15 April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

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March flew by, and it’s time to set up April, so welcome to another Plan With Me post where we’ll be creating an April Bullet Journal Setup.

Something really amazing happened in my life in March, so I chose a pretty personal theme to use this month. I hope you like it as much as I do.

But it’s not all just about me; there are also 15 other April Bullet Journal theme ideas, so be sure to scroll down.

So what’s the theme you ask? What happened in March?

In March, I brought home my new best friend – a french bulldog called Bruce (aka Bruce Wayne).

I’ve been dreaming about being a doggy mom since I was a kid, and I’m honestly beyond myself with happiness to finally have a puppy as part of my family.

He is the cutest, smartest, and simply the best little boy ever. Here let me include a little photo here.

Ok, ok! I promise I’m not turning into a crazy dog mom who makes everything about her puppy! I’m just very excited to finally make my dream come true and give a good family to this little precious one.

So as I mentioned – I decided the Frenchie to be actually my monthly theme!

Oh, and if you want some inspo of other themes, you can find ideas from other creators at the end of the post!

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Frenchie Themed Bullet Journal Setup

I could never imagine loving anything as much as I love Bruce, and I’m so glad that with Bullet Journaling you actually have an opportunity to bring your loved ones to your journal.

This theme didn’t turn out exactly the way I wanted it to, but I still think it’s one of my favorites because I get to add so many pictures of his cute little face.


Here is what I used for this theme:

Remember if you ever decide to get anything from Archer and Olive I can get you 10% off your order with code MASHA10.

Cover Page

One of the many cool things about french bulldogs is that they are super easy to doodle, so it was a no-brainer to have one on my April cover.

Puppie Bullet Journal Setup, April Plan With Me, cover page | Masha Plans

I also had a lot of fun with different puns, so be ready – there are more to come!

Frenchies are such funny dogs, I think all the puns work perfectly within their character as well.

Monthly Log

Following my past few Bullet Journal setups, my monthly log keeps growing in size. This month it takes a full page.

I love it because it allowed me to add a cute Frenchie illustration and use my washi tape.

Puppie Bullet Journal Setup, April Plan With Me, monthly log | Masha Plans

Actually, with a little puppy and tons of work deadlines I’m experiencing, I feel like for May I might want to go with an even larger calendar.

And even though the quote says the first woof, Bruce barely ever barks; for us, it was more like the first lick – that’s what he did the first time I took him up.


I’ll be honest here, my March goals page was utterly unused. But I will never give up trying to be productive!

My March productivity streak came to an abrupt stop because I got a puppy. They really turn your life upside down!

Plus he got a bit sick the first days, so no sleep or any rest for me. It’s like getting a baby.

But he is finally getting better, and I’m working on creating new daily routines and therefore be back to a productive working doggy mom.

Puppie Bullet Journal Setup, April Plan With Me, to do | Masha Plans

Here’s to the more productive April and happy healthy puppies.

Uh and of course I had to include Bruce on this page because he is now my biggest motivation to go out there and rock it!

Mood Tracker

I went pretty simple with mine.

To be honest, I didn’t really have that much time to set up my pages with a puppy sleeping basically on my lap, so I went with the first and easiest idea.

Puppie Bullet Journal Setup, April Plan With Me, mood tracker | Masha Plans

To make it a bit more fun I added this frenchie fries illustration. Aren’t those puns cute?

Habit Tracker

This month I’m back to separate trackers for each habit. And for more dimensions, I added shades to them all.

The best thing about my habit trackers in April is that I printed them out and cut them with my Silhouette machine. So this was probably the easiest page to set up.

Puppie Bullet Journal Setup, April Plan With Me, habit tracker | Masha Plans

Using stickers for habit tracking is so convenient, not I’m almost thinking why did I never think about doing that before.

Gratitude Log

Something you won’t see here – there are actually two pages hidden. I didn’t like what I created so I actually glued the two pages together and created a gratitude log anew.

This is a bit extreme, but it worked for me, and nobody is the wiser – my shame is hidden well.

If you want to learn about some other ways to deal with errors in your journal, check my post Creative And Easy Ways To Fix Your Bullet Journal Mistakes.

