Here at Masha Plans, I love helping you create your dream journal. And it’s not only about creating the most efficient and productive planner.

Creating a pretty one can be just as important to you, so this is exactly what we’ll be talking about today – different Bullet Journal theme ideas to help you decorate your journal.

The Bullet Journal theme is basically the main concept of your setup. For example, if you decide your theme is flowers – you add flowers to your pages as a decoration.

You can use one theme for your whole journal or even change the theme every month or even every week.

Remember that it’s your journal, so you’re free to do anything you want and use themes in any way you want.

If you want to see the most theme ideas right away, check out my posts 200+ Bullet Journal Theme Ideas or Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas For Every Month Of The Year.

But below, you’ll find some more posts with more details and inspirations for every theme possible. This list is always getting updated, so be sure to bookmark this page.

Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

Below you’ll find the posts on specific themes, and each post has tons of inspiration for all the possible pages.

I’m sure these will give you some creative ideas on how to bring the theme to life in your journal.

Holiday Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

Next up – themed that were inspired by different holidays.

I don’t celebrate that many things, but I must say it’s really fun to add a bit of a holiday to your Bullet Journal.

So here are a few posts already on the blog, and more are coming out all the time:

Bullet Journal Themes By Month / Season

There are quite a few theme ideas I gathered by month or by season.

So if you’re not looking for particular theme inspirations but just ideas on what you might want to try that month, here is the list for you.

Starting with seasons:

Now moving to different Bullet Journal theme ideas based on months of the year. Many of these are represented by cover pages.

Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas

A great way to represent a theme is to look at a cover page, so here are az few posts that have a lineup of different color pages.

For sure, these will give you some fun theme ideas and inspire your next Bullet Journal setup.

Bullet Journal Themes In My Journal

I tried a lot of themes in my Bullet Journal, and I have quite a few Plan With Me posts on here.

These will help you get an idea of how to create a page like this in your journal, see what supplies you might want to use and, of course, see some videos you can follow.

If you want to see more Plan With Me videos and such, be sure to follow me on YouTube.

I’m always working on adding more theme inspirations, so don’t forget to bookmark this page.

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