Archer and Olive Subscription Box Monthly Setup

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Better late than never, so here is me finally doing my July 2022 Bullet Journal Setup.

It took me a while to figure out my Bullet Journal theme and eventually I decided I’ll just use certain supplies and see how it all comes together.

It took me a while for a few reasons.

Once I did the poll on my Instagram everyone said they want something beach and tropical-related. I sketched it and was ready to go a week ago! But then a miracle happened.

I got a notification from FexEx that my June Archer and Olive subscription box was on the way so I delayed any and all of my planning – that box was so gorgeous I knew it will change the whole idea for my monthly setup.

And it totally did! I fell in love with all the items from the box and decided to challenge myself to do a monthly setup with ALL the items inside. 

I hope you’ll love the result.

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July 2022 Bullet Journal Setup

Before we dive in, I wanted to mention a bit about the subscription box.

It’s a quarterly subscription box that is different every time but always comes with some fun and creative items for Bullet Journaling.

Each box has a theme and you often find there products that are not available otherwise.

My favorite part about the box is how you never know what’s actually inside and opening it is kind of like a Christmas day.

And it’s great that you always have an option to pause your subscription because life happens and sometimes that’s just a reality.

I have a little unpacking video for this particular box, but you’ll also see most of the items within my setup. 

Cover Page

This month’s setup took me way too much time, but this cover is a good show of why exactly it was that way.

Covering the whole page with washi tape and then carefully cutting the edges was not the easiest task.

But I think it’s absolutely worth it.

I’m in love with this washi tape combination and you’ll see I used an immense amount of it this month.

Monthly Log

I learned quite a few lessons with this monthly spread.

First of all, when you stick something to the page, be sure you add adhesive on the corners.

The yellow paper with headers doesn’t have that and it really bugs me how the corners come off.

This was also the first time I used wax seals. It turned out to be pretty easy, but the key is to stamp the seal while the wax is still hot. On my first attempt, it was already cold and it did not look good (check it in my Plan With Me video at the end of the post).

Habit Tracker and Mood Tracker

I honestly didn’t put any effort into this spread.

Cutting and sticking paper and washi tape took enough time, I didn’t even do anything for the mood tracker.

Habit tracker is easy and this format is fast and pretty convenient. 

For the mood tracker, I decided I’ll just be adding little circles of color for each day. Easy and no fuss.

Doodling Challenge Spread

By now I was already full-on in my washi crazy mode. 

So I ended up with tiny boxes for doodles and huge space for washi tape.

If you don’t know, we’re hosting a monthly doodling challenge on Patreon.

It’s a great way to support Masha Plans and you get tons of fun awards as well, such as printable monthly setups, doodling tutorials and so much more.

Be sure to check our Patreon, we’d love to see you in the family.

Gratitude Log

This page is beyond empty this month.

To be fair I was a little bit tired by that time that I didn’t even feel like doing a header.

But also I think that card occupies so much space that I had to leave the rest of it for my monthly gratitude.

The idea with the card is that I’ll write a little something there for myself at the beginning of the month, and then something at the end. So I can see what changed.

Not that it’s a great idea, but I really wanted to use those beautiful cards.

Plus my life and mental health are changing all the time so maybe it’s a good way to see the patterns.

Brain Dump

One more spread with excessive use of washi tape.

Actually, when I did it the first time I ruined the word dump.

It was supposed to be in this space next to the brain that is now covered in washi tape.

The thing is – with acrylograph pens you really have to wait for them to dry, and I have very little patience with it. So I smudged them pretty bad.

At first, I used my favorite trick with a white pen, but it still bothered me so I just covered it with washi.

Oh and be sure to check my post How To Brain Dump For Calmer Mind if you’re still not sure why you might need this spread.

Plan With Me Video

And this is about it for my monthly setup.

I really can’t decide if I like it or if it’s too much out of my usual style.

 Let me know what you think in the comments.

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling and Don’t Be A Blob.

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