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Hey Planning Mashers!

Looking for free printables for your Bullet Journal? You’re in the right place!

I searched all over the internet to find the best and FREE printables to use in your journal.

Using printables in your Bullet Journal can be very helpful. 

First of all, it’s a great time saver. Bullet Journal can save you a ton of time, BUT! you need to give it time as well. Even with minimalist spreads, it still takes some time and imagination.

If you don’t really have any time, using a printable can be amazing, just hit the button on your printer, and your spread is ready.

Secondly, printables are a great choice if you’re not quite comfortable yet with your creative skills but still want to have pretty Bullet Journal pages. There are so many artists that create printables that you can definitely find designs that speak to you.

Finally, using printables can help you with developing your own style. This can be your first little step. Just try to add a little bit of something to your printable spreads, your favorite colors, stickers, washi tapes, what have you. 

Experimenting with printables is great because you’re not losing anything – if you don’t like one, just replace it with a different other. It’s good practice for perfectionists since, in this case, you won’t need to rip out the pages from your poor little journal.

In this post, I gathered some amazing and FREE printables you can find in our Resources Vault, but also all over the Bullet Journal world. You can join in the sign-up form at the end of the post.

I know my style might not be for everybody, but I’m not bitter about it. That’s why on this list, I’m sure you’ll find something that fits you perfectly.

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How To Add Printables To Your Bullet Journal

Before you start using printables, here is how you can print them out correctly. Always make sure you read the instructions to make sure you use the right method to make them fit into your journal.

If the file is A5

  1. After you download the printable, use a PDF Reader like Adobe Reader (100% free and safe download) to open the file.
  2. Find your print button and print your documents. Do not print double-sided, and be sure that you have selected ‘Actual Size’.
  3. After printing, carefully cut out the printable and use a glue stick or adhesive tape to add it to your pages.
How to print your Bullet Journal printables | Masha Plans

If the file is A4 or US Letter

This means that the size doesn’t fit your journal, and you need to adjust it before printing. Here is how you do it.

  1. Download the printables and open them with a PDF reader like Adobe Reader (100% free and safe download) to open the file.
  2. Press print, and in properties, set the size that you want (for most Bullet Journal notebooks, it’s A5)
  3. Set the settings to “Fit To Page”
  4. Cut out your printables and add them to your Bullet Journal with a glue stick or adhesive tape.
How to print your Bullet Journal printables | Masha Plans
 How to print your Bullet Journal printables | Masha Plans

Tips For Using Printables

If you decide to use printables, make sure you have the proper materials.

To add printables to your Bullet Journal, I recommend using adhesive tape, such as this one. It’s easy to apply, and it takes a few seconds for it to stick really hard, so if you need to, you can move the printable around a bit to fit it perfectly.

If you decide to just go with printables for a while, consider using a binder and an adjustable 3 hole punch. This definitely is an easier and more convenient way to add printables.

Finally, when using printables, make sure you use thicker printing paper. This will make sure you don’t run into any ghosting or bleeding on the way and can simply enjoy all your printables.

Free Bullet Journal Printables

Finally, here are tons of different free printables you can use to start up your Bullet Journal adventures.

Many of these are from the Resources Vault here on Masha Plans, and if you want to get your access – simply scroll down to the end of the post, and the signup form will be there.

I’m looking forward to seeing you among Planning Mashers!

Please note that since all these printables are from different sources, there is no one link to download them all.

Yearly Pages

Your journal starts from your yearly pages, so let’s see how we will start this.

I added here some basic pages like the Key, as well as some other pages I consider yearly, like yearly goals.

  • Bullet Journal Key. An important part of your basic Bullet Journal setup. This amazing printable key will give you all the ideas you need for different signifiers you can use. There are actually two different key pages in the Resources Vault.
  • Goals bundle. Working on your yearly goals? Use your Bullet Journal to help you plan. Download your yearly goals planning printables from the Resources Vault.
  • Level 10 Life. This is a very popular way to review your life and set your goals, but creating all the circles might be a bit difficult and time-consuming. I’ve got you covered with a printable, though; download it from the Resources Vault.
  • Year In Pixels by Passion Planner. This is technically a mood tracker, but it’s a yearly one, so I decided to add it to the yearly pages. You can download it HERE.
  • Goals Planner And Tracker by Bobbi Printables. I usually set goals yearly so that these pages will be perfect! It has a page to set goals and a page to track your progress. Get your printable HERE.
  • Year In Pixels by Well Ella. A yearly mood tracker to add to your Bullet Journal. You can also use it as your yearly workout tracker; just assign colors to different types of workouts. Download it HERE.

Habit Trackers

Habit trackers are a great way to improve your life. It’s definitely a wonderful tool that I use all the time.

If you want to learn more, I have an entire blog post with everything you need to know about Bullet Journal habit trackers.

