Easter Bullet Journal Ideas To Try This April

It’s time for bunnies, pastel colors, and a lot of chocolate.

So here are some Easter Bullet Journal page ideas you might want to include in your April setup.

Growing up, there was not much Easter celebration; it’s just not a big holiday back home.

But I remember how I got to spend an Easter with a french family when I did an exchange program at school, and OMG how incredibly fun (and delicious) it was!

So even though where I live now, Easter is still not a big holiday, I find it fun to add this holiday to my life the best way I know – in my Bullet Journal.

Here are some Easter Bullet Journal ideas, which you can use to create a complete Easter theme, or maybe just one page to commemorate the holiday.

Oh, and if you’re generally looking for inspiration for April, check my post April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas.

And, of course, there is a little freebie for you in the Resources Vault, be sure to scroll until the end to get yours.

Ok, let’s dive in!

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Easter Bullet Journal Ideas

Time to bring pastel colors, eggs, and bunnies to your journal with these ideas.

What you need to create an Easter spread is pastel markers (my favorite ones are these) and maybe some pastel washi tapes.

Or not, if you want to you can do the opposite and go with bright colors – your journal, your rules.

Easter Quote

This quote works as a cover page for April as well.

Credit: @feetonthestars

The eggs also look great with so many fun different patterns.

And this is a good example of how you can create a beautiful Easter spread with bright colors, instead of pastel ones.

Easter Bullet Journal Monthly Log

A monthly log is a must-have spread for every monthly setup, so of course, I had to include one in this lineup.

Credit: @handmadebyjesslee

And how adorable is this bunny!

I also love how he’s carrying a basket with Easter eggs.

Easter Bullet Journal Cover Page

I love cover pages, they are always a great way to start a new month and just get creative.

Credit: @bubu_en_herbe

The super cute cover page, and I love the brush lettering here.

Plus these doodles seem pretty easy to create.

Welcome Easter Spread

You might not want to do anything difficult, so a simple welcome spread like this one might be what you need.

Easter Bullet Journal Ideas - spread by @__kikis93__ | Masha Plans
Credit: @__kikis93__

I love this adorable little rabbit, he just makes me smile.

But even without the illustration, it would still be an adorable Easter spread.

Easter Bullet Journal Weekly

Every month you have to create more than just one weekly spread, so here is the first one on this list.

Credit: @charlene30lm

Super cute weekly, and I love the colors of this one.

Plus, note how she created this wonderful spread just with some stickers and washi tape.

Easter Doodles

Of course, I had to include a spread with Easter doodles.

Credit: @nicolegracestudies

These are perfect for creating different Easter Bullet Journal spreads.

Plus, these are super cute but also pretty easy to draw.

Following a tutorial is one of the best ways to start doodling, and if you need more tips, check out my Beginner’s Guide To Doodling.

Easter Bullet Journal Trackers

Here is an inspiration for the Easter habit tracker and mood tracker.

Easter Bullet Journal Ideas - spread by @esther.bujo
Credit: @esther.bujo

Absolutely adorable little bunnies that are so perfect for a mood tracker.

And I love those pastel colors!

Easter Bullet Journal Weekly

Here is one more weekly spread for your inspiration.

Credit: @katykatehadfield

There are never enough inspirations for weekly spreads.

Note how adding eyes and cute expressions helps to make every doodle so much more adorable.

Easter Welcome Spread

One more page you can create separately just to commemorate the holiday.

Credit: @notikjournal

I really love the idea of doing mini doodles and adding them in the shape of an egg.

I’m also loving that the washi tape in the corners fits so well with the colors of the illustration.

Bullet Journal Cover Page

Here is one more cover page inspiration for your Easter Bullet Journal setup.

Credit: @shemeetspaper

Super cute illustration, and I love how creative the decoration of the lettering is.

This is also a fun idea for incorporating a bit of Easter into your hot-air balloon theme.

Easter Quote Page

Really cute quote!

Credit: @alionsworld

I’m loving the colors and the play on the words.

It’s also a great add-on to have those little egg doodles.

And for some tips on how to replicate it check my post How To Create A Quote Page In Your Bullet Journal.

Easter Egg Cover Page

The banner really adds more interest to the illustration.

Credit: @pervinca91

And this is a very simple-to-execute illustration, and yet it looks amazing.

Plus I think this can be a good opportunity to do zentangles or mandalas inside the egg.

Easter Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

One more monthly spread, and this one is in a different format.

Easter Bullet Journal Ideas - spread by @missbujonz
Credit: @missbujonz

I’m loving the contrast between everything being in black and white and the colors of the eggs.

Two pages of monthly log allow for more space to plan out all the things.

Easter Weekly Spread

One more weekly log.

Credit: @maris.bujo

This might not be exactly an Easter-themed weekly, but I feel like the yellow, and the rabbit definitely makes it look very Easter.

I’m also loving the addition of the time log on the left for more detailed planning.

Easter Quote Spread

Super cute in such perfect pastel colors.

Credit: @mint.and.mont.bujo

The chicks are super cute, and I love how the pink egg looks like a macaroon.

I also really love the quote itself.

Easter Bullet Journal Mood Tracker

Such a fun and simple idea for a mood tracker.

Credit: @elizabethjournals

I bet it’s very fast to set up this tracker, and you can play around with patterns.

I bet this tracker will look amazingly filled out.

Easter Themed Weekly Log

One more weekly, or more like a part of a weekly log.

Credit: @squarelimedesigns

I love the color choice here. Even though brown is not my favorite here, it looks very cozy and warm.

Plus, of course, the quote is really funny; I definitely wanna follow this rabbit.

Bunny Bullet Journal Cover Page

One more cover page with the cutest bunny ever.

Credit: @bujo.forbeginners

Also might not be exactly Easter-themed, but I think the color and the bunny are enough to include this spread in the lineup.

Hello Easter Spread

We’re finishing up this list with another beautiful Easter page.

Credit: @alittledifferenz

I love the beautiful patterns on this egg. And it’s kind of fun how it’s a broken one.

Free Easter Printable 

Of course, I didn’t want to leave you without a little something, this time, I created a little Easter-themed coloring page.

Please print it out and have fun coloring it!

You can get it in the Miscellaneous section for the Resources Vault.

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Are you creating something Easter related in your journal?

Let us know in the comments!

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