Puppie Bullet Journal Setup, April Plan With Me, gratitude log | Masha Plans

Of course, I had to include a photo of my little angel on my gratitude log spread, because every day I feel more and more grateful for having him in my life.

And in case you’re wondering, to print out all the photos I use in my Bullet Journal I use HP SProcket printer.

Let me know if you’d like me to do a separate review on that, I’d be happy to share my experiences!

Plan With Me

Of course, I filmed my setup, however hard it was with Bruce.

It does take a bit longer to edit it all, so the video is still pending, but it will be here definitely at some point!

April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

I chose to do this fun and personal theme, but I won’t leave you hanging so here are a few ideas from other creators.

Always remember it’s your journal so you can do whatever you want in it!


What month is not perfect for a floral theme?

April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @metro_boulot_bujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @metro_boulot_bujo

Spring is a perfect time to add some florals to your Bullet Journal. And April, when nature is waking up, and flowers actually start blooming, is a perfect month for this theme.

I love this take on the theme above where it’s more about greenery than flowers, but here is a more classic example of a floral theme.

April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @dejanapasic | Masha Plans
Credit: @dejanapasic

And it’s also a perfect April theme because for me no flower is more spring than tulips.

If you want to draw flowers but are not sure of your abilities yet, check my post How To Draw Beautiful Flowers In Your Bullet Journal.

April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @happy_skull_planner | Masha Plans
Credit: @happy_skull_planner

Before we are done with the floral theme, I also wanted to include this cover page in the blackout journal.

It makes the colors pop so much!


It’s always a great time for a space adventure, so why not create a space theme for April?!

April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @b.bulletjournal | Masha Plans
Credit: @b.bulletjournal

Space is a very pretty and dreamy theme to create, and the best part – it’s very simple! All you need is maybe a circle ruler to create outlines of the planets.

I also love that space can be as crazy as you want, so you can use any colors you want!

For more inspirations in this theme check my post Space And Galaxy Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations.


Boba fans anyone? This might be a perfect theme for you!

April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @amizaomar | Masha Plans
Credit: @amizaomar

Boba is kind of like coffee, it’s an awesome theme to use any month!

I really like this minimal approach by Amiza, cute little bobas are super easy to draw and create adorable page decorations.

I feel like I actually should’ve chosen this theme for me because I’ve been obsessing with doing homemade boba lately.

For more inspo on this theme check my post Boba Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations.


April is of course an Easter month so why not make it your theme?

April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @bubu_en_herbe | Masha Plans
Credit: @bubu_en_herbe

I really love this cover page and take on the Easter theme. Everything is pretty easy to doodle, just ovals, and circles, but it looks absolutely adorable!

Plus you can always turn your easter theme into a bunny theme, in case this is not a holiday you celebrate but still want these cuties on your journal pages.

April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas by @ inprint.xyz | Masha Plans
Credit: @inprint.xyz

For more, be sure to check my posts Easter Bullet Journal Ideas and Easter Themed Bullet Journal Inspirations.


These beautiful creatures and their delicious honey deserve a separate theme, so you might as well create it for April.

April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @art_n_foxes | Masha Plans
Credit: @art_n_foxes

This is also a great way to use a yellow and brown muted color scheme, which of course is very pretty.

Plus again this is a very simple theme to create with very basic shapes.


Cacti is a perfect theme for April since it’s the time of the year when I personally get strong cravings to start growing home plants.

April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @plslars | Masha Plans
Credit: @plslars

I love the cacti theme, it’s always fun to draw plants, and you get to play around with the shapes and colors.

I actually did cacti theme myself in January 2020, it came out pretty minimal and I loved it.

For those who are still learning to draw, I’d recommend a book by Peggy Dean “Botanical Line Drawings: Cacti and Succulent Edition”. It’s an amazing tutorial with tons of different doodles.

She also has a lot of doodling courses on Skillshare, and if you use my link you can get 2 weeks of Skillshare Premium with access to her courses and tons of others.

Or you can always start with my post How To Doodle Succulents And Other House Plants.

April Showers

April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @tabi.journals | Masha Plans
Credit: @tabi.journals

Here in the southern hemisphere, April is actually a Fall month, but even so, it’s been raining like crazy!

So I feel like this theme could work for both sides of the world.

