Pipsticks Sticker Club Review

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Stickers are some of the most popular Bullet Journal supplies, especially for decorating your pages.

Yes, I know; I don’t use them that much in my journals. However, I’m absolutely obsessed with them; I can never hold myself back from mass-buying tons of very cute ones.

They’re just irresistible!

My longtime dream was to get a sticker subscription from Pipsticks, so when they offered me to send a few, I was ecstatic!

Now, let me clarify something: even though I did get some free packs of their awesome stickers, this isn’t a paid post, and I was never under obligation to write anything other than my own opinion.

With that out of the way, let’s dive in and see what is Pipsticks, how good are their stickers, and if they are worth your money at all? For those who’ll decide to give it a try, I’ll have a special code at the end of the post, so keep reading.

You might be asking yourself – but Masha, why would I need stickers anyways? I was asking myself the same question at some point – my sticker collection got out of control, so it was time to take some measures.

Here are some ideas on how you can use stickers:

  • Decorate your Bullet Journal. Stickers are great to add to your journal when you’re in a hurry, or maybe you’re not that confident in your drawing skills. With the variety of designs available, you’ll find something fitting for you.
  • Add to your Bullet Journal cover. Why not customize your bujo by adding some stickers to its cover?
  • Use in snail mail. Snail mail is such a sweet concept, and it’s always a very special feeling to get some. Stickers are perfect for adding a little spark to your letters or postcards!
  • A treat for the kids. Children love LOVE stickers, so you can always use them as a special treat for them being good boys and girls.
  • Decorate your laptop or other gadgets. My laptop, for example, is covered in stickers from one of my favorite little books – The Little Prince. Every time I need to use it and work on it, it brings me a little smile. Also, my husband has a small Peppa Pig on his phone. So manly! Anyways, choose whatever fits your style and give it a try! It’s a great way to personalize your tech.

Now that we figured out how to channel our love for stickers let me introduce you to Pipsticks a.k.a. a little haven for all sticker lovers!

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What is Pipsticks?

Pipsticks is a sticker subscription, where on a monthly basis, an envelope with new stickers and some other goodies will be delivered straight to your door. How cool is that? Of course, you are always free to cancel yours at any time if you change your mind.

Pipsticks Sticker Club Review | Masha Plans

Lately, they have diversified and started to also offer a printables subscription. Moreover, if you’re not a subscription kind of person, you can also purchase some of their sticker sets separately. Or planners. Or washi tapes.

They basically cover most of your cute stationery needs!

Pipsticks Sticker Subscription

Pipsticks has two sticker clubs – Kid’s Club and Pro Club. Each club has two options of subscriptions.


  • 15 sheets of stickers
  • Pippy zine
  • Raffle Ticket
  • Surprise addon (a postcard or an extra sheet of stickers)
  • 5% off in their online shop


  • 7 sheets of stickers
  • Pippy zine
  • Raffle Ticket
  • Surprise addon (a postcard or an extra sheet of stickers)
  • 5% off in their online shop

The price is $17.95 for the classic set and $11.95 for the petite one. It might sound like a lot, but think about it – that’s only around $1 – $2 for a sheet, which is actually cheaper than any designer stickers from Etsy, for example, where the price range is more like $3-$4.

VIP Raffle

With each subscription, you’re getting a raffle ticket. Each month, Pipsticks create a unique and fun present for the winner, and if you’re interested, go check some of the previous giveaways prizes. They’re all pretty awesome.

Pipsticks Sticker Club Review, VIP Raffle | Masha Plans

The amazing thing is that prizes are customized depending on the club you’re in. Meaning that while you could get an Instax camera, an extra awesome stickers package or even some 80s-style roller skates, your kids will be playing around with some craft sets, toys or new school supplies.

It’s really easy to participate – you get your raffle ticket in your subscription, and then you can check in a zine from next month’s subscription package to see the winning number.

Remember I mentioned I received some loot from them? Well yeah, I got a Pro Club Classic pack. Wanna explore it with me? It’ll be fun! Let’s dive in and see what’s inside.

