The Best Hand Lettering Tools

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Hand lettering is definitely my favorite type of Bullet Journal lettering. Using this creative skill, you can create beautiful quote pages and add a spark of creativity to your spreads.

But it’s more than just about your journal, hand lettering by itself is a fantastic hobby and way to express yourself.

Just like with everything, there always comes a question of what pens, markers, and brushes to use for this newfound obsession. And this is where I can help!

With my love for all things creative, especially stationery, I tried as many poems and markers as I could (and still trying out more and more), and I’m here to share with you my top picks and the best hand lettering tools I can recommend.

So get ready to get the best materials you need to express yourself with hand lettering!

When I started with lettering, all I wanted to know is what kind of supplies were everyone using. I had this idea that once I get the right pens my letteribng skills will just magically level up.

Spoiler: they didn’t.

For a while, I blamed the pens, convinced they were the problem. I imagined creating perfect masterpieces with barely any effort. Reality check: that’s not how it went. Frustration kicked in, and I was ready to toss all those pens in the trash and never do any learning ever again.

But here’s the thing: it’s all about practicing rather than your supplies! The important thing is to start trying out and keep on trying, whether you have a 20$ brush pen or a $1 pencil.

That is to say that if you’re looking to spend money on pens that will magically give you lettering skills, this won’t happen. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get some great supplies—they will help you make your lettering look better, and I can guarantee you, from my own experience, that they will help you get more excited and motivated to practice.

So, now that we have clarified that and you’re ready to get some supplies, let’s dive into my top recommendations.

Uh, and if you’re generally interested in lettering, be sure to check some special freebies I have for you at the end of the post!

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The Best Hand Lettering Tools

There are many supplies out there, especially when it comes to hand lettering. I can talk about stationery for hours, but check how many different stationery posts I have on this blog post!

But for this particular post, let's keep it to 11 recommendations. Each of these will be divided into different categories for your convenience.

Let's dive in!


The first and most important part of any hand lettering project is to pick a paper to work on if you're doing it outside of your journal, of course.

You have to make sure you're getting smooth paper; otherwise, your pens might get damaged. I'd also recommend using some kind of grid; it will help you plan out your handwriting piece.

Pencils & Erasers

Pencils and erasers are essential when creating a hand lettering piece, so it's important to have good-quality, easy-to-use options for these.

Here are some of my recommendations.

Pens & Markers

Next are pens, markers, brush pens - everything you need to turn your sketch into a completed hand lettering piece.

The choice of supplies will depend on your style and the colors you like. But these are some amazing options.

Lettering Freebies

Are you generally interested in all types of lettering and want to improve your skills? Well, I’ve got four exclusive freebies to help you just with that!

From brush lettering to handwriting, these freebies and resources coming your way will help you become a true master.

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More Resources

Are you looking for some more resources on hand for lettering and all the other creative things? I’ve got you covered; this blog has plenty of those.

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>>> What are your favorite supplies to use for hand lettering? Share with us in the comments!

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