How To Use Washi Tape In Your Bullet Journal

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Washi tape and Bullet Journals – two peas in a creative pod! If you’ve found yourself standing in the craft aisle, gazing at rolls of washi tape and wondering how these tiny treasures can transform your Bullet Journal into a masterpiece, you’re in the right place.

Washi tape is not just a way to add a splash of color or a dash of personality to your pages; it’s a gateway to elevating your journaling experience. Throughout this post, I’ll guide you through the nifty tricks and tips on how to use washi tape to not only beautify your journal but also enhance its functionality.

From marking important pages to creating custom layouts and borders, the possibilities are as endless as they are exciting. Get ready to infuse your Bullet Journal with a touch of whimsy and a whole lot of creativity.

Isn’t it just wonderful when something as simple as washi tape can turn your Bullet Journal from a plain planner into a vibrant, personalized treasure chest? Ah, the joy of peeling a strip of that colorful, patterned tape and letting creativity take over.

Whether you’re a minimalist who loves sleek, geometric designs or someone whose heart sings at the sight of glitter and florals, there’s a roll of washi tape out there with your name on it.

The beauty of washi tape lies not just in its aesthetics but in its versatility and ease of use. Made a mistake? No problem! Washi tape comes to the rescue, turning blunders into art.

It’s like having a magic wand at your fingertips, ready to sprinkle a bit of joy onto your daily planning. With washi tape, every day is an opportunity to express yourself, celebrate life’s little moments, and make organizing your life a delightful adventure.

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Washi Tape Recommendations

To use these ideas, you’ll need some washi tape. You probably already have it, but in case you need some more ideas, I’ve got you covered.

Here are a few of my recommendations:

  • Washi Tape Shop – this is the top place to get washi tapes; they have all the possible colors and designs available, so you can find something that fits our style and aesthetics.
  • Kuldlelu – is a wonderful Finnish stationery store that also has 190+ washi tapes with different designs and colors.
  • EmilyCromwellDesigns – incredible shop with brightly colored washi tapes you’ll love using.
  • PlannerEnvy – amazing store with stickers, washi tapes, and everything you need for your planning. They have 140+ washi tape sets with different colors and designs.

Now that you have all the washi tape you want, let’s look at a few ways you can put them to use in your Bullet Journal.

How To Use Washi Tape In Your Bullet Journal

When you start exploring the world of washi tape, it feels like you’ve just unlocked a universe of possibilities. It’s like every roll offers a new adventure, a new way to bring a burst of joy and color into your Bullet Journal.

And trust me, the options are as boundless as the night sky peppered with twinkling stars. But don’t worry, I’m not about to leave you wandering in the dark. By the time you reach the end of this post, you’ll be armed with a treasure chest brimming with creative ideas to explore.

Before we leap into that vast ocean of inspiration, let’s dip our toes in with seven sparkling ideas that are perfect for beginners. Consider these your washi tape ‘training wheels,’ gently guiding you into the delightful world of Bullet Journal decorating.

Washi Tape Tabs

Have you ever been thumbing through your Bullet Journal, on a mission to find that one crucial entry? Well, prepare to meet your new best pal – washi tape tabs!

Here’s a delightful little hack: pick out your most beloved washi tape, snip off a small piece, and affix about a third of it to the edge of the page you’re wanting to mark. Then, simply fold the remaining tape back over to the opposite side of the page, and there you have it!

A charming little tab now protrudes, ready to guide you back to this spot whenever needed. These tabs aren’t just practical for dividing up months or highlighting those all-important entries you find yourself returning to; they also add a splash of personality and fun to your journal.

I know I know, the original Bullet Journal system means that you use your index page to easily find ay of your Bullet Journal entries. But I personally don’t lie using index, and so for me, these tabs are a great alternative.

Cover Up Mistakes

Washi tape is the unsung hero of the Bullet Journal world! It has this magical ability to transform “oops” moments into “wow” pages, especially when it comes to those pesky headers that don’t quite go as planned.

Here’s the scoop: simply camouflage that little oopsie with a strip of washi tape. I’ve gone for black washi and jazzed it up with a white (or gold) pen on top in my 2019 Bullet Journal setup – talk about a save!

Or why not opt for something vibrant and lively? It all depends on the vibe of your page. You could even make it a signature style for the page you’re working on, using washi tape for all the headers. And just like that, your mistake becomes a masterpiece in disguise. Your secret is safe unless, of course, you decide to share your genius fix on your blog.

Washi Tape Dividers

Ever found yourself in a standoff with those tricky dividing lines in your Bullet Journal? Oh, I’ve been there more times than I’d like to admit. Trying to draw a straight line with a ruler that seems to have a life of its own, zigzagging across your page as if it’s on an adventure.

Honestly, it’s about the only aspect of Bullet Journaling that doesn’t fill me with utter glee.

But fear not, fellow journal enthusiasts, I’ve stumbled upon a brilliant solution to banish those line-drawing blues – enter our reliable ally, thin washi tape! That’s right; thin washi tape isn’t just for decoration; it’s a lifesaver when it comes to creating neat, hassle-free divisions for our daily entries.

Wave goodbye to the ruler wrestling match, and hello to showcasing your fabulous washi collection (admit it, we all have one).

It’s a speedy, straightforward method to set up your layouts, leaving you with more precious time to indulge in the true pleasures of Bullet Journaling.

Washi Tape Headers

These little rolls of joy are like the Swiss Army knife of Bullet Journaling – especially when it comes to crafting those eye-catching headers.

Have you seen the ones with pre-printed text? They’re like a secret weapon for instant charm and flair on your pages. Just roll it across the top, and bam! Your header is not only done, but it looks like you’ve put in way more effort than you actually did.

But wait, there’s more! If you’re feeling extra creative, why not use washi tape as a vibrant backdrop for your headers? Lay down a strip of your favorite design, then overlay your header text on top. This technique adds depth, color, and personality to your pages like nothing else.

Who knew that a simple roll of tape could unlock so much creativity? With washi tapes, every page turn in your Bullet Journal brings a little surprise and delight, making your journaling journey all the more enjoyable.

Frames From Washi Tape

Now, here’s a little trick that I absolutely adore – creating frames. Yes, frames! Whether it’s for those cherished pictures on your memory pages (which, by the way, I can’t get enough of) or simply to jazz up your daily boxes in your weekly spreads, washi tape frames are where it’s at.

Just picture it: a lovely, textured frame around a photo from your latest adventure or a special moment, making it pop right off the page. Or imagine opening your journal to a weekly spread that’s been given the royal treatment with elegantly framed daily boxes. It’s these little touches that transform your Bullet Journal into not just a planner, but a personal and vibrant scrapbook of your life.

And the beauty of it all? It’s ridiculously easy to do. A little rip here, a stick there, and voilà – you’ve got yourself some pretty stylish frames. It’s like giving each page a mini makeover, turning ordinary into extraordinary with just a strip of washi tape. Trust me, once you start framing, you’ll see opportunities for washi tape magic everywhere in your journal!

Add Extra Elements To Your Pages

Another playful twist in the world of Bullet Journaling involves our humble hero, washi tape, stepping in to add a dash of excitement to your pages. Imagine this: a little extra fold-out in your spread, a secret compartment for your musings, or – and here’s where my heart does a little dance – creating a fold-out key.

Yes, a fold-out key! It’s a stroke of genius, especially for beginners. Picture having a neat, tucked-away guide to your symbols and color codes, right at your fingertips. No more flipping back and forth trying to remember what a teal dot or a striped flag means. With a fold-out key, you simply peek, and you’re back on track.

Comprehensive Guide To Bullet Journal Key - flip out key | Masha Plans

And here’s the kicker – if you’re feeling adventurous and decide to switch up your symbols or try out a new coding system, washi tape makes it a breeze to swap out your old key for a new one.

Just peel, stick, and you have a brand-new fold-out key ready to go. It’s like having a customizable cheat sheet that grows with you as you explore the vast, colorful world of Bullet Journaling. Isn’t that just the coolest?

Decorate Your Pages

Naturally, the most straightforward and perhaps the most delightful way to utilize your collection of washi tapes is by decorating those Bullet Journal pages.

It’s like waving a magic wand to sprinkle a bit of color here, add a splash of vibrancy there, or simply to give a little oomph to a page that feels a bit too… quiet. My personal favorite? Dressing up quote pages.

There’s something so satisfying about pairing an inspiring quote with the perfect strip of washi tape. It frames the words, giving them a stage to shine from, and transforms the page into a piece of art.

Whether it’s a motivational reminder for those tougher days or a snippet of poetry that speaks to your soul, wrapping it in washi tape just elevates the whole experience.

And the beauty of it all is the simplicity. A little tear, a gentle press, and you’ve not only beautified your page but also infused it with a piece of your personality. It’s these small touches that truly make your Bullet Journal not just a planner, but a reflection of you.

Creativity Freebies

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