  • Floral Circle Habit Tracker. I’ve been in love with circle trackers ever since I learned about Bullet Journaling, and I’m so happy now I can create printable ones for you to use in your BuJo. Download this from the Resources Vault.
  • Mini Unicorn Themed Habit Trackers. These little trackers will work great with your unicorn theme. It’s clouding, throwing up a rainbow, and they look great in my unicorn-themed setup. Get them from the Resources Vault.
  • Basic Habit Tracker. Want to have a habit tracker printable that you can easily customize and fit any of your monthly themes? Check out the one we have in the Resources Vault.
  • Mini Habit Trackers. An easy way to add habit trackers to your weekly spreads is by using these mini habit trackers. The sheet includes 4 different designs of habit trackers, so you can definitely find something to fit your spread. Download it from the Resources Vault.
  • Mandala Habit Tracker by Make Breaks. You can use mandalas to decorate your Bullet Journal pages, in fact, it can be a whole monthly theme! Start if by using this habit tracker. Download it HERE.
  • Monthly Habit Tracker by Casse Scroggins. 3 different designs to your standard horizontal monthly habit tracker. Download it HERE.
  • Horizontal Habit Tracker by Mainly Homemade. Horizontal tracker for 16 habits, and you can use it for both 30 and 31 days months. Download it HERE.

If you’re looking for more trackers, be sure to check my post with 21+ Free Printable Habit Trackers.

Mood and Gratitude Trackers

Mood trackers and gratitude logs are amazing to brighten up your days and definitely my favorites when it comes to improving my mental health.

If you’re looking for more page ideas like that, check my post Bullet Journal page ideas for mental health.

  • Unicorn Mood Tracker by Make Breaks. What can be better than tracking your moods by unicorns? Download this tracker HERE.
  • Mood and Gratitude Tracker by Space And Quiet. It’s such a fantastic way to combine those two practices. Download it HERE.
  • Gratitude Jar by Space And Quiet. Having a gratitude tracker can be beneficial on so many levels! Just give it a try, and you’ll see yourself becoming more mindful and positive. You can start right now with this printable. Download this jar HERE.
  • Mandala Mood Tracker. Mandalas are some of the best ways to calm your nerves and generally improve your mood, so it makes sense to use one as a mood tracker! You can find it in the Resources Vault.
  • Floral Mood Tracker by Space And Quiet. Cute doodly tracker, assign a color to each mood and use it to color a leaf for each day. Download it HERE.
  • Back to School and Boba Mood Tracker. I got these two added to the Resources Vault not long ago, so be sure to check them there.
  • Hanging Start Mood Tracker by Dreams Time. Cute little mood tracker that would also be perfect for a space and galaxy Bullet Journal theme. Download your tracker HERE.
  • Stationery Mood Tracker by Get Organized HQ. I love this awesome tracker that definitely was inspired by Stabilo pens. Download it HERE.
  • Circle Mood Tracker by Make Breaks. Beautiful circle tracker with mandala elements. Download it HERE.
  • Plant Mood Tracker by Rad Planner. Super cute succulents to help you monitor your monthly moods. Actually, this download has 14 different trackers, not only the succulent one. So it’s definitely worth checking out. Download it HERE.

Health and Fitness Pages

Your Bullet Journal can definitely help you manage your health and fitness goals.

You can easily get started with these pages!

And if you’re looking for more ideas, check my post Health and Fitness Bullet Journal Page Ideas.

  • Mental Health Pages by The Petite Planner. Your Bullet Journal can really help you track and control your mental health, and these pages can be a great start. Download them HERE.
  • Weight Loss Tracker. One more page for you to use to improve your health and track your diet progress. Download from the Resources Vault.
  • Workout Tracker. A great way to make sure you visit the gym regularly and stay motivated. You can add a separate color code if you want to track different types of workouts. Download from the Resources Vault.
  • Sleep Tracker by Mommy Overwork. Sleep is something we truly overlook a lot, while in fact, it’s one of the key factors of our productivity and health. Start paying more attention to your sleep patterns with this sleep tracker. Download it HERE.
  • Water Tracker by Clean Mama. A simple way to track your water consumption and make sure you drink enough (have a glass of water right now!) is by using a tracker, and this one is perfect! Download it HERE.
  • Grocery List by Lovely Money. Need to stay organized while you shop – this printable grocery list will help you out. You might not even want to include it in your journal, just print it out and bring it to the store. Download it HERE.
  • Hydration Tracker by Make Breaks. Great tracker to make sure you keep up with your drinking habits. Download it HERE.
  • Fitness Tracker by Cassie Scroggins. A full set of fitness pages to help you along towards your goal body. Download it HERE.
  • Workout Tracker by Passion Planner. Two pages to keep track of all your workouts. Download it HERE.
  • Menstrual Cycle Tracker by the Nesswell. This printable is more than a period tracker. It helps you keep track of your mental and physical health throughout the four cycle phases and is ideal if you’re trying to cycle sync. Download it HERE.


I couldn’t find that many printables in this category, but these are still great to maybe give you a jump start and some basic ideas.