Pipsticks Pro Club Classic

First of all, I just need to say how cute and adorable the envelopes are! And they vary from month to month. It’s a very sweet detail that adds a lot to the wow factor when you see these beauties in your mailbox!

Pipsticks Sticker Club Review, Pro Cub Classic | Masha Plans

Pippy zine

The first thing you’ll see is a little Pippy zine. It’s a fun little read, where they tell you a bit more about the company, give you some ideas on how to use stickers, and a little bonus checklist.


Another thing you get is a postcard. For example in one of my packs, I got this little thing and honestly, I was a bit puzzled.

The Pippy zine explained the concept: it’s a little snail mail game where this postcard travels around the world and gets back to you, all full of creative ideas and love. How awesome is that?!

Pipsticks Sticker Club Review, Postcard | Masha Plans

With one of my packs, I also got a free sheet of those bird stickers.


Let’s finally take a look at the best part – the stickers! First of all – they come in a beautiful holographic pouch, that is totally reusable, and it’s gonna become the new home for the rest of my stickers.

Pipsticks Sticker Club Review, Pro Club Classic Stickers | Masha Plans

As for stickers, there are 15 sets, and I noticed a pattern. There are 3-4 larger sheets, there is a sheet of some headers or any other planner-type stickers, on which you can write, and finally, there are a few beautiful shiny stickers.

In one of my packs, I also got a giant fluffy doggie sticker, and I’m loving it! I can’t decide where to put it (ideas in the comments are more than welcome!)

Pipsticks Review

Time to give my opinion, and if you haven’t caught on it yet – I absolutely love this subscription!

Here are a few things I especially love:

  • Experience. Honestly, the first thing I need to mention is how much I loved the experience of getting these packages. So prettily wrapped like a little Christmas present – it’s a real treat.
  • Stickers. I love the design of the stickers, the quality, and most of all, the variety. The different designs are so inspiring. I already started getting some ideas for new BuJo pages just by looking at them.
  • Creativity. The subscription has some very creative and random stickers sheets, from Siberian tigers to kawaii sushi. This really jump-starts my creativity, because I love them and I want to use them, but really need to think outside the box to figure out how to incorporate those.
Pipsticks Sticker Club Review, Stickers | Masha Plans

Now to some negatives. There aren’t that many, it’s more like some things I had to think about:

  • There are some stickers I don’t like. We all have our own tastes, and it’s only expected that some of the stickers I won’t like that much. However, this is very easy to solve. I give the stickers to my friend, who works with children and is always in search of some. Another option is a sticker swap, and Pipstics actually have their own Facebook group to help you out with that.
  • I don’t really need that many stickers. I really don’t. Truth is I’m just so in love with this pack I got. The wrapping, the content, the general feeling of joy I got from receiving it. Do you know what I mean? Just having this subscription would be such a monthly bundle of joy!

Special Offer

My general conclusion – it’s a fantastic subscription for any sticker lover, or for anyone who just adores cute stationery. Do you feel like its a good match for you as well?

I have a special bonus for you – with an exclusive code MASHAPLANS20 you can get 20% off the first month of ANY regular (non-gift) subscription.

Be sure to check out Pipsticks and their fantastic community on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Pipsticks Stickers In Action

This subscription is what actually pushed me to use more stickers in my journal, and I’m completely unstoppable now! I thought I’d share with you several pages where I used tons of stickers, including the beauties from Pipsticks.

How To Create Bullet Journal Vision Board | Masha Plans

First up is my 2020 vision board.

Sticklers definitely helped me to create a better vision for the year, as well as have more fun creating it.

January Memory Page | Masha Plans

Sometimes memory keeping pages are not so easy to create. Some months just nothing really happens.

Stickers are a great way to fill out the space with something fun and decorative.

Memory Page in my Bullet Journal | Masha Plans

One more memory-keeping spread, this time I used stickers more to represent some things that happened during the month.

I have many pages like that here, because for me this is the place where I usually use stickers.

Weekly Memory Spread in my Bullet Journal | Masha Plans

How obsessed are you with stickers? And what is your favorite way to use stickers? Share with us in the comments section below!

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And always remember! Keep Bullet Journaling, and don’t be a Blob! 

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