how you can easily create a pen look just with some washi tape.

Add A DIY Envelope

Are you looking for some secret storage in your BuJo? Try creating an envelope and adding it to your BuJo with washi tape.

For DIY envelopes I’d recommend using scrapbooking paper, even though the usual printing paper works just as well. Just don’t go for carton paper that’s hard to fold.

There are a few ways you can make an envelope without any special tools, you can check a wonderful tutorial on WiKi how.

To add your envelope to your BuJo, just use washi tape on two or three sides and you’re done! 

13 Genius Washi Tape Ideas For Your Bullet Journal | Masha Plans

You can keep there some mementos, or maybe something private and secret. Alternatively, you can just store there your stickers!

Photo Frame

As you know, I’m pretty obsessed with creating memory pages and adding photos to my Bullet Journal, and my memory-keeping journals.

If you also like using photos, be sure to give this trick and try creating a little frame around the photo with washi tape.

Creating Neat Edges

Whether you use watercolor or markers washi tape can help you create neater-looking edges.

Before you draw, just add the washi tape around your drawing. Just like that, you don’t have to worry anymore about having perfect lines around your art piece – your washi tape will help you keep them straight and clean.

And unsticking washi after you’re done is so satisfying!

Credit: @julia.pezowicz

Washi Tape For Trackers

This is a bit time-consuming idea, but it’s still a fun way to put your washi tapes to use.

Plus it also makes it look amazing and very unique.

Credit: @leftyartlover

Add A Flap To Your Page

A flap can be pretty useful in your Bullet Journal. First of all, this adds extra space to your page, which is something you might find very helpful (for example for your weekly spreads).

Second, it’s a nice way to keep some information private. We all want to share our pretty pages on Instagram, but maybe you don’t want to show it all. Add your sensitive information behind the flap, and you’re good to go.

Start by taking a piece of paper the same height as your BuJo page. The best way to do this is to cut out a piece from the back of your journal, or from your old journal if you’re using the same brand.

Cut out a piece of washi tape and stick half of it to that piece of paper. Then match that paper to the edge of your notebook page and stick the other half of your washi tape to it.

Finally, make sure to cut out the washi and the flop corners to fit your BuJo.

You can check my video at the end of the post to see this technique in action.

If you want to secure your flap even more, you can add washi tape on the outer side of it as well.

13 Genius Washi Tape Ideas For Your Bullet Journal | Masha Plans

Create A Pocket

Another way to add storage to your Bullet Journal with washi tape is by creating a small pocket. Those are great to keep your stickers or maybe some random notes.

There are a few ways you can do it, depending on how many things you want to store inside

First, you can just take a piece of paper and tape it from three sides to your Bullet Journal pages. This is a simple solution, but you probably won’t be able to put there as many things.

Another way is to create a little pocket. Take a rectangular piece of paper and fold it on three sides; each flap should be half an inch wide.

Cut out the two corners between the vertical and horizontal flaps.

To add the pocket to your bujo page, stick half of the washi tape piece to each flap. Then just stick the whole pocket on your page.

13 Genius Washi Tape Ideas For Your Bullet Journal | Masha Plans

Bullet Journal Key Flap

This is the trick I used on my last Bullet Journal. Having a key on a flap is extremely useful, especially for beginners.

(if you are a beginner, check my The Ultimate Guide To Bullet Journaling For Beginners)

If you’re just getting used to the signifiers system, or maybe you added some new, or maybe you’re trying out color coding – having a key flap is a lifesaver.

You won’t need to flip all the way back to the first page of your journal – just flip out the key, and you’re golden. With the flap, it’s always in front of your eyes when you need it.

It’s pretty easy to do it as well. Take a piece of paper and write your key there; try to center everything on the left or right, depending on which side of the notebook you’ll be adding it.

Then fold the paper and align it to your Bullet Journal cover. Finally, stick it with some washi tape.

13 Genius Washi Tape Ideas For Your Bullet Journal | Masha Plans

To make sure it’s more stable, I’d recommend making the flap that attaches to the cover to be pretty large. In my case, it was the same size as the part with my key.

Washi Tape Art

This is something I never thought about until I saw how creatively people use washi tape.

A lot of wonderful artists use washi tape instead of any type of marker to add color to their artworks. How incredible is that!

I never tried doing anything like that, but doesn’t it sound like a fun way to use your washi tape?

Washi Tape Ideas To Use In Your Bullet Journal, washi art | Masha Plans
Credit: @jericaplans

13 Washi Tape Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

Want to see some of these ideas in action? I recorded a video with 13 of them, so be sure to check it.

And if you decide to subscribe to my channel I’ll be forever grateful!

Where To Buy Washi Tape

I know we all are crazy about washi tape, and personally, I’m always trying new stores, and am on the lookout for good washi tape deals.

So I thought I’d share some of my favorite places to shop for washi tape.

First of all of course – Amazon. They have pretty much anything you might wish for, including some great washi tapes as well.

I like Amazon for their great collection of basic and neutral washi tapes, that ultimately can go very well with any style and any theme.

Dizdkizd 20 Rolls Washi Tape Set, Universe Design Masking Tapes with 3 Sizes 8mm/15mm/30mm, Hot Stamping Decorative Washi Tapes for DIY Craft, Planners, Scrapbooking
  • 1. Decent Quality: Japanese professional textured paper tape, waterproof and sticky.
  • 2. Product Sizes: 3 sizes in one set, 8mm * 4 rolls, 15mm * 12 rolls, 30mm * 4 rolls, 2m per roll.
  • 3. Hot Stamping Craft: Hot stamping of graphics and text rendering great colours, never fade.

Another popular place to get washi tapes is from AliExpress. Personally, I don’t usually get anything from there because the delivery costs to Bolivia are not worth it, but when I lived in China, it was my go-to, and it helped me to start my washi tape collection.

I also really love supporting small businesses. As a small business myself, I know how hard they work, and I feel like you get to have more fun with smaller shops.

They have more creative designs, they listen to customer feedback more, and it also just gives you a warm feeling supporting other creators who try to make it in the business world.

My two favorite shops for washi tape are Simply Gilded and SumLilThings.

As you might know, I’m also a part of the Archer and Olive design team (as well as a long-time huge fan of all their products).

I was absolutely ecstatic when they released tons of washi tape! I’ve been waiting for this moment forever and loved them all. 

If you decide to get washi tapes from Archer and Olive, or pretty much anything from their shop, you can use my affiliate code MASHA10 to get 10% off your order.

Archer and Olive Washi Tape
Credit: Archer and Olive

Finally, there is one more shop I have to mention – The Washi Tape Shop. They have an incredible collection of washi tapes with the most interesting and beautiful designs ever!

Washi tapes are not just pretty, but also can be super useful. Make sure you give a try to some of these ideas and start more actively using your washi tape collection.

What is your favorite way to use washi in your Bullet Journal? Let us know in the comments!

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob.

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