If you decide to create some financial pages yourself, be sure to check my post Page Ideas To Manage Your Finances

  • Budget Planner by Mom Envy. Easily start planning finances in your family right away with these 9 free printables. Download it HERE.
  • Savings Tracker by Americal Girl In A Hong Kong World. A kickass and very motivational tracker to make sure you follow through with your savings goals. Download it HERE.
  • Budget Tracker by Diary Of A Journal Planner. One-page budget tracker to keep your spending under control. Download it HERE.
  • Spendings Tracker. You can get this one in the Other Pages section of the Resources Vault.
  • Monthly Payment Tracker by Life Is Messy And Beautiful. Super useful tracker to stay on top of all your monthly payments. Download it HERE.


Here are some fun pages you can add to your Bullet Journal.

These can be something serious like a cleaning tracker or something fun like a TV show tracker.

With these printables, you get to try some collections to decide which types are good for you and which ones you don’t really need.

  • TV Tracker. I know we all watch Netflix these days, but I personally still love tracking my shows in my BuJo. I use this spread to write down the shows I want to check out. Give it a look at the Resources Vault, available in color and black and white.
  • Book Tracker by Eddy Eule. Another fun thing you can track in your journal. This tracker is pretty basic, so you’ll be able to customize it any way you want. Download it HERE.
  • Movie Tracker by 365 Days Of Journaling. Want to track your movies as well? Here is a cool film reel-themed tracker just for that. Download it HERE.
  • Cleaning Calendar by Little Coffee Fox. Household chores aren’t the most fun thing to do, but it can get a bit easier and more pleasant with your Bullet Journal. Just give a try to this cleaning schedule. Download it HERE.
  • About Me Page. I love this page because it’s kind of my way of checking where I am in life. I usually create one at the beginning of every journal. Now you can give it a try with this printable. You can find it in the Other Pages section of the Resources Vault.
  • TV Show Tracker by Wendaful. Stylish and minimalist tracker for your favorite shows, or maybe for the shows you’re just planning to watch. Download it HERE.
  • House Project And Task Tracker by Mom Envy. Just a few pages to help you manage any project for improving your house. Download it HERE.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Pages. I created a few pages to help you rock your thanksgiving dinner. You can find them in the Other Pages section of the Resources Vault.
  • Playlist Spread. Add 10 of your favorite songs to this collection page. You can get it in the Resources Vault.

Study Pages

Using your Bullet Journal for school can be such a game-changer!

Use some of these printables to give it a try.

  • Study Journal Pages. Using your Bullet Journal for your study life can be very beneficial, and there are many page ideas you can include. Being a student means being busy, though, so I made some printables to help you out. Get your study journal printables from the Resources Vault.
  • School Planner by Life is Messy and Brilliant. Free printable pages to help you rock your school life. Download it HERE.

Weekly Spreads

We all love and need different things from our weekly spreads, so I gathered here lots of different ones for you to choose from.

It’s always great to see printables from different creators so you can try out different styles.

Want more weekly spreads? I offer up to 2 new weeklies a month on my Patreon page.

Drop by, show your support and get free weekly spreads and more!

Cover Pages

Looking for inspiration for your monthly Bullet Journal themes?

I got you covered with these free printables.

In the Resources Vault (other pages section), you can find a set of 12 cover pages, all with different themes.

To get access, be sure to sign up at the end of the post.


Stickers are a fun way to decorate your Bullet Journal, and the thing with printable stickers is that you can print and use them as many times as you want.

Print cut them out, and make your Bullet Journal pages pop.

  • Free Printable Stickers. If you are looking for a way to easily decorate your BuJo – printable stickers are a great choice! In the Resources Vault, you can get all kinds of stickers, from weekly planner stickers to Christmas ones. Drop by and give it a look.
  • Savings Jar Stickers by Lovely Planner. Looking for a way to track savings in your Bullet Journal? Just use these adorable stickers. Download them HERE.
  • Workout Stickers by The Petite Planner. An easy and fun way to remind yourself to work dat ass! Download it HERE.
  • Planner Stickers by The Homes I Have Made. Cool icons in beautiful bright colors to help you with your planning needs. Download it HERE.
  • Planner Stickers by The Petite Planner. One more set of planner printables stickers, but in a completely different style. Download it HERE.
  • Laptop Stickers by Cure Freebies. Cute set of printable stickers, and there is more than just a laptop – these will help you with your weekly setup as well. Download it HERE.
  • Monthly Header Sticker by Lovely Planner. Super stylish stickers with the name of the month. Download them HERE.

For more free printable stickers, be sure to check my post Free Printable Stickers For Your Bullet Journal.


  • Bullet Journal Cheat Sheet. This a super helpful page to help you start your Bullet Journal or maybe just set up a new notebook. Find it in the Resources Vault.
  • Decorative Elements by Gwennan Rees. want an easier way to decorate your Bullet Journal? Try out these printables. They have banners, headers, dividers and so much more. Just print them out and start adding them to your BuJo pages. Download it HERE.
  • Dot Grid Paper. Want to practice lettering? Or just cover up the page you completely screwed up? Or maybe you try to Bullet Journal in a binder? Printable dot grid paper will be a great solution; you can download it in the Resources Vault.

I’d love to know your thoughts; what printables do you need? What would you like to see more in the Resources Vault?

Let me know in the comments.

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