If you’re inspired by this theme, be sure to check my post April Bullet Journal Inspirations: Umbrellas And Rains.

Color Splashes

A simple solution if you’re stuck with the theme – just make color your theme.

April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @temi.journals | Masha Plans
Credit: @temi.journals

I absolutely love this take of the color theme – just bright splashes of color.

You can get this effect very well with some watercolor, I actually might be trying something like that for May, since I’ve been itching to add more watercolor to my BuJo.

April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @prettyllamaplans | Masha Plans
Credit: @prettyllamaplans

You can also go in a different way and just use some scrapbook paper and stickers to create a cute color scheme and stick to it.


Who doesn’t like playing games? So why not bring your love for them to your journal.

April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @bujoforstars | Masha Plans
Credit: @bujoforstars

I love console games, it’s always so much fun, and they are portable. So no more boring times on the subway when it’s too loud to listen to my podcasts.

I remember when I first time went to Japan and saw everyone with their Nintendos. It completely blew my mind how many awesome games they had and how cute the accessories were! I never looked back.

Last spring it was all about Animal Crossing, and I actually did an Animal Crossing theme for May. If you wanna see more inspo for that theme check my post Animal Crossing Themed Bullet Journal Inspirations.

April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas by @julia.pezowicz | Masha Plans
Credit: @julia.pezowicz

Love this another take on the game theme with pokemons. Julia always has the most beautiful themes and drawings.

Sakura Blossom

Sakura is a great theme for any spring month.

April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @bysarah.eliz | Masha Plans
Credit: @bysarah.eliz

Cherry blossoms always were very special to me, and honestly, it’s one of the things on my life bucket list to go to Japan in spring to watch them myself.

Meanwhile, it’s a good theme to add to my BuJo. One of the best things about this theme is that sakura blossoms are very easy to doodle.


Speaking of cherry blossoms, why not just go full-on Japan and make it your theme.

April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @blossom_bujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @blossom_bujo

I feel like if there was one season connected with a country it would be Spring and Japan.

For some reason, I always feel like Spring is the best time of the year to be in Japan, and considering their temperatures it’s probably a correct assumption.

Plus, in all the anime, Spring looks like the best time ever!

Yup, you got me; I’m a huge fan of Japan and pretty much everything Japanese.

Clouds and Rainbows

A cute theme you can easily pull off any month of the year.

April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover by @willbujofor.treats | Masha Plans
Credit: @willbujofor.treats

I love how simple this theme is, and yet it can look so awesome. It’s also cool that you can go with both pastel colors and bright ones, depending on what you prefer.

I actually did a rainbow and clouds theme in February last year, be sure to check my February Plan With Me.

Home Office

Drawing home decor became a kind of a trend lately, and it can be a cool theme for April as well.

April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @journalwithkate | Masha Plans
Credit: @journalwithkate

I love this cover page and the beautiful pastel colors.

It absolutely looks like an office I’d like to work in.


April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @lalipop.lettering | Masha Plans
Credit: @lalipop.lettering

With spring being a season to start on your gardening, this can be a great theme for April.

I love the take on this theme above with flowers and gardening tools. Plus the lettering is so beautiful!

Air Balloons

Always a fun theme to explore!

April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @fenkesjournal | Masha Plans
Credit: @fenkesjournal

Hot air balloons are such a dreamy theme. Somehow they make me think of adventures and romances.

It’s always a great theme, but especially in Spring, I feel like, when you wake up from your winter slumber and ready for new exciting things.

April Bullet Journal Theme Ideas by @julia.pezowicz | Masha Plans
Credit: @julia.pezowicz

I also had to include this cover page by Julia because I’m just so in love with her style.

Printable Bullet Journal Setup

As always I also created a complete printable monthly setup for you guys.

It is hand-drawn by yours truly, and the theme was picked by my Patrons – florals.

A complete setup includes a cover page, monthly log, habit tracker, mood tracker, and gratitude log. It also comes with two weekly spreads – one vertical and one horizontal.

Printables are a great way to create a quick setup, so if you’re interested you can check my April setup here.

What theme did you choose for your April setup?

Share with us in the comments.

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob.

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  1. Omg!!!! Love your new puppy and I love the Frenchie theme!!! All your themes for this month are sooooo beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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