25+ Free Brush Lettering Practice Sheets

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Diving headfirst into Bullet Journal lettering can be a thrilling adventure, right? It’s like the perfect blend of creativity and organization! But, let’s be honest, those intricate brush strokes can also be a tad intimidating.

Fear not, my fellow BuJo enthusiasts! I’ve been there, nib poised over a blank page, heart pounding with the fear of making a mistake.

But after countless hours (and several ink-stained fingers later), I’ve gathered some valuable insights. And the best part? I’m sharing them with you in the form of free brush lettering practice sheets!

These will help you master the art of brush lettering, adding that extra flair to your Bullet Journal entries. Let’s get those creative juices flowing, shall we?

Who hasn’t flipped through their Bullet Journal, gazed at those blank pages and thought, “Some fancy lettering would spruce this up!”? I know I have! There’s something magical about those swirly, swooshy fonts. They can transform a simple to-do list into a creative expression!

Now, you might think calligraphy is a skill reserved for the artistically gifted. But let me share a secret with you – it’s all about practice! Yes, that’s right! Just like learning to ride a bike or bake a perfect soufflé, mastering the art of lettering takes time and patience.

And guess what? You’re in luck! I’ve done the legwork for you and found a treasure trove of free printable brush lettering practice sheets. These little gems are like a personal trainer for your penmanship!

But before we dive into these awesome resources, let’s chat about what you’ll need to get started with these worksheets. Trust me, it’s simpler than you might think!

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How To Use Brush Lettering Pratice Sheets

Before we take a deep dive into the wonderful world of printable brush lettering practice sheets, let me share a few nuggets of wisdom with you. You see, I’ve been down this road before and made some blunders along the way (cue dramatic music).

Here’s the thing: if you’re planning to flex your lettering muscles directly on these worksheets, it’s crucial to use high-quality printing paper – like this HP Premium Paper. The last thing we want is a damaged pen, right? Trust me, your pen will thank you!

But wait, there’s more! If you’d rather not invest in premium paper (or if you’re just feeling a bit thrifty), there’s another option. Grab any old piece of paper and slip a sheet of tracing paper on top. Voila! You’ve got yourself a reusable worksheet. Plus, tracing paper is pretty easy on the wallet.

Now, if you’re wondering which tracing paper to choose, I’ve got you covered. My recommendation would be this marker paper or this tracing paper.

Lettering Supplies

Alright, now that we’ve got our paper sorted, you might be wondering, “What about pens?” I’m glad you asked because I have some juicy tips to share with you on this!

The golden rule for picking out pens for brush lettering is to look for one with a flexible tip. Why, you ask? Well, this gives you the power to create both thin and thick lines. Pretty cool, right?

Now, let’s talk budget-friendly options. You might be surprised to learn that you probably already have a perfect tool lying around your house – Crayola Super Tips! Yup, these little rascals can pull off the same brush calligraphy magic as their pricier counterparts, but at a fraction of the cost.

Other than that, here are some pens I’d recommend:

  • Tombow Dual Brush Pens. They are amazing, have tons of colors, and, most importantly – their brushes are very beginner-friendly. Plus, the marker tip will help you fix any small mistakes in your lettering you might make as a beginner.
  • Smaller brush pen for more detailed work, such as headers for your weekly spreads. Here is where you have a wonderful option of Tombow Fudenosuke pens. They come in hard and soft tips so that you can control the style of your lettering.

Be sure to check the end of the post for more recommendatiosn and resources on mastering brush lettering.

Meanwhile, let’s get into the worksheets!

Free Brush Lettering Practice Sheets

Alright, my fellow Bullet Journal enthusiasts, are you ready to take your calligraphy game to the next level? It's time to roll up our sleeves and get down to business - and by business, I mean practice, practice, practice!

Now, don't worry! I've got you covered with a whole host of worksheets for you to practice on. But, here's the deal: these worksheets are from a variety of talented creators (it takes a village, right?), so there isn't one magical link where you can download them all. You'll need to click on each name individually. A little bit of clicking never hurt anyone, right?

Masha Plans Free Brush Lettering Practice Sheets

You know, I can’t help but circle back to something I’ve already touched on – these handy-dandy lettering printables I’ve whipped up just for you.

First off, we’ve got a worksheet brimming with flourish ideas. Because who doesn’t love adding a little extra pizzazz to their letters, right? Then, there’s a sheet of lined paper, tailor-made for your brush lettering practice.

But wait, there’s more! You’ll also find practice sheets for the days of the week and months of the year.

So go ahead, take these printables for a spin. I promise they’ll add a sprinkle of fun to your Bullet Journal adventures. And remember, practice makes perfect – so let’s get those pens moving and create some magic!

To get access you need to simply sign up in the form below, and once you confirm your subscription, freebies and resources on mastering lettering will be on the way to your inbox.

More About Brush Lettering

Now that you have all those amazing practice sheets, you’re ready to start improving your brush lettering.

So here are a few more blog posts that will help you with that:

>>> What is something you need more help with when it comes to brush lettering? Share with us in the comments.

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